Social Media May Not Be For You

The events of the past couple of days have prompted me to suggest to you that perhaps you shouldn’t be involved with social media.. At All.. And maybe you’d be better off and happier in your own little world where you don’t know anything that goes on in the rest of the world.

I started thinking about this yesterday.

Yesterday, I accidentally watched a video of a man being murdered where you can see that he isn’t dead yet, but he will be soon, and his chest is gushing blood from where the bullets perforated his body.

In fact, I should say I accidentally watched *MOST* of that video because I stopped watching it after I realized the person had filmed everything perfectly and I had already seen more than I had intended to.

Now.. Opposed to a lot of other people, I’ve lived a real life, so I’m aware of what’s going on.

There isn’t much, other than weirdo stuff I don’t want to see, that I won’t watch on the internet in the interest of gaining information and insight into how other people live their lives.

The fact that even *I* didn’t want to see the rest of that murder video.. Wait…

First of all, I didn’t subscribe to HBO to see this. I wasn’t in the movies at IMAX. I wasn’t wearing 3D glasses and eating popcorn. I was on Facebook like I am every single day, and it just so happened that yesterday, someone had videotaped a murder and uploaded it to Facebook, so just like I might see a video about robots that get up on their own when you knock them over or cats tricking little kids into falling into a pool, I saw someone on the verge of death, and this was not a movie, this was not scripted, and the actor was not going to get up later and give the press an interview.

I had already seen the murder from a different angle, which was people hiding scared in a car, barely getting a good angle on the killing, and then when the shots went off, they seemed to duck down in the car as if the doors were bulletproof and that was going to save them if the bullets had been flying towards them instead of the soon-to-be-dead guy.

This is why I watched the second video. I didn’t imagine that the person filming this one would have been standing practically directly over the situation and would get a very clear picture of a perforated man breathing his last breaths.

So… The fact that even *I* didn’t want to see the rest of that murder video means that there are lots of people who aren’t aware of how real life works that suddenly found out a little bit of it by clicking on that video.

The responses to this have been fascinating. Mostly lament. People wailing, crying, protesting, making statements, falling on the floor, praying…

Here’s what you have to consider..

Watching content like this when you aren’t prepared to mentally process real life is potentially self-abuse.

You might want to shield yourself from ever seeing it, get off of social media, and live out your life on your farm in the sticks or wherever you live, instead of subjecting yourself to attempting to come up with an answer to what you just saw that keeps your personal worldview intact.

Personally, I got over it in maybe 10 minutes and then proceeded to watch the video again and check out the entire thing.

This is because I’ve already known that this stuff has been going on for ages, so I’m not learning anything new.

Yesterday and today, people have been jumping around like as if they just found out McDonald’s sells hamburgers.

This is basically like as if I knew that if you walk across a highway, you might get run the **** over, but yesterday (and then again today, which is another story), you actually saw a video of someone walking across a highway get creamed by an 18-wheeler and you’re like :O

Consider that you may not be mentally as tough as you think you are.

Consider that you may not be able to properly absorb and process tragedy, so you should stay away from finding out other people’s business via social media.

Consider that it might be a good idea for *YOU* to receive psychotherapy simply because you watched someone get perforated yesterday.

The Power You Don’t Have

A couple of days before all this happened, I wrote an article entitled The Power You Don’t Have.

oh.. Wait.. What I mean by “All This” is when we woke up this morning, a second dude had been murdered, except this time he was still sitting in his car with his seat belt on.

I haven’t watched that video because I learned my lesson from watching the video I previously mentioned to you.

So this has amplified everyone’s lament from yesterday. They didn’t even have time to process the first murder before they witnessed a second murder either several hours later or the next day.

In these situations, I consider the brave individuals who have gone to war for the USA. I’ve never done that, so I don’t know what it’s like to hang out with people and then venture out in the field, have them get killed, then have to come back and continue doing my job, which is attempting to kill other people.

I think about them because they know what that’s like.. NOT from watching it on a Facebook video, but because those people were real friends to them and they really got killed and then these soldiers had to return to being civilians and cope with whatever they saw and experienced at war.

This is why I’m saying you might want to seek mental help after yesterday and today.

You might not be built to watch what you watched and then carry on with your everyday life handing people coffee at Starbucks.

Anyway.. The article I wrote was about people who thought they had power but then found out too late that they didn’t.

Or, if they didn’t find out too late, when they DID find out, they did drastic things to themselves once they recognized reality.

This is what I’m hoping you’re going to avoid if you read this and consider your personal situation right now.

Part of the reason people are crying and falling down and praying and passing out is because of what happened to the two guys that got murdered.

Another part of the reason they’re suffering psychological problems is that they’re realizing who they aren’t.

This is another reason some people should exit social media.

It’s all fun and games to sit around and read on your computer or phone about what happened and sit there in your basement in Arkansas talking trash about what you would or wouldn’t do.

Then.. When a situation actually arises where you SWORE UP AND DOWN ON A STACK OF BIBLES that you would actually DO SOMETHING, you realized yesterday and then again today that you aren’t going to do. JACK. MOTHER. *******. ****.


You’re going to type some words on your computer or phone, click “like” on some social media content, and then take the key and open up Starbucks tomorrow morning and serve the customers.

That’s exactly what you’re going to do. As far as what you just witnesses, you aren’t going to do ****.

People don’t want to believe that about themselves, but when the rubber meets the road, they suffer cognitive dissonance because the concept that they would actually do something if something like this happened was a foundational cornerstone of their self-perception.

There’s nothing wrong with being a powerless person.

The person that has to be ok with that is *YOU*, not anybody else.

There’s no reason to beat yourself up over realizing who you actually are.

If you feel strange, you might want to seek psychological help.


You can’t feel guilty over what some creep did that you have nothing to do with.

You weren’t there. You didn’t pull the trigger. You didn’t suggest to the murderer to pull the trigger.

What you feel guilty about is that these RENEGADES are ******* up and making YOU look and feel bad about yourself as a person because you believed that our society was/is better than this.

I have zero answers for you about how you can feel better about yourself or not feel guilty about the fact that you have zero power to stop renegade creeps from being themselves.

There are some situations where you actually have control. This isn’t one of them.

If you’re wondering what you can do about it, it’s probably nothing. There’s nothing wrong with that. *YOU* have to be the one that’s ok with that knowledge and move forward and live your life to the best of your ability.

For those of you that have kids, all you can do is make sure they’re the best human beings they can be and that you live in the best places you can possibly live.

Unless you’re planning to hire security to surround your child for the rest of their lives and confront murderous threats, that’s about all you can do.

I mean, you can also strive to find out who the creeps are and make sure they’re fired, but that doesn’t mean they won’t still murder your kid in a 7-11 parking lot.

Unfortunately for a lot of people, witnessing these back-to-back murders is going to cause them to lose their minds because they just plain didn’t believe that McDonald’s sells burgers when that’s been happening daily since April 15, 1955.

Personally.. Like I said, I’ve lived a real life. I’ve had guns pointed at me.

One time it was the cops. The other time, it wasn’t the cops.

I wasn’t concerned about it either time because I knew I was in the right. I hadn’t done anything wrong, and I expected the situation to end properly and it did, or else I wouldn’t be writing this right now.

On a side note, the one time that it was the cops, I was with two friends whom I also knew weren’t creeps and hadn’t done anything wrong AND we were coming home from our weekly radio show AND we were in the parking lot of our own college, so I wasn’t concerned that one of them would **** us all up because the cops were obviously paranoid and way more scared than we were.

The other situation?… πŸ˜€ Well… I had nothing to do with this, but that guy isn’t breathing anymore, Capisce? πŸ˜€

By the time you’re in a situation like that, you’re “short”. The person “has the drop” on you. They’re going to kill you or they aren’t. It’s no big deal. That’s the way the day went.

This is why I can resume watching a murder video 10 minutes after it was too disgusting for me to watch. I internalized the situation. I recognized it for what it was. I watched the rest of the video.

Having said that, I *WILL* *NOT* watch this second video because I’m not interested in sending myself on that psychological and emotional ride again.

What I’m telling you is that you should evaluate the pros and cons of your being involved with social media and take whatever steps you need to take to attempt to ensure that what you watch, hear, and read about other people’s lives and deaths doesn’t send YOUR LIFE in a negative direction.

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  1. I have said time and time again, I am nervous when cops are around. Not because I’m doing anything, but because the have guns and batons.
    I am aware they are nervous and believe the only control they have is their weapons.

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