ok.. So Hillary lost.

I still say Trump is a mole, and not a Republican. billcammack.com/2016/02/15/scalia-may-be-the-final-nail-in-the-coffin-of-the-2016-republican-presidential-election-dreams/ I still say Trump did everything he could to throw the election. I still say Trump isn’t intelligent enough to do this job. newyorker.com/magazine/2016/07/25/donald-trumps-ghostwriter-tells-all

That’s neither here nor there at this point because he *HAS* to do the job now, and people are going to live through that or they aren’t.

Specifically, what I said on February 15, 2016 (9 months ago) was:

Scalia May Be The Final Nail In The Coffin Of The 2016 Republican Presidential Election Dreams

The Republican problem in this election cycle is that they have a mole.. A plant.. Donald Trump isn’t actually a Republican and he’s setting them up for failure.

So all that leaves for the Republicans is Trump! 😀 haha Except Trump isn’t a Republican. He’s campaigning for the MNCs.


A multinational corporation or world wide enterprise[1] is an organization that owns or controls production of goods or services in one or more countries other than their home country.[2] It can also be referred as an international corporation, a “transnational corporation”, or a stateless corporation.[3]

So now we’re going to see what happens.

Back To The Future

The main result I’ve seen so far in the couple of days since Hillary lost is that a lot of people are trying to pick their worldviews up off the floor.

Unfortunately for them, a lot of them aren’t educated in how to do that and have never done that for themselves, to it would be in their best interests to seek professional psychological help.

That sounds funny 😀 even to me, but I’m not kidding.

A lot of people have never been through anything like this before and they think they can handle it but they can’t.

It’s like when you see a chick with a dog in a baby carriage. You can tell she’s experienced some kind of mental trauma where she’s trying to substitute a dog for a human.

Same thing with chicks who make out with dogs in their Instagram pictures and think that doesn’t make them look lonely and desperate for affection.

SImilarly, A. LOT. OF. PEOPLE. are living in Bizarro World right now, because they didn’t believe in an alternate universe where Trump would have any say over anything that could affect their lives whatsoever.

Also, a lot of women put all their eggs in the basket of seeing the first female President of the United States of America being elected *AND* having the privilege of being a part of that process, which didn’t happen, and now, to varying degrees, they feel shattered.

Worse than that, some women now perceive *ANY* mention of trump to be a sexual assault trigger, and now this same guy is going to be the one having say over rules, court cases, Supreme Court justice appointments, birth control, and who knows how many other issues I never think about because I’m a male.

Illusion Of Safety

If I were to attempt to group all the lament I’ve read from people I’m connected to on social media into one category for discussion, I would say that there are now A LOT OF PEOPLE who are fearing for their own safety who never had to think about this before in their entire lives.

Even if Hillary had won, approximately half the country who voted (Meaning approximately 1/4 of the country, because something like 49% of the people didn’t vote at all.) actually *WANTED* this to be the outcome of the election.

This is as much a problem for people as Trump appointing his Rogues Gallery to government positions.

The thing is, however, Trump didn’t create these people out of thin air. They were always there, but a lot of people couldn’t see them or refused to believe there were so many of them.

And now they’re scared of what these people are saying and doing. The thing is that they were *ALWAYS* saying and doing the same stuff, except similar to the riots that break out when some local sports team wins and people start irrationally turning over cars that have nothing to do with baseball or football, these people are acting out for now, celebrating their win.

The illusion of safety that has now been shattered for people is that at least they felt (justifiably or not) that the top levels of government would come to their aid if something incorrect and unjust was happening to them.

Was the President actually going to show up to help you out? 😀 Nope. However, there was a belief in the checks and balances of the system, where somewhere along the line, justice would be served to people doing the wrong thing.

Now, the reason why some people are acting stupid and other people are feeling scared is because both sets of people feel like villainy is the order of the day.

Slugs Beneath Political Correctness

Personally, I grew up without cops.

Everyone was responsible for their own personal safety.

Fortunately, I always had people looking out for me who were steps ahead in their understanding of the situation, so I had mentors I could depend on at critical times that called for important and potentially pivotal decisions.

The way things went in any given situation was based upon whether the righteous or wicked side had the stronger team.

I don’t mean religiously righteous.. I mean if you were minding your business and others decided they wanted to attack you, that didn’t make them automatically the winners because in that particular situation, they were evil and you weren’t.

Most people didn’t grow up that way, though. They grew up believing there were certain things people COULDN’T and WOULDN’T do because they believed in Political Correctness and nobody would tell them the truth.

The only thing Political Correctness did was stop people from *SAYING* what they were thinking.

They never stopped actually THINKING it.

So if someone wants to say or do something stupid to you because of this Trump situation, they already wanted to, but they were scared of the consequences so they stayed shut.

People actually believed “No man would hit a woman” because Political Correctness told them to believe that, even though women get beaten up every single day by men, including and especially men that they are involved in intimate relationships with.

People actually believed that any of the -isms were over because it’s the year 2016 and “Who does that?”

The Game never changes. The only thing that changes is how much *YOU* understand about the playing field.

A lot of people are only waking up to that reality because of this election situation, and they don’t like it one bit.

They don’t like the idea that they’re going to have to be responsible for their personal safety.

They don’t like the idea of standing up for themselves because they’ve always had other people to do it for them, *OR* whatever the problem was had nothing to do with them.

For example, being a male, I’ve heard of females being paid less than males to do the same job. I think that’s stupid because either the worker can do the job well or not, and if they can, I believe they should be paid the same thing….. Does that actually matter to me? Nope. Because I’m never going to be a chick so that isn’t my problem.

So if someone suddenly made up a law that males were going to be paid less for some odd reason, that would be the first time I’d have to deal with that.

Another reason why people don’t want to consider self defense is because they can’t see themselves laying hands on someone who needs that to happen to them.

In the scenario where the overarching checks and balances are removed, it becomes the Wild West, where the amount of respect you receive is the amount of respect you demand and command.

If people are going to suddenly act uncivilized towards you, you’re either going to have to back them down yourself or suffer.

Having said all that, it is what it is. People are going to have to deal with Trump until he’s no longer in position. In fact, if he isn’t in position, then Pence will be, which will be even worse than Trump.

It’s kind of like Dave Chappelle’s joke about being the first black President and having a Mexican VP as insurance… except unfortunately this situation isn’t a joke, it’s real life.

Lies FTW (or Loss)

In a way, this is the same thing that happened with those “Occupy” protests. (Are they still doing those? 😀 haha)

Basically, people were upset that they graduated from college with extensive college loan debt and then weren’t able to get good jobs, so they protested.

Meanwhile, people have been graduating from college FOR DECADES who weren’t able to get a good job and stayed in debt and lost cars and houses and families because of money problems, so that situation wasn’t really anything new.

For a lot of people, this election situation was the first time they watched common sense and common decency LOSE in a manner that affected THEIR lives.

They’re now rightfully concerned about whether this is an anomaly or a trend that will continue in the future.

They’re also concerned about what the society itself is going to turn into.

They’re concerned that they may have to verbally or physically defend themselves now, when they previously thought they were going to skate through life and watch other people get disrespected on the nightly news.

Bullying never ended. People just stopped talking about it because they didn’t feel like being shunned because of Political Correctness. Bullying is character-building. Some people sink, some people swim, and some people become ruthless sharks ready to dish out the mental pain to anybody who needs it so they can learn the error of their ways.

Similarly, the PC people made up this thing called slut-shaming.

Obviously, slut-shaming is an extremely stupid name because the entire idea is to eradicate the concept of “sluts” to begin with.

It’s similar to how ignorant people and people suffering from mental stress think they can take a term that disparages them, spell it differently, and then feel decently about themselves as people, when they’re actually continually reminding each other and deliberately reinforcing that they’re 4th-Class citizens in the United States of America.

You can try all you like to change the concept of “sluts”, but it won’t work. All you’ll succeed in doing is forcing people underground in discussing that topic so they won’t become pariahs.

The valuable thing in both of those situations are the actions and not the words.

You want people to change how they treat people, not what they say about them. If the treatment remains the same and the words change, you’ve done a grand total of *NOTHING* for yourself.

We already know the words from this Trump situation. Now it’s time to see what the actual actions are.

The best part about Trump is that nothing he has ever said can be trusted. 😀 He *might* turn out to be a decent President.

We’re only like three days past the election and promises Trump made are already getting kicked off the table like a kickball! 😀 hahaha No wall. No eradication of “ObamaCare”. No deportation gestapo. No Hillary prosecution. Kind words for both Hillary Clinton *AND* President Obama…

There’s really no telling what this non-Republican mole is going to do during his time in control of the country… In a good or bad way… Just no telling at all because his word means nothing.

The Invisible Underclass Has Spoken

I waited to write about this because I didn’t have anything to say about it. This is just a dumb situation, but I understand why it happened.

Truth be told, nobody cares what goes on in the sticks.

That’s tough to conceal, even for seasoned actors.

Trump, whether he was incessantly LYING or not, gave people in the sticks, in the flyover states (States that nobody actually goes to or sets foot in, but they have to fly over them, say, on the way to Los Angeles from New York City) a feeling of hope.

He gave them hope that he was going to deport more than 10 million Mexicans.. And now that Political Correctness has been murdered and buried, you can stop acting like he’s talking about *ANYBODY* *ELSE* when he brings up illegal aliens. He’s not talking about Canadians walking across the border. He’s not talking about mail order brides from Hungary. He’s talking about Mexicans.

Trump gave them hope that he was going to deport 11 million people who are doing the jobs that *NOBODY* wants to do, like picking grapes.

Like Maury says:

*THAT* was a lie.

Alabama tried that four years ago in 2012 and the state went out like a sucker:

Alabama Illegal Immigrant Crackdown Destroys Farm Business
May 14, 2012

On Sunday, the Associated Press reported worker shortages have prompted some Alabama farmers who grow labor-intensive produce to plant less, rather than have crops rot in the fields again this year. Last fall Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley signed a tough law combating illegal immigration, which prompted undocumented workers to flee the state. Few locals will perform the grueling work of picking crops, and farmers stuck in a agricultural system built on illegal labor are struggling to find replacements before their produce rots.

Alabama’s situation is not unique. Georgia passed a similar immigration law in 2011. When undocumented workers fled, farmers lost around 40% of their workers and $140 million worth of blueberries, melons, onions, and other crops due to labor shortages. This year Georgia farmers again fear they will be short on workers to pick the crops, and many have scaled back production or stopped planting altogether.

It’s not only Southern states; farmers all across America are dependent on migrant labor. For example, immigrants make up 40% of Wisconsin’s dairy industry workers and almost one in three U.S. farming and fishing workers is from Mexico.

There are approximately 11 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S. today. However, trends are shifting dramatically. Legal and illegal immigration from Mexico, which boomed over the past 40 years, flattened in 2005 and now seems to be decreasing, according to a 2012 report released by the Pew Research Center. Decreasing migration rates coupled with tougher state immigration laws are hurting America’s farmers, who rely on the labor.

Many farmers want to hire local workers, but it is increasingly difficult to find U.S. natives with the proper skills. Few are willing or able to perform the physically taxing and low paying labor which requires them to move with the crops, even with wages of $15-$20 an hour. Georgia recently experimented with creating a program that allowed parolees to work as farm laborers, but it was unsuccessful when they wouldn’t — or couldn’t — endure the grueling days.

Right now U.S. immigration policy is in shambles. Meanwhile, millions of dollars worth of crops rot every year because we don’t have the workers to pick them. This waste often translates into higher food prices. The process to legally certify migrant workers is cumbersome and can hurt farmers who are stuck waiting for papers to come through when crops are ripe and need to be picked immediately.

There is a human rights concern too: undocumented immigrants are extremely vulnerable to abuse. Some are cheated out of wages, endure terrible working conditions, or are sexually assaulted. Most keep quiet for fear of deportation.

We need to face the facts: our agricultural industry is built on illegal labor, and it needs to be reformed. We could start by creating a separate and simple visa that allows migrant workers to easily enter and exit the country, though we must maintain screening procedures. This would protect farmers from political whims that drive workers away, and protect migrants from abuse by allowing them to do their vital work legally.

By taking away the fear of deportation, more workers would again be incentivized to work in the U.S. Migrants would pay income tax and be protected under OSHA. It’s time we acknowledge the workers that keep our agriculture industry afloat and give them the legal status they deserve.

So Mexicans aren’t going anywhere unless *YOU* and 11 million of your closest friends feel like becoming day-laborers.

*cricket* *cricket* *cricket*

Trump also gave people in the sticks hope that he was going to bring manufacturing jobs back to the USA.

Hopefully, he’ll make good on that promise, starting with his own companies that are making cufflinks, sport coats, shirts, eyeglasses, lamps, mirrors and ties in China, suits in Mexico, furniture in Turkey, and barware in Slovenia, as well as companies of his in Indonesia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, and India.

That sounds like quite a few immediate American jobs.

To be fair, Trump also has businesses in the USA -> politifact.com/virginia/statements/2016/jun/27/thomas-perez/tom-perez-erroneously-tags-all-trump-products-made/

So basically Trump was talking to people who work in coal mines while Hillary was talking to people who own stock in coal mines.

I know coal miners and loggers because of social media, but I’m pretty sure I’ve never met one in person. It would be tough for me to act like I cared whether a coal mine was going to be closed because it makes no difference to my life, whatsoever.

So voting for Trump, regardless of his social ideas, and regardless of whether his policies may prevent or cause a recession, money.cnn.com/2016/11/09/news/economy/president-elect-donald-trump-recession/index.html, was the best thing for people to do who are *already* experiencing a personal recession, because people aren’t very concerned about social issues when they’re *BROKE*.

You Try To Bite Lines. The Rhymes Are Mine.

The good part about this situation is that when I’ve spoken to elders and mentors about this ridiculous, insane situation, they’ve been less concerned about it than I expected them to be.

Specifically, they mentioned Ronald Reagan‘s behavior before and during his Presidency (1981-1989):


But in addition to overlooking the dramatic increase in homelessness that occurred on Reagan’s watch, never mind the covert counter-revolutionary operations in Central America, promoters of Reagan nostalgia consistently ignore his record on race, civil rights, and South Africa. There, Reagan’s legacy is abysmal.

Early in his political career Reagan opposed every major piece of civil rights legislation adopted by Congress, including the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and the Fair Housing Act of 1968. And even if one tries to explain away this opposition on the grounds that it came early in the history of the civil rights movement or was motivated by a misplaced reluctance to empower the federal government, Reagan’s civil rights record during his presidency is tough to justify. As President, Reagan supported tax breaks for schools that discriminated on the basis of race, opposed the extension of the Voting Rights Act, vetoed the Civil Rights Restoration Act and decimated the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). When you combine Reagan’s political record with his symbolic stance on race issues—his deriding welfare recipients as “welfare queens,” his employing “states rights” rhetoric in the same county where in 1964 three of the most infamous murders of civil rights workers occurred, his initial opposition to establish a national holiday to commemorate Martin Luther King Jr.—the Reagan legacy begins to lose much of its luster.

So not only did Trump steal Reagan’s “Make America Great Again” line,

but all this “acting out” people are currently seeing isn’t an upsurge of anything.. It’s merely a return to the old school of what used to be happening in the not-so-distant past.

Make America Great Again - Reagan

People always ask Trump what time in history he’s talking about as far as making America great again, and he never answers the question because he obviously doesn’t know because it’s Reagan’s line and not Trump’s.

They may as well ask Trump whether he prefers the tampons with wings.

Seeking No Truth. Winning Is All. Find It So Grim. So True. So Real.

So as embarrassing as this ridiculous situation is, there’s honestly no telling what someone whose every statement is DERIVATIVE of someone else’s words and concepts is going to do.

There’s no telling what someone who incessantly lies and has no relationship with the truth is going to do.

The guy that brags about taking some guy’s wife furniture shopping and STILL failing to screw her might be the same guy to hold the door for women at the mall.

The guy who has businesses overseas instead of hiring American workers *might* turn around and create more jobs for American workers.. Preferably starting with his own companies.

The guy who doesn’t know why he shouldn’t drop nukes on Europe MIGHT NOT get us all killed.

As far as the people with no jobs or hope in the flyover states…
“What have they got to lose? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯”

American women, however, have quite a bit to lose.

We’ll see how that pans out.

If there’s anything to be found funny about this situation, it’s that after all that ****-riding Chris Christie did, Trump left him out of the Rogues Gallery.


President-elect Donald Trump is so disgusted with Chris Christie’s handling of the Bridgegate scandal that he’s kicking the New Jersey governor out of his inner circle, The Post has learned.

So as weird as it seems to say this in the light of recent Presidential elections, the USA has already lived through conditions worse than what Trump claims to be offering, so it will most likely survive Trump as well.

*YOU* might have to learn how to back people down or get used to living with the fact that you have no control over your own personal safety and you might want to hire bodyguards or something.

Either way.. Trump didn’t create any of this. He merely rained and unearthed the slugs.

The slugs were always there. They were just hiding.

At least now you can see them so you can decide whether you want to do anything about them.

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