Now that there are 82 days left until the election, ( and people like Michael Moore are jumping on the bandwagon 5 months after I wrote “Donald Trump Is Playing With You Because He Knows You Don’t Count”, let’s go over this again. 😀

Spy vs. Spy

My article from March 2016 starts with “Every single day for the past I don’t know how long, somebody’s been surprised at something Donald Trump said. What’s funny about this is that Trump doesn’t even want to be POTUS.”

So I’ve been laughing at these people this entire time while every day they try to come up with intelligent explanations for why Trump’s been doing what he’s doing, but none of them have dared to say that he’s just pulling a scam on the entire Republican party, which they fell for like a bunch of suckers.

Six months ago, in February, 2016, I wrote “Scalia May Be The Final Nail In The Coffin Of The 2016 Republican Presidential Election Dreams”, in which I said “The Republican problem in this election cycle is that they have a mole.. A plant.. Donald Trump isn’t actually a Republican and he’s setting them up for failure.”

I also said “Either way, the Republican nominee is either going to have to run against Clinton or Sanders if Trump is nominated, OR he’s going to have to run against Clinton or Sanders *AND* Trump if Trump doesn’t get the Republican nomination.

This is why the Antonin Scalia death is rather untimely for the Republicans.”

Many People Are Saying.. Many Many People Have Said It

If you want to know *WHY* Trump doesn’t want to be elected President, read this ->

Amongst other gems in that article, you will find this: “… But Schwartz believes that Trump’s short attention span has left him with “a stunning level of superficial knowledge and plain ignorance.” He said, “That’s why he so prefers TV as his first news source—information comes in easily digestible sound bites.” He added, “I seriously doubt that Trump has ever read a book straight through in his adult life.” During the eighteen months that he observed Trump, Schwartz said, he never saw a book on Trump’s desk, or elsewhere in his office, or in his apartment…”

You can see Trump’s lack of ability to retain mental focus every time he speaks without a teleprompter. He repeats the same lines over and over, sometimes with different words, such as telling a story one time and saying “punch down”, and telling it on the same day a few hours later at a different rally and saying “hit down”. He can’t remember the situation verbatim in order to reliably tell the same story every time.

Trump also seems unable to mentally retain long strings of complex information.

If he can actually remember it, he can’t tell YOU about it because his next thought keeps interrupting his previous thought, assuming he’s not swiveling left to right like he’s watching a tennis match while slowly reading the words on his teleprompters.

You can tell when he stops reading because a) he speaks faster when he isn’t reading, and b) he repeats himself often when he attempts freestyle communication.

So basically, there’s no way in hell he wants the responsibility of doing what an actual President does.

Exit Strategy

Because of his lack of ability to communicate on the fly, *PLUS* his lack of education about just about *ANYTHING* dealing with foreign policy, such as Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD), which is like elementary school knowledge for American kids, (13 years old) which says “Mutual assured destruction or mutually assured destruction (MAD) is a doctrine of military strategy and national security policy in which a full-scale use of nuclear weapons by two or more opposing sides would cause the complete annihilation of both the attacker and the defender (see pre-emptive nuclear strike and second strike).[1] It is based on the theory of deterrence, which holds that the threat of using strong weapons against the enemy prevents the enemy’s use of those same weapons. The strategy is a form of Nash equilibrium in which, once armed, neither side has any incentive to initiate a conflict or to disarm.“, if an actual debate occurs, Trump will get embarrassingly crushed by Hillary Clinton.

Check out Trump talking about how he isn’t going to take the concept of nuking Europe off the table:

Trump actually asked “Well then, why do we make them?” [Insert Picard FacePalm Image Here]

So since he can’t afford to debate *ANYONE* that actually knows what they’re talking about, and the first debate is currently scheduled for September 26, 2016 at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York, my prediction is that Trump will remove himself from the race on or before September 25th, 2016, or he’ll find a way to skip that debate and then exit the race before the debate scheduled for October 9th at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.

I think the best way for Trump to save face will be to fake a medical condition. That way, it doesn’t appear that he lost to Hillary and it doesn’t appear that he quit a race that he never wanted to win in the first place.

Imagine Trump trying to do what a real President does! 😀

I’m sure Trump imagines that every day and can’t wait to STOP thinking about that.

Good Money After Bad

If you still think Trump is running for PotUS, read this -> “Analysis: Trump Campaign Has Spent $0 On Advertising”

or this -> “Trump Campaign Not Running A Single Ad In Battleground States Yet”

When was the last time you heard of something like this happening in a Presidential election?…..


or this ->

or this -> “Trump’s Missing Money”: “… If you’re watching the Olympic games, you may have noticed “Hillary for President” ads. She’s bought $13.6 million worth, while Donald Trump has bought none. In fact, since garnering the Republican nomination, he’s spent $0 on TV. Nonetheless, the Trump campaign spent $63m in July. What happened to it?

Open Secrets uses FEC data to report that, at the end of June, the Trump campaign had $20m on hand. According to the latest Trump reports, they raised an additional $80 million in July and, early in August, had $37m on hand. If you do the math, that means Trump spent $63m in July. He didn’t spend it on TV advertising. How did Trump spend the money?…”

Mission Accomplished

So basically, Trump’s job was to decimate the Republican ranks, take over their car and then slam on the brakes without telling the Republicans to fasten their seat belts.

There’s no legal way for them to force Trump out. He’s going to have to leave on his own.

At this point, Trump’s choices are a) pass out from a medical emergency, b) get embarrassed in debates, c) get crushed in the general election, or d) just plain quit.

If Trump exits, that leaves either Pence or McMullin to attempt to defeat Hillary, which they won’t, because Trump has all the traction and they have none of it.

Meanwhile.. 123 Republicans have signed an open letter urging Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus to shift resources away from Donald Trump. ->

So Trump isn’t spending any money NOW, and he might not have any RNC money to spend in the very near future.

This would be an intelligent move by the Republicans because if Trump exits the race, none of the people who *only* want to vote for Trump are going to show up at the polls, which means that none of the down-ballot Republicans will get voted for and they stand a chance of losing seats in Congress.

I mean… 😀 haha That might happen even if he stays in the race, but I’m saying he doesn’t want to do that, so as much as Trump’s dragged the Republicans through the mud already, quitting the race is going to punch holes in all of their tires.

So it would be a very good move for the RNC to divert their financial support to their down-ballot candidates because they would prooooooobably actually run ads in their regions, since they’d actually like to win their races.

Let’s not forget that 82 days means 81 days left for Trump to say more stupid things to alienate even more people and add that much more cement to Republican shoes.

Book & Lecture Circuit

Another reason why Trump needs to fake an illness and exit the race before debating Hillary is that up until now, Trump has avoided giving details about *HOW* he intends to implement *ANYTHING* he’s said. As soon as he gives details, Trump is going to get fact-checked into oblivion, which will cut into his profits on the lecture circuit.

If Trump quits before giving any details and before showing any financial records, he can then command large sums of money to speak to groups and tell them “If I had won, the USA would be way better off than it is right now”, and he still wouldn’t have to give *ANY* details about what exactly he would have done differently or how much money he actually makes per year.

Most people won’t bother reading “A Complete List of Donald Trump’s Business Disasters”

or “The Many Scandals of Donald Trump: A Cheat Sheet”


So as long as Trump can avoid stating details, he’ll be able to get a lot of people to believe anything he says without having to prove any of it, and without having any experts scrutinize what he said.

Best Laid Plans Of Lennie Small

So we’ll see what happens going forward. I’ve already been amused enough, personally, with all the people doing backflips and mental gymnastics trying to figure out what plan Trump has.

His plan is to lose.

His plan *WAS* to lose.

The Presidential salary is apparently $400,000/year ->

If you believe websites, Trump apparently already makes $380,000/year ->

So he doesn’t need the money. He doesn’t want to do the work. He doesn’t want the nightmares from killing non-combatants. He doesn’t want the embarrassment of losing in the general election. He doesn’t want the embarrassment of attempting to debate foreign policy with AN. ACTUAL. SECRETARY. OF. STATE!!! Hillary Clinton -> “The Secretary of State is a senior official of the federal government of the United States of America heading the U.S. Department of State, principally concerned with foreign policy and is considered to be the U.S. government’s equivalent of a Minister for Foreign Affairs.[3][4]”

However… 😀 Let’s say Trump actually stays in the race. He isn’t spending any money advertising in battleground states and he can’t win at all without battleground states. He has more than two months left to keep saying stupid things. Hillary’s already pretty far ahead in the polls -> Trump refused to pivot after he whacked all the Republican non-competition. His handlers haven’t locked him out of his twitter account.

In fact, there’s a theory that all these Trump shenanigans are going to create a chasm between the broke Republicans and the rich Republicans, splitting the party -> “The Great Republican Revolt”.

Similarly, the Bernie people might split off from the Hillary people in 2020.

None of that matters in the grand scheme of things.

I’m just hoping Republicans get smart and run viable candidates next time so they don’t get clowned and dragged like they did this time.

AH HA-HAA… 😀 Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated? 😀 Good Night! 😀

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