Here’s how the internet works… Some event occurs and 100 people post about the exact same thing, along with their two-cent-worth commentary about it.

Have you ever watched a football game IRL (in real life), with actual human beings that were in the same room you were in?

If not, skip to the next section. < *DING*>

If you have.. When a touchdown is scored, people simultaneously cheer or boo = react.

On the internet, when something occurs, people react to it after a) the event occurs, b) they find out about it, and c) they get a chance to upload their thought(s) to social media.

This means that you will have someone cheering for a touchdown that occurred on Sunday, but it will already be Tuesday.

Meanwhile, people cheered ALL OF SUNDAY and ALL OF MONDAY already. 😀

It’s only on rare occasions that any of these people are EXPERTS in what they’re talking about.

Most of the time, they’re just human beings with feelings and a smartphone.

What happens next is worse, though…

The comment section.

Worst versus Worst

Once these myriad posts about the exact same topic are created on the internet, people start populating these posts with comments.

A lot of the time, the comments are stupid because the people making the comments are stupid and they really have nothing else to to offer the world, intellectually.

These people are predictable, tiresome and loathsome.

Unfortunately, their innate loneliness causes them to want to make as many stupid comments as they can, every single day, so they get as much feedback as possible.

It doesn’t matter to them whether the feedback is positive or negative. They just enjoy the feeling that someone was affected by what they said enough to reply to them.

Now, since nobody likes these people other than the people who are just like them… hmm… Wait… Those people don’t like them either and they don’t even like themselves.

Let me start again… Since nobody feels like responding to these people, commonly referred to as Trolls, as in the troll under the bridge that only appears when they have a chance to say or do something stupid, worthless, and negative for their own amusement, what you end up with is essentially a Troll War.

You’re left with the worst people interacting with the worst people.

Neither side of the argument / discussion / debate is being properly represented because all of the people with common sense are staying out of it.

For instance.. You can make a post on social media that says “The grass is green”, and the people with common sense are not going to bother to type “Yes” or “That’s Right”. They’re just going to read what you wrote, enjoy it, maybe click “like”, maybe share it with a friend of theirs, and go about their day.

This leaves the rest of the population to say “It could be brown if it hasn’t been watered.” “Not if you’re color-blind.” “Not if you’re on Mars.” “Not if you live in a city and there isn’t any grass.” and all other types of things which are merely verbal diarrhea.

Once that occurs, the common sense people are STILL not going to get back in the thread, but the trolls who like to troll the trolls are going to respond to them.

This means that there are a lot of conversations on the internet that are way more extreme than they should be because the common sense people aren’t included. It’s only the fringe people talking back and forth amongst each other.

Let’s take politics for example…

Someone puts up a basic post about the Republican party platform, and then some fool types in the comments:


Except nobody asked you about Democrats. The post is about Republicans. What’s wrong with you? Reading Is Fundamental.

So now, the choices are to point out to this idiot that they’re off-topic, delete their off-topic comment, or what usually happens, which is that the next Troll goes “TRUMP IS A CREEP!!! :O”

Meanwhile, the common sense people *actually* *read* *the* *article* and either clicked “like” if they agreed, shared it if they felt like it, commented with something worthwhile after they mentally processed what they read, *OR* were *GOING* to comment, but when they saw the tomfoolery going on in the comment thread, they decided to keep away from the idiots.

The problem with this is that everyone who looks at these threads think that both sides are completely comprised of idiots because they’re the only ones speaking.

Democrats start thinking that all Republicans are idiots and vice versa, when the reality of the situation is that none of the intelligent people on either side are participating in the conversation.

Unauthorized Representatives

I’ve been talking about conflation quite a bit here on the blog.

Conflation is basically when people consider themselves to be the same when they actually aren’t.

For instance, let’s say we go to the same high school, but while I’m doing what I’m supposed to do, you’re smoking pot outside the school all day.

After 12th grade, when I go to MIT and you get a job at the car wash, you don’t get to bitch and moan that it isn’t fair that we went to the same HS and I get better stuff than you do.

It’s completely fair. I did what I was supposed to do and you didn’t do what you were supposed to do.

We aren’t anywhere near “the same” because we did two different things with the exact same opportunity.

Yet and still, the same situation I mentioned earlier occurs amongst conflated groups of people.

Something happens to someone who’s considered to be a member of that group.

People start chiming in about what they think, except it’s skewed because the common sense people don’t bother going “me too”, “me too”, “me too”.

The lonely, stupid people who just like to be heard whether they have anything intelligent to say or not comment on ANY and EVERY post they can find, which makes the conflated group look like a bunch of assholes.

Meanwhile, the common sense people don’t do two vital things:

1) They don’t separate themselves from the assholes. They don’t say “What that person said is ridiculous and unintelligent and that person doesn’t speak for me or anybody I know or associate with.”

2) They don’t create a body of common sense media emanating from the conflated group.

So what happens is that the common sense people outside that community are only exposed to brain-damaged commentary from the dregs of that community.

This causes them to attribute this brain damage to *EVERY* member of the conflated society.

So if we go back to my high school example, if the only people you hear from in social media comment sections who tell you they’re from my high school are the dropout potheads, you’re going to *BELIEVE* that *EVERYONE* that went to my HS is a dropout pothead car wash worker.

Meanwhile, I actually went to a specialized public high school that you couldn’t even get into without passing a standardized test indicating that you were intelligent enough to go there.

So the pothead car washers did this to themselves and they have nobody else to blame.

But if they myriad successful kids from my school never get involved with social media comment sections because they’re too busy enjoying their lives to care about engaging in online banter, we are by default letting the LEAST SUCCESSFUL of us represent ALL of us.

Kings of Nothing

Then, you have the people who take advantage of the fact that they’re *marginally* more intelligent than the bottom of the barrel members of their conflated society.

This makes matters worse because you have people teaching people less intelligent than they are about their own personal level of intelligence, which is like 15% of actual intelligence.

Here’s how you can spot these people… They make very basic mistakes that inform you that they aren’t educated at all.

They’ll say things like:

“According to statistics, 20% of lesbians work for the government.”

Which sounds intelligent and researched.

But THEN they’ll say:

“Before the end of Apartheid, nobody from Lesbia was even able to *GET* a government job.”



And then you’re like o_O

“Wait a minute…………

……….. This guy thinks that lesbians are citizens of Lesbia, a country in Africa? o_O”


And then you just shut down entirely to anything else this person has to say, because clearly he’s an idiot.

However… Again… In order to avoid interaction with Trolls, common sense people aren’t going to type in the comment section “Hey you idiot… They’re talking about women that are sexually attracted to women. *NOT* Africans. Maybe you were thinking Libyans?”

This is because common sense people don’t want to have anything to do with idiots.

Unfortunately, this is by default skewing what people all over the world are learning about your conflated society because you’re letting the least educated and intelligent group members represent you.

In fact, they aren’t a part of your group at all. They’re a subdivision.


A subculture is a group of people within a culture that differentiates itself from the parent culture to which it belongs, often maintaining some of its founding principles.

So if your reasoning for conflating yourself with someone is that you have similar physical features, it’s in your best interest to determine whether or not they belong the your subculture before you allow them to speak for you.

For example.. If you’re Italian, that doesn’t automatically make you a member of The Mob.

In fact, quite a few gangsters weren’t Italian at all. You might want to research the Kosher Nostra.

Meanwhile, there are a lot of people whose last names end in A or O that get accused of things they have nothing to do with, simply because of Mob stereotypes.

This is also the reason why a lot of people think that all “minorities” are creeps.

In fact, “creepy minorities” are a subculture.

If they weren’t, the American “minority” population would be steadily decreasing (Which it isn’t) because the assholes would outnumber the decent people.

As many creepy stories as you hear about in the news, there are ten times that many excellent, great, and uplifting stories that you never hear about for the same reason that you don’t hear from the common sense people on social media posts.

Would you like to know *WHY*? 😀 hahaha




It’s only news when assholes are being assholes.

So if all the media you receive is about “minorities” being assholes, that’s exactly what you’re going to think and expect from them.

Except that’s a subculture. A subdivision. A very small percentage of the entire population of people that you conflate into the same group because they share the same approximate skin color.

There are way more Italians *NOT* in The Mob than there are that are *IN* The Mob.

Consequences & Repercussions

Stop letting idiots represent you.

If you’re not going to do that publicly, do it privately.

When your friends ask you about whatever, tell them what *YOU* really think about current events AND the idiotic responses you’ve seen online TO current events.

For instance.. I’ve been saying this whole time that Trump isn’t really running for President. He’s on the payroll from either the Hillary campaign or the MNCs, and his job was to decimate the Republican ranks because all they offered the American people was a collection of CLOWNS who were never going to be elected anyway, and he saw an opportunity to publicize his brand for a year or so without actually having to waste his time making Presidential decisions for the next four years while going on the book and lecture circuit and selling Trump-branded merchandise.

Time will tell us what the truth is.

Meanwhile, the fact that Trump has gotten so far in this election process has made the USA look like complete fools in front of the rest of the world.

If Trump ends up winning, all I’ll be able to say after the fact is that I live in New York City and he for damned sure didn’t win anything here, so you can blame the idiots elsewhere in the country.

Anybody so stupid as to say he would deliberately kill people’s families, including women and children, should be automatically disqualified. Period.

If you continue to let idiots, dregs of humanity, and lowlives speak for you, don’t complain when you get what you deserve because people believe you’re affiliated with them.

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