Hillary Clinton won last night’s debate handily, but not by as much as she needed to.

People who are intelligent enough and well-read enough to understand what they were saying to each other are clear across the board that Hillary won.

Other people either don’t have the time or the interest to achieve this understanding, so for them, Trump wasn’t exposed as being incompetent, which is the only thing that might erode his base.

So Hillary won, and picked up a bunch of votes from people who previously weren’t aware of Trump’s business practices, tax situation, myriad disparaging statements about women, etc etc.

In order to know about this, you would have to follow along on the internet, as most mainstream media (MSM) television stations don’t want to talk about Trump’s obvious pattern, which Hillary brought up in last night’s debate.

Here’s one victim explaining his experience:

So there are a bunch of people who are now going to start researching Trump and deciding that they aren’t interested in having him making decisions for the entire country, and by extension, the world.


That was Hillary’s win last night. Trump’s win was that Hillary didn’t expose anything that people who are going to vote for him care about.


There are a lot of people who don’t care if Trump’s twitter fingers turn into nuclear trigger fingers.

They can’t understand Trump’s lack of comprehension of en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mutual_assured_destruction, so they aren’t concerned about that.

What they’re concerned about is that a) they don’t trust Hillary, who along with Trump is breaking records for the number of people that don’t want either of them to be President. fivethirtyeight.com/features/americans-distaste-for-both-trump-and-clinton-is-record-breaking/, and b) they see Trump as their only opportunity to not experience another four years of how the previous eight years of their lives have been.

So basically, short of Trump slapping one of their grandmothers, those people are going to vote for him regardless.

These are the people that Hillary didn’t reach with the message “You should vote for me instead of Trump”.

This is why although she won the debate, we shouldn’t see any particular change in the poll results.

The intelligent people already know Trump doesn’t know what he’s talking about AT ALL, and that he masks not having a plan by saying that he doesn’t want to signal to his enemies what his plans are. *YAWN*

Now, we’ve also seen him run out of energy in a 90-minute debate, while Hillary, with all of these allegations of disease, was standing tall and speaking articulately the entire time.

We’ve also watched Trump lose focus, not be able to stay on-message, miss opportunities to bring up popular anti-Hillary topics, keep interrupting when he was supposed to shut up during the other person’s time, argue with the debate moderator over his RECORDED Howard Stern interview that everyone has already heard, and just generally NOT appear Presidential at all.

Trump is benefitting from Mental Affirmative Action.

Since the people who know what they’re talking about know that Trump doesn’t know what he’s talking about, he’s held to a way lower mental standard than Hillary is.

Also, because of Political Correctness, nobody wants to say that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Trump’s style is to speak in hypotheticals.

That’s like when someone offers to cut the grass at your house, except they don’t own a lawn mower.

You won’t know that the person can’t cut your grass until it’s too late.

This is fine, however, for people desperate for a change in their lives.

It doesn’t matter to them what happens as far as foreign affairs or anything else other than their local way of life.

So they don’t want Hillary Clinton to extend what President Obama has been doing for the past 8 years for another 4.


Basically, Armageddon is just as good to them as another four years of their currently detested lifestyle.

Erode The Base

So it’s going to be a tough row to hoe for Hillary to convince any Trump true believers to vote for her, or at least to not vote for him.


The only way to engineer that is to get Trump to actually give specifics about his plans and hope that those specifics alienate people in his base.

The people voting for Trump aren’t interested in his competence.

They aren’t interested that he’s jerked a lot of small businesses out of money.

They aren’t interested that he’s jerked investors and prospective apartment buyers out of money.

They aren’t interested that his ties aren’t made in the USA, even though he claims he’s going to bring manufacturing business back to the USA.

They see Trump as their only chance to improve their personal lives, and Hillary as extending their oppression by the status quo.

They aren’t interested in how fat Trump says Rosie O’Donnell is, or what he thinks she deserves.

They aren’t interested in how indebted he is to foreigners.

All that stuff only matters to people who understand more complex levels of existence.

This is why although Hillary clearly won, she didn’t win by enough to affect Trump’s base of voters at all.

The best we can say is that she brought several discussions that we internet people have been having for months to the mainstream who heard about them for the first time on television last night.

Also, Hillary maintained the same amount of stamina the entire time while Trump was withering away and losing focus.

I do have to bring up the fact that I didn’t believe Trump was ever going to debate Hillary because Trump hates to lose, but at this point, it looks like he’s going to take this all the way to the election.

I also believed Trump was going to quit before the election for the same reason, hate of losing.

The other win for Hillary is that they now know Trump can be easily baited, such as when he admitted that he didn’t pay any Federal income taxes while at the same time BRAGGING ABOUT IT and saying that that not paying taxes makes him smart.

So going into the next debate, they’re definitely going to practice throwing Trump slow pitches over the plate so he can snitch on himself some more.

They’re also going to need to practice throwing pitches that cause Trump to alienate his base.

The people that aren’t going to vote for Trump already have their reasons.

The undecided people are going to have to make up their minds between the two most unpopular candidates in history.

At the end of the day, it’s only going to come down to the swing / battleground states anyway.


A high percentage of Americans are going to feel disgusted regardless of which candidate wins.

While Hillary clearly won this debate, she didn’t deal a knockout blow to Trump.

The easy way to get him to snitch on himself is to ask him to say specifically HOW he intends to ACTUALLY DO anything he talks about.

This is because he has no idea, and everyone knows this.

Having said that.. If Hillary can’t bury Trump in the second debate, I think he’ll still have a decent chance of winning this election.

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