Explaining To Morning Joe How Trump Forked Himself

Bragging about doing something is completely different from denying that you’ve ever done it.

This morning, Thursday, October 13th, 2016, Joe Scarborough said “I’m skeptical about the timing of all of this dropping, talking about an October Surprise, when again, as you said, there have been 1,000 triggering events that would have made sense….. I’m just asking why suddenly all of this stuff is all blowing up in October… Perhaps it’s all innocent. Perhaps there is no Oppo Drop. Perhaps it’s not coordinated.”


So.. 😀 Backing up to the 2nd Clinton / Trump debate, I’m sitting there watching the event live when this interaction occurs between Anderson Cooper and Trump:

So as soooooon as Cooper repeats the question, I’m like “uh oh.” 😀

Cooper: “Just for the record, though… Are you saying that what you said on that bus 11 years ago, that you did not actually kiss women without consent or grope women without consent?”

So Trump tries to NOT answer the question like he always does, and then Cooper says “for the record” again, and I start thinking “Don’t answer that question. Don’t answer that question. Don’t answer that question.” 😀 Not because I wanted Trump to get out of the situation, but because I saw what Cooper had set him up for and I was hoping Trump wasn’t dumb enough to fall for it.

I repeated that until Trump folded and replied to “Have you ever done those things?” with “No, I have not.”

*THAT* is where Trump sank his own battleship and exacerbated an already bad situation for himself.

Trump, Forked

In chess, a fork is when someone has to give up one piece or give up another piece, but they can’t save both.

Trump forked himself…. (See what I did, there? 😀 hehe) by getting caught on tape bragging that he just rolls up and starts feeling chicks up.

Let’s just consider that for now, as opposed to his braggadocio on Howard Stern’s show.

When Cooper asked him “Have you ever done those things [you claimed to have done on the bus]?”, Trump was forked because he now had two bad decisions.

He either had to admit that he thinks it’s fun to feel chicks up when they’re scared to do anything about it when you’re over 6′ tall and rich enough to buy and sell her entire family and *DEFINITELY* ruin her professional career if you feel like it, *OR* he had to admit that he was just. plain. talking. trash. and none of that I-do-whatever-I-want-to-chicks stuff he was bragging about in the “locker room” is true at all.

Three things prevented Trump from refusing to answer the question:

1) He’s very used to dictating to people how he wants them to think, and he’s used to people pretending to believe him. He thought that if he SAID he never did it, that would be the end of it, when in fact it was the BEGINNING of it because there’s already audio evidence of him claiming to have done this or that to chicks on the record.


2) Trump figured that if he refused to answer the question, he would look guilty.

3) Trump doesn’t have any mental access to his history that’s available in realtime. When Hillary brought up Alicia Machado in the 2nd debate, on the split-screen, Trump looked shocked, and started trying to interrupt Hillary, asking her “Where did you find this? Where did you find this? Where did you find this?”


So Trump wasn’t able to think back far enough into his own recorded history to realize that if he denied ever doing what he SAID HE DID, that he was setting himself up for future trouble down the road, which turned out to be NEAR FUTURE trouble.

Also, he figured that even if he messed up there, he’d talk his way out of it like he always does.

He tried as hard as he could to keep saying “It was locker room talk” and “I have tremendous respect for women”, but he eventually broke because Cooper has had to face down way smarter people than Trump.

A Denial

So the reason why women are suddenly coming out of the woodwork to tell their stories about Trump is specifically because he DENIED doing what they’re saying he did, as well as WHAT HE SAID HE DID.

It isn’t an Oppo Drop. 😀 Trump catalyzed the drop ON HIMSELF with his denial.

Until that *one* line, “No, I have not.”, Trump has not denied one single thing about his braggadocio about women.


Did you call this chick fat? Yep! Did you say this chick was bleeding? Yep! Did you cheat on your wife with your next wife? Yep! Did you actually feel chicks up like you claimed on that bus 11 years ago? Nope!


Denying the event is adding insult to injury.

This is why women are suddenly making accusations against Trump.


Donald J. Trump was emphatic in the second presidential debate: Yes, he had boasted about kissing women without permission and grabbing their genitals. But he had never actually done those things, he said.

“No,” he declared under questioning on Sunday evening, “I have not.”

At that moment, sitting at home in Manhattan, Jessica Leeds, 74, felt he was lying to her face. “I wanted to punch the screen,” she said in an interview in her apartment.

If Trump would have refused to answer the question in hopes that Cooper would eventually have moved on with the debate, which I don’t personally believe would have happened before Trump either broke and gave up the ghost or tried to back Cooper down with anger, he wouldn’t have been adamantly contradicting what women say he did to them and what he’s said he did to them.

Not meaning what he did to any particular woman, because there aren’t any names used in the bus conversation other than Nancy O’Dell, but Trump never claimed to have even gotten his hands on her in that recording.

He said he DID get to take her furniture shopping, though.

Revisionist History

This is why the floodgates have now opened.

This isn’t just another example of Trump’s “bad behavior towards women”.

Obviously, I wasn’t there, so I have no idea whether what the women are claiming about Trump is true or not. However.. According to them, events actually happened between them and Trump which has had an effect on their lives, and for him to say these things never happened to them reopens old wounds.


It didn’t feel like an accident, she said. It felt like a violation.

“It was so inappropriate,” Ms. Crooks recalled in an interview. “I was so upset that he thought I was so insignificant that he could do that.”

So if she felt insignificant on the day of, how do you think she felt 11 years later, when Trump denied across the board that he has *EVER* “done those things”. She was included in the denial, took it personally, and decided to speak up and tell her side of the story.

Of course, none of these situations will ever be litigated because there isn’t any evidence.

Well… 😀 I guess I should say that none of the situations we’ve heard of SO FAR will be litigated because the corroborating evidence would have been included in the articles.


They said they were sickened by what they heard. “It made me shake,” said Linda Ross, a neighbor and friend who spoke with Ms. Leeds about the interaction about six months ago. Like several of Ms. Leeds’s friends, Ms. Ross encouraged her to tell her story to the news media. Ms. Leeds had resisted until Sunday’s debate, which she watched with Ms. Ross.

When Mr. Trump denied having ever sexually assaulted women, in response to a question from Anderson Cooper of CNN, Ms. Ross said she immediately looked at Ms. Leeds in disbelief. “Now we know he lied straight up,” Ms. Ross recalled saying.

So the denial was the last straw, although the tape was also a trigger.

Hearing Trump brag in the “locker room” about what chicks will “let you” do to them if you’re a star would have been unpleasant for these women to hear, but it also would have been in line with their current worldview. They would have been listening to Trump verbally confirming that he actually does to women in general what these particular women are saying he did to them.

They wouldn’t *want* to hear that, but it still would have been a confirmation for them.. A form of admission “to them” that he did what they’re saying he did.

Denying everything at the debate, however, is an entirely different story akin to retracting a confession.

Imagine the child getting caught on tape bragging to his friends that he took cookies out of the cookie jar when his mother had told him not to.

Then, imagine the mother listening to the tape and then asking her son if he took the cookies out of the jar, and he says “No.”

One thought on “Explaining To Morning Joe How Trump Forked Himself”

  1. You are entirely right about the triggering being cause by Trump himself. Today, rather than talk policy or wall or anything else that would get the public’s attention off this, I heard it reported that he spent 30 out of 40 minutes at a rally today on THIS. HE is making this now the focus of his campaign. Spot-on.

    There’s one more reason why this is happening now. And 2 other similar cases spring to mind: Lance Armstrong and Bill Cosby. I don’t know that much about the Cosby case, but Lance had a powerful intimidation racket going, and snowed many, many people under for a long long time. It wasn’t until critical mass was reached that his empire broke.

    Same thing with Cosby. As a star (and a family-type star at that), the public did not want to believe that he was using date-rape drugs to rape women. I’m sure plenty of women along the way tried to tell their Cosby stories, but no one would listen. Then at some point, it reaches critical mass, and the story breaks and Cosby’s career breaks.

    There is safety in numbers, so now that more and more women are coming forward, other women feel it’s their duty to stand by their sisters in support.

    But yeah, primarily, Trump has brought this on himself by not being able to out-duel Anderson verbally during the 2nd debate.

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