Delusional Peasants

The Game of Thrones season 06 finale was well-written.

The writers spoke to something that I’ve wanted to say for a long time, but didn’t have a concrete way to put it until I saw it play out in this episode.

This episode had instance after instance after instance after instance of people thinking they had power that they never had and finding out that they didn’t have that power.

This is where a lot of people trip themselves up IRL (In Real Life). They believe in the power they don’t have.

Part of this is because of the Loser Society that we’re currently experiencing.

Everybody wants to act like people are equals, when we are not.

Everybody wants to act like winners don’t get or even DESERVE more than losers.

So you have people who attempt to claim the spoils of the winners even though they’re actually losers.

When they see other losers such as themselves get away with this, they figure they can do it too and try their luck walking the tightrope between high-rise buildings.

Halfway across….. A gust of wind pushes them off the rope and they realize that they actually needed *SKILL* to do what they were trying to do without killing themselves.

Skill they don’t have.

Meanwhile, a lot of people are serfs who are allowed free reign over “their” land until their actions run afoul of what THE KING wanted them to do, and then they get wiped out, replaced, and more serfs work that land as if the first set was never there.

That easily-replaced set of serfs perceives themselves as kings because they think that they’re self-governing.

They’re approximately as autonomous as the fish in your fishbowl.

Sure.. All the fish have to do is swim around, eat fish food, play tag with each other, look at the humans on the other side of the glass… But the human is providing their entire world. The human paid for the tank. The human pays for the electricity that runs to the tank. The human buys the food. The human puts the food in the tank.

That same human, if properly provoked, will scoop you out of that bowl and flush you down the toilet.

Kick The Dragon

So the first 25 minutes of GoTs06e10 was basically the same scene from The Godfather where everybody got whacked at the same time.

Very well-written. 🙂 Propers to the team.

The episode starts off with a bunch of soon-to-be-dead ************* getting dressed for what they think is going to be a trial. A double-trial, actually. It’s supposed to be the queen’s brother and the king’s mother on trial.

There’s an intricate problem with the scenario.. Not meaning with the writing 🙂 Meaning with all of their perception about what’s actually going on and who really holds the power in their situation.

First of all, the king isn’t even a king. He isn’t a blood descendent of the previous king.

Cersei Lannister made all’a them BĂŠbĂŠ’s Kids by ******* her own twin brother, Jaime.

So besides the inbreeding issues, this kid has no legitimate claim to *ANYTHING*, which he doesn’t know, but his mother and father-uncle have known this entire time.

So the kid is merely a figurehead. On top of that, Cersei received either a prophesy or curse (I forget which, it happened a long time ago in the series) that she would live to see all thr…. ok. I can’t resist! 😀 haha ALL TREE’A DEM!!! 😀 hahaha.. That she would live to see all three of her kids dead.

Two of them had already died. Her daughter got murdered and her son, the previous king before this current inbred kid of hers got poisoned by Littlefinger, so this kid was the only one she had left.

Now.. If someone has a beef with you, you can request a trial by combat. That means **** the lawyers and the truth. Each side puts up a warrior, and whichever one remains alive, that side wins the trial.

Cersei had the best fighter in the known world fighting for her, so she knew AND SAID IN THE SHOW that she wasn’t concerned about any trials because she would have Gregor Clegane (The Mountain) fighting for her, which meant she couldn’t possibly lose any trials because nobody could defeat him.

….. EXCEPT we have to go back in the series to when Gregor Clegane GOT KILLED because he killed this dude from Dorne *IN* a trial by combat, but the guy he killed sliced him with poison and The Mountain eventually died.

…….. *EXCEPT* Cersei had her maester REANIMATE THE MOUNTAIN, so now he isn’t only the best fighter in the world, he’s also undead.

The reason why I bring this up is because the non-king, Cersei’s son she had with her brother, got down with this religious sect for an intricate reason I need to explain (oy vey), and he ended up saying that he was taking trial by combat off the table as far as his mother’s trial.

I rewound that part a few times, because I said right then and there, “That ************ is dead.”

Power of the P____

The reason why the so-called king got down with the religious sect is because his “wife” wanted him to do it.

However, the only reason why she’s his wife is because she was sneaking to his room and sexing him while he was still a little kid.

He’s a little kid NOW, and he’s been king for quite some time.

I knew he was marked for death because his thought processes were no longer based on what’s best for the family.

All of a sudden, he cared what these nobodies thought.

All of a sudden, he was acting like the king he isn’t and telling his own mother what she can and can not do in order to protect her own life.

Revoking trial by combat was the “king” saying that he’s actually a king, when he never was.

He was always the figurehead through which Cersei ran the show.

As soon as he demonstrated that he intended to rock off of free will and do what his “wife” and the religious sect wanted him to do, he was no longer serving his purpose and needed to be sanctioned.

… So this brings us to the opening scene of the episode, where the “king”, his “wife”, and the religious dude are all getting ready for what they think is going to be Cersei letting them do what the **** they feel like doing.

They’re all getting prepared to exercise the power they don’t have.


So next, we see the brilliant distraction of the queen’s brother’s trial. It isn’t clear at this point that this is supposed to be a double-trial and Cersei is supposed to be in the building.

The queen’s brother is potentially the most enduring example of power that people don’t have. He was worthless throughout the series. The only reason he even shows up is so people can show how other people exercise power OVER him even though he’s the heir to blah blah fortune and lands.

It’s brilliant because you’re watching all of this stuff happen and you aren’t paying attention to who is and is not there.

The queen’s grandmother wasn’t there because she left the city.

Jaime Lannister wasn’t there because Cersei sent him on a wild goose chase to take over a castle that was literally handed over to him.

Cersei wasn’t there because in some previous episode, the religious sect tried to tell her what to do and The Mountain kicked one of their heads off of their shoulders like a football field goal or sliced one of them in half or some gruesome ending to a non-player character (NPC) and the rest of them turned around and went home because they didn’t feel like becoming the next field goal.

This was one of the few elements of this episode that I considered to be a plot flaw, though it was necessary.. The religious leader told one of the dudes that witnessed his boy getting murdered by The Mountain to go retrieve Cersei and this dude actually went to go do it instead of telling his leader that The Mountain was going to kill him and he wouldn’t be physically able to bring Cersei anywhere at all, much less to her own trial.

Side note on that dude.. He’s like Cersei’s cousin or something that she hooked up with for some reason a few seasons ago and then when he got busted for incest, that’s how he became inducted into the religious group.

The “king” wasn’t there because when he thought he was going over there, The Mountain was like “Nah” and that was that. 😀

So basically, the only people in that building were a bunch of inconsequential NPCs and a bunch of people that Cersei wanted to see dead.

Cersei’s kissing cousin served his purpose by being lured under the building and then stabbed so he could inform the viewers that there was a ton of wildfire under the building with a couple of burning out candles ready to set it off and destroy everyone in spectacular fashion.

This maester who was always saying the wrong thing to Cersei for some odd reason was stabbed to death by a bunch of kids. I’m guessing that was karmic payback for his proclivity for having sex with kids? His storyline wasn’t very important, so I’m not sure.

The King You Aren’t

Perhaps the best scene in the entire episode is when the door opens and the “king” says “Alright.. I’m ready” and he turns around and see The Mountain standing there.

The Mountain has nothing to do with the “king”. His job is to protect Cersei… *AND* do to her bidding.

His appearance means two things. 1) Cersei isn’t concerned that anybody’s going to physically attack her or attempt to bring her to her own trial. 2) The “king” isn’t going to the trial. At All.

The “king” says “I have to go. I’m late for the trial” and then he receives the Heisman stiff-arm from The Mountain.

This was just plain perfection. 😀

This was the second where a boy realized he was a boy and not a king.

This is exactly when Tommen realized he was merely a pawn his mother was using.

All that king this and that and I’m going to make these rules and blah blah none of that mattered because there wasn’t jack **** he was going to do that would have gotten him past The Mountain and out of that room.

That was the loveliness of reality smacking Tommen in the face.

He wasn’t physically harmed, but he was psychologically destroyed.

His mother made him believe he was SOMEBODY so she could use him to control the situation.

He accepted what she told him as his own personal power as opposed to an extension of HER power.

What he received for his belief was he got to watch his wife (all the sex he’s known in his life, since he was a little kid), his religious crew, and everybody else go up in smoke while his mother peeped it casually sipping wine.

I feel like what happened next was a plot flaw as well.

Obviously, Cersei sent The Mountain to stop her son from going to the trial because she didn’t want him to evaporate with everybody else there.

However, she didn’t take *ANY* measures to be around her son to explain to him why everybody had to go.

The indication is that either she didn’t care or didn’t consider that he might kill himself.

He was the last kid she had left. The prophesy (or curse) said that she was going to see all tree’a dem die. I would have expected them to write a scene in where she talked to him and then maybe after that he killed himself, but I don’t see a reason for keeping him away from the wildfire explosion merely to let him jump out the window.

You have to expect that when you fill someone’s head with lies for their entire life and then suddenly pull the curtain back and expose them to their actual reality, they may have an extreme response to that, including harming themselves and/or others.

Cersei basically told Tommen (without saying a single word to him) “Hey… Remember that chick you used to bang and those religious people you aligned yourself with?.. They’re all dead now so how do you feel about yourself?” and he dove.

Insight Without Capability

Both the maester and Cersei’s cousin she hooked up with were stabbed by children.

Think about that.

The guy that the religious leader sent to go retrieve Cersei Lannister from The Mountain without getting his head kicked off his shoulders was disabled by one child with one knife.

This is why you shouldn’t walk around like you’re so fly and so untouchable.

If kids can kill you, you really shouldn’t be extremely souped up about who you are as a man.


This is where we see the scene were the “king”‘s “wife” gets hip to what’s going on and starts telling the religious leader that everybody needs to break north.

This was brilliant writing yet again. 🙂

Margaery, who I feel was a severely under-written character in GoT because she had so much potential, looks around the room and realizes how vulnerable everybody is because there’s nobody in the room that Cersei won’t kill.

When she steps to the religious leader, she finds out about the power she doesn’t have.

She’s the queen because she’s married to the “king”, but when she tries to leave the place that’s about to get blown to smithereens, she’s physically stopped by the religious leader’s goons.

This is the same thing that happened to her husband.

This was just plain beautiful. 🙂

All that queen this and that and plotting she did and sexing the kid that eventually became the king and blah blah and her last seconds were spent knowing that she was 100% right that she needed to leave that building and there wasn’t a damned thing she could do to actually get out of that building.

She didn’t have a sword. She didn’t have knights. Her husband wasn’t there. She was literally “who she was” for the fleeting last moments of her life.

Margaery died because of the power she didn’t have.

Consequences & Repercussions

So then everybody blows the **** up and Cersei’s sippin’ like Kermit.

This is where the rubber met the road. 🙂

Welcome to actual reality.

You see the “king” looking shocked because he just watched his sex go up in smoke and he knows his mother did it and he knows she didn’t ask his opinion about it because he knows he isn’t ****.

Then you see The Mountain break north because his job is done.

This is why I keep telling people to stop kicking sleeping dragons.

Or, at least, dragons who aren’t that impressed with you to the point where they’ve decided to eviscerate you.

Show respect. Shut the **** up. Stay in your lane. Don’t make those who actually wield the power wield their power.

Next, the chick that was responsible for torturing Cersei finds out that she won’t be dying today, but instead will be the perpetual sex slave of The Mountain, who probably has explicit orders to make sure she doesn’t die for years and years and years.

So meanwhile, while Cersei’s getting her laugh on at this sex slave chick’s expense, her son is jumping out the window to his death.

Perhaps her priorities were out of order.

Pint Removal

Next came the demise of the creepy Walder Frey.

Once you watch the episode and see what ends up happening to him, you realize that Arya had the opportunity to poison Jaime but she didn’t.

They super-disguised her as a) being faceless, but b) being a NPC who was only on screen because of the discussion between Jaime and his homeboy about how easy it is for Jaime to bag chicks.

I suppose plot-wise, her main goal was to kill Frey, so having Jaime slump over dead from poison would have put everyone on alert, making her job tougher to accomplish.

I really enjoyed this part of the writing because according to the wiki I read quite a while ago, Arya never returned to Westeros and remained an assassin elsewhere in the world.

So while I’m watching the scene, I’m wondering how this chick is claiming to Frey that she’s murdered both of his sons and I’m wondering how she intends to exit the situation with her life.

Come to find out that she’s actually super-assassin Arya and Frey is the dead man he deserves to be.

Revenge is exacted for Frey murdering her family at the Red Wedding.

Justice is Served.

Before he gets killed by Arya, though, Frey has an important conversation with Jaime.

Frey… Pardon my “French” for a second, is a pussy.

He has no battle record. He’s never beaten anybody up or killed anybody. He’s merely the recipient of the spoils that actual warriors won for him because he was rich enough to pay them to put their lives on the line.

People like this should say the **** quiet when conversations about actual warriors come up.

I’ve never been in the Armed Forces. When people are talking about their experiences of having bullets fly at them, I stay the **** quiet, respect what they have to say, listen, learn, and appreciate that they’re still alive after what they’ve been through.

Frey, however, wants to talk trash about dead warriors to Jaime who *RESPECTS* those warriors for having BEEN that calibre of human being (Just like he respects Brienne), and he can’t sit there and let this nobody disrespect those dead men… Even if Jaime himself *WANTED* those men dead.

Like Cappadonna said… If you’re a Gambino, give credit to the flow. If you’re not a part of this, kid, act like you know.

So Jaime ends up telling Frey to his face “But they don’t fear the Freys, though. They fear the Lannisters.”

The point being stop trying to take credit for *MY* military wins just because you were lucky enough to align yourself with us and they know that if they have a problem with the Freys, The LANNISTERS are going to murder them.

Yet another reality smackdown which this episode was chock-full of.

Frey was nobody other than his association with the Lannisters.

The power he didn’t have was Lannister power, which could have been revoked at any second.

Meanwhile, Arya appeared and revoked a few pints of blood out of Frey’s neck. 😀

Family Without Blood

Next, we arrive at newly-retaken Winterfell.

One of the interesting-yet-not themes of GoT is the concept of bastards = kids born outside of wedlock.

Depending on where you were born, you get that name.. Sand.. Snow, etc. instead of your father’s actual family name.

That’s all well & good, but you still have your father’s blood running through your veins, as Lady Lyanna Mormont eloquently screamed on a bunch of grown-ass men about. 😀

This is probably the reverse of “The power that you don’t have”, which is “The power that you DO have”.

If you share a great person’s DNA, you have a better likelihood of being a great person yourself.

The “bastard” concept relies on the “wedding” concept, as if a ceremony created by human beings carries more weight than the physical makeup of your body and mind.

Jon mentions how when his family had feasts, he wasn’t allowed to sit at the family table.

The priestess points out that some people didn’t have families at all, much less castles, much less feats in castles.

Next, it’s pointed out by Davos Seaworth that the priestess who reanimated Jon Snow murdered Shireen Baratheon whom Davos loved like a daughter.

This is an intricate scene as well because without the priestess, Jon would still be dead. If Jon had been dead, he wouldn’t have lead his troops to what should have been a defeat except they were saved by Littlefinger’s army at the behest of Sansa.

Speaking of which, I feel that it was a *major* plot flaw for the writers not to have Sansa tell Jon she had available troops. It just didn’t make any sense.

This scene was interesting because Jon knows that if he dies, the priestess can bring him back, but at the same time, he ordered her and DEMANDED that if he gets killed again, she is NOT to bring him back.

These protests are irrelevant, however, as the priestess doesn’t actually answer to Jon at all.

Jon makes a decision on the spot and exiles the priestess.

Davos respects Jon as his leader and doesn’t kill the priestess before she gets to leave.

This is a great scene because Davos is literally *DYING* to murder the chick responsible for ending “his daughter” Shireen’s life.

He chooses duty over how he personally feels and lets her ride off to the south like Jon told her to.

I’m sure down the line this will pay off for all of them in the script, that the priestess is still alive, but I’m also sure that Davos is going to do his DAMNEDEST to stay alive until the day he personally gets to separate her head from her shoulders.

The Price Of Alliance

The next Winterfell conversation was excellent but weird.

I think it was an *incredibly bad* plot flaw to NOT have Sansa tell Jon about Littlefinger’s army.


There was no reason or excuse for it.

All she told Jon was a) don’t fall into the trap he’s going to set for you, and b) If you lose this battle, I’m not going to let them take me alive.

This indicates to Jon that she intends to kill herself… *NOT* that she’s going to roll up with an army of dudes on horseback and kill everybody on the other team.

We won’t even get into the insane plot flaw of the Stark brother NOT ZIG-ZAGGING when he was running away from the arrows.

That was just plain amazingly stupid.

So Jon is still playing the bastard role he loves to play. He tells Sansa that he’s giving her the best room at Winterfell and she insists that he should have it.

This is when, fortunately, he tells the absolute truth, which is that he and everyone else there would have been dead if Sansa hadn’t rolled up with Littlefinger’s army.

So.. In Fact.. For the rest of the story, Jon is beholding to Sansa because he should have been dead again.

Speaking of women, there’s a rather interesting and powerful female alliance that has been built by the end of this episode.

Daenerys Targaryen has several armies plus three dragons that she’s bringing to the fight.

Yara Greyjoy provided the ships that Daenerys is using to get her armies to Westeros in exchange for Daenerys helping her murder the usurpers in Yara’s homeland and restore her to power there.

In exchange for that, Yara has pledged to not be a creep and pillage and plunder Westeros like Ironborn people have loved to do forever.

Tyrion, working for Daenerys, sent Varys to make a deal with the final two women necessary for this alliance, who run Dorne and House Tyrell.

It will be interesting to see how much the writers attempt to politicize this female alliance in the next season.

At the proverbial end of the day, the Night King and the White Walkers will attack all the humans.

By the time that happens, it looks like Jon is going to rule the North (albeit due to the power wielded by Sansa because Littlefinger is sweating her), Cersei is going to sit on the Iron Throne in the middle of the territory and Daenerys is going to own all the rest of the map to the south.

A Bastard’s Blood & Marriage

The next scene is Daenerys telling her boyfriend he can’t come with her to Westeros and pleasure her like she loves for him to do.

This is yet another amazing plot flaw, but I’m sure they have a plan for it in the script.

Her excuse is that she will have more power when she gets there if she’s available to be married to someone currently powerful.

Daario tells her to her face the absolute truth, which is that if she were a dude, she wouldn’t be concerned about anything she just said.

He also tells her that he’s willing to fall back. He’s not a “proud” guy and he really doesn’t give a flying **** who she’s claiming is her husband, he’s going to do the **** what he wants to do with her whenever he wants to do it.

So there’s no reason for her to not let him come along with her. He can be trusted to keep their actual relationship discreet while she makes whatever power plays she likes.

For some reason that hasn’t been revealed to the viewers yet, Tyrion advised her to get rid of Daario.. One of her most effective, loyal, and dedicated murderers.

Now that I think about it, she previously did the exact same thing with Jorah Mormont, who would also gladly die for her just like Daario would.

If we think forward into the series, there aren’t actually any men left that are going to have any power, other than the Night King.

There’s a dude in the Ironborn location that’s going to get murdered as soon as Yara ‘Nem get back.

There’s Jaime Lannister who isn’t even a physical fighting threat anymore and his twin sister already took the Iron Throne for herself.

There’s Jon Snow, who this episode apparently reveals later on in a raven vision to be a Targaryen, which means he’s related to Daenerys so she won’t be marrying him.

There’s Jon’s homeboy that he left in charge of Castle Black, who’s going to be the first to die when the White Walkers arrive, so forget about him.

I just plain don’t see who they’re trying to set up Daenerys with to make some sort of sexual alliance.

Out Like A Sucker

Walder Frey got whacked in poetically lovely fashion. 😀

As I mentioned earlier, the same chick that served wine to Jaime’s homeboy but didn’t give Jaime any, which would have been her perfect opportunity to poison him ends up serving food to Frey 1-on-1.

He starts talking about blah blah were are his sons and Arya informs him that his sons are baked into the food he’s currently eating.

This is a typical form of medieval disrespect, hehehe. 😀 Getting people to eat other people that they care about.

So Frey gets murdered and justice is served and it’s all very funny.

More importantly, however, according to the wiki I read quite some time ago, Arya never returned to Westeros.

The fact that she’s here is amazing and exciting! 😀

This means that the Stark crew, which was split up, is going to come back together and combine the forces of clairvoyance and faceless assassination to potentially counter the advantage of Daenerys having dragons in the south and the Night King having undead above the north.

Arya’s storyline again illustrates “the power you don’t have”.

The whole reason for Jaqen H’ghar training her was for her to become no one.

She never intended to NOT be Arya Stark and she absorbed all the training and emerged on the other side of it as Arya the assassin, *NOT* no one the assassin.

So now, the viewers, and more importantly, the characters in the show, have to be concerned that *ANY* NPC in a Westeros scene might be Arya.

This means that anybody can get it at any time. 😀


As much effort as Rob Stark expended, Arya efficiently murdered Walder *AND* his two sons effortlessly and without leaving a trace.

The only one in Westeros that knows a) she’s still alive, and b) she killed Frey ‘Nem is Walder, and he took that information with him.

The Bastard King

So next, Littlefinger steps to Sansa talking about how he wants to sit on the Iron Throne.

I don’t know what sense that makes.

Littlefinger has manipulated tons of situations so far. What benefit is it to him to sit on a throne? He won’t receive any more benefits than he currently has.

I understand what difference it makes to the plot. It sets up the question of whether Sansa is going to follow her allegiance to her brother Jon or her attraction to Littlefinger.

The only difference that makes is whether she would allow Littlefinger to attempt to kill Jon, but that’s going to be countered by assassin Arya when she finally makes it to Winterfell.

Arya may or may not reveal herself when she arrives. Either way, she’s going to be the Angel of Death for quite a few unsuspecting people.

Next, Benjen drops off the Three-Eyed Raven at the wall, stating that there’s magic built into it that prevents the undead from passing.

I’ve never understood why the undead don’t just sail around the wall, but that’s neither here nor there.

This is where I had to visit the internet to figure out what I was looking at.

Apparently, when Ned runs up in the Tower of Joy, he finds his sister there dying and then promises her to take care of *HER* son, which is clearly Jon Snow.

Therefore, Jon isn’t Ned’s son at all, but rather his nephew, which he couldn’t say because being a Targaryen, Jon would have been marked for death.

So Jon is actually Sansa’s cousin, not her brother.

Also, Jon is directly related to Daenerys, thus the actual name of the series, which is “A Song of Fire and Ice”.

Which is why Jon & Daenerys won’t be getting married and should actually end up teaming up against the Night King to settle this situation once and for all.

This scene, yet again, was great storytelling because we had already seen the beginning of it, but we thought its purpose was to inform us that Bran could interact with his visions of past history (Yelling and Ned hearing it and turning around), which set him up for being touched by the Night King, dispelling the magic protecting the cave and leading to Hodor’s demise and Bran being saved by his uncle Benjen.

In fact, the scene’s purpose was not only to point out that Ned lied about how he won that battle against a superior swordsman, but that he fabricated the story about Jon being his son with some unnamed chick in order to protect his sister’s son from being killed for being a Targaryen.

This means we have to think all the way back to the very first second of the very first episode of the very first season of this show and recognize that Ned endured years and years and years of scorn from his wife Catelyn for cheating on her when he actually didn’t.

The funny part about all this is that while Jon has been running around this whole time calling himself a Stark bastard, he’s actually been Targaryen royalty this entire time.

I suppose this is the antithesis of my original premise, but it’s an excellent point, regardless.

Jon has been rockin’ off of power he STILL doesn’t know he has. (Assuming that one subscribes to the theory that regal people genetically have superpowers.)

Actually, I just went back and watched that scene with closed captions on.

Lyanna says to Ned: “If Robert finds out, he’ll kill him. You know he will. You have to protect him. Promise me, Ned. Promise me.”

So the cat’s officially out of the bag.


The next scene shows Lady Lyanna Mormont, who appears to be approximately 2 1/2 years old, putting several old-ass men to shame by pointing out how she pledged her forces to Jon Snow’s cause when she was asked, and these Herb dudes refused the call.

Embarrassed, the shamed leaders all reverse their decisions and pledge allegiance to house Stark as well as Jon himself.

Lady Mormont mentions that Ned Stark’s blood runs through Jon’s veins, which is partially true because we just found out that Jon is Ned’s nephew, not his son.

Something else interesting that I consider to be a plot flaw occurred.

One of the shamed leaders says that Jon avenged The Red Wedding, which he did not.

Arya singlehandedly avenged The Red Wedding by terminating Walder Frey and his sons.

Even if he’s referring to the Boltons’ involvement, the Bolton bastard killed his own father and Jon had nothing to do with that.

Also, Jon didn’t kill the Bolton bastard. Sansa did.

Also, Jon didn’t defeat the Bolton army. Littlefinger did.

The “Cersei on the throne” part was just dumb.

Other than the undead The Mountain, she has *ZERO* supernatural support.

Dragons are coming from the south.

Clairvoyance and assassination is coming from the north.

Infinite undead are coming from beyond the wall to the north.

Cersei will rule for approximately one split second.

More importantly, the writers didn’t bother to pen a scene where Cersei explains to her brother/lover Jaime what THE **** happened to his son.

When Jaime arrives and sees the town, he can see the ruins and isn’t sure what happened.

Next, you see him in the palace or whatever, looking at Cersei like what the **** did you do while I was gone?

I suppose Jaime found out about the power he doesn’t have as far as the plans he seems to be making together with Cersei.


Great episode, overall. I’ve seen it around three times already and it was only released two days ago. [At the time I wrote this, not the time I released this.]

SOOOOOO much justice was served this episode! 😀 hahaha

The world is running right now on a lot of power that people perceive that they have that doesn’t actually exist.

They only find out about this when the rubber finally meets the road and they have to shut up when they thought they were going to put up.

If you think you’re better than I am at something and I actually give a flying **** what you think (which isn’t likely), or more likely, I just feel like showing you up and shutting you up for good, I’m going to challenge you to a contest.

Stop all this talking and start with the doing.

You’re either going to succeed or fail at proving that you’re better than I am.

When you fail, you’re going to hate yourself because you publicly shamed yourself when you should have just stayed quiet and let everybody believe you were better than you actually are.

People kick dragons because they incorrectly perceive *themselves* as the dragons when they’re merely humans.

Unless you have a ring that turns you invisible, leave dragons alone.

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