According to Wikipedia, this is the definition of Separatism:

A common definition of separatism is that it is the advocacy of a state of cultural, ethnic, tribal, religious, racial, governmental or gender separation from the larger group. While it often refers to full political secession,[1] separatist groups may seek nothing more than greater autonomy.[2] While some critics[who?] may equate separatism with religious segregation, racist segregation, or sexist segregation, most separatists[who?] argue that separation by choice is not the same as government-enforced segregation and may serve useful purposes. There is some academic debate about this definition, and in particular how it relates to secessionism, as has been discussed online.[3]

Separatist groups practice a form of identity politics, “political activity and theorizing founded in the shared experiences of injustice of members of certain social groups”. Such groups believe attempts at integration with dominant groups compromise their identity and ability to pursue greater self-determination.[4] However, economic and political factors usually are critical in creating strong separatist movements as opposed to less ambitious identity movements.[5]

In short, separatists of any brand, white, black, lesbianic, whatever, are seeking an environment where only they exist, like Williamsburg.

Here’s the problem…

If you live in a society when you would rather live in a different society, you are a loser.

This is obvious because the only reason this society exists is because someone is winning.

If you want to leave a society where people who are not you are winning, by definition you’re losing.

Consider a footrace that involves 10 people…

If you’re always winning the races, why would you want to switch how the society works or join a different society? o_O

You wouldn’t.

In fact, so long as you’re winning, who cares what happens to the other 9 participants?

They can finish in whatever order they like and you’re still winning.

Therefore, the only people who wish they were part of a different footrace are the ones that never win = the losers.

Because Winning

Let’s continue with this footrace scenario…

Let’s say you always come in 4th, 5th, or 6th.

You’re a loser, but you aren’t losing as badly as people who always finish in a worse position than you do.

In the society you live in, which you want to extricate yourself from, you get to look down on 8 and 9 just like 1 and 2 look down on you for always coming in 4th.

So let’s think about what happens if you succeed in creating your own separate footrace…

Who are you going to get to join your new society? o_O

It isn’t going to be the winners, because winning.

It isn’t going to be the losers (meaning 8, 9, 10), because your entire point of creating your own society is that you don’t have to be around the losers.

So now you’ve created your own group of people who are all 4s, 5s, and 6s as far as speed.

Guess what happens next?

The 4s become the winners, the 6s become the losers, and the 5s become the mediocre people.

This is in a society that now *ONLY* contains mediocre people to begin with because you aren’t running against the fastest runners OR the slowest runners in the main society.

So now, not only don’t you have ANY elite members of your group, but you now have squabbles between internal factions of mediocre people about which ones of you are better at being mediocre.

Surf City

Now let’s say you’re trying to trade with other societies.

Let’s say you’re offering mediocre races to be shown on television in exchange for money paid for commercials shown during your races.

Unfortunately for you, the society you just extricated yourselves from has all the 1, 2, and 3 runners, so a) everybody’s going to watch their races and none of yours because you’re automatically the farm team, and b) the society you left is going to make money more quickly than your mediocre society, allowing them to make technological and societal gains way faster than your group, so you fall even further behind IN LIFE, not just in racing.

Who’s going to make decisions for your new community?

You didn’t select anybody for intelligence. You only selected them because they weren’t 7-10 runners. You couldn’t GET any of the intelligent people to leave the society because THEY. ARE. ALREADY. WINNING.

The reason you wanted to leave is because you weren’t winning. Now, you STILL aren’t winning, but at least you’re all losing together without the burden of the 7-10 losers dragging your society down.

So if nobody’s obviously smarter, how do you select who runs this society? It has to be a popularity contest. After that, who decides who lives where? Who decides who gets what jobs? Do you HAVE any jobs where you moved? Are you now back in the stone age growing corn or whatever cavemen did? Do you even have fiber optics in the woods?

Wait a minute… Where did you move in the first place?

It’s pretty much the WINNERS who were making all the money, so where is it that you can afford to move with all your mediocre people? Can your people even AFFORD to move? Do they have trailers? Trucks? U-Haul? Uber? How are they going to get to this Shangri-La location?

Did they have jobs before they moved? Are they doctors? Are there hospitals where you’re moving? Are they mechanics? How many people own cars? How many people need their cars consistently worked on?

Are they unskilled laborers? Are you building your mediocre community near a Wal-Mart? Can mediocre people even GET Wal-Mart jobs?

Are women even interested in what you’re talking about? 😀

If not, this is going to be a short-lived mediocre society because you won’t have any KIDS.

Even if you have kids, they’re all going to be 4s, 5s, and 6s, genetically because you removed yourself from the opportunity to procreate with 1s and 2s, so you’re evolutionally trapped.

What’s the ratio of men to women? (I mean other than in a lesbianic culture)

Did you create Surf City?

Are there two girls for every boy?

If there aren’t, you’re going to have your own internal tribal competition for procreation ability complete with treachery and murder.

Who gets the best women? Who gets the worst women? Who gets no women at all?

What happens if you can’t get one? You can’t get them from outside your community either because that was the entire point of separatism, to *NOT* associate with people you’d rather get away from.

Are you just doomed?

Do you have to choose between separatism and procreation?

Bojang… Get My Bags

Who’s going to do the jobs?

According to Rush,

It’s so hard to stay together
Passing through revolving doors
We need someone to talk to
And someone to sweep the floors

When you get to your separate society, will you be the floor-sweeper?

Who’s going to bus the tables at the restaurant?

Who’s going to plant the corn?

Do corn-planters get girlfriends?

Where are you going to live?

Is there a corn-planter dormitory?

Where can you afford to live on a corn-planter’s salary?

What happens when a crime is committed?

Who’s going to build the jail?

Who’s going to be the law enforcement?

Who’s going to appoint the law enforcement?

Who’s going to determine how long jail sentences are?

Are the inmates going to be forced to plant the corn, putting corn-planters out of business so they can’t afford to live in the corn-planter dorm and have to leave their society or steal and risk ending up in jail planting corn for free?

Selective Regression

There’s a psychological problem with separatism, which is that none of the winners are interested and the losers aren’t accepted into the new mediocracy.

If you remove losers from your society, guess what, *YOU* become the new losers.

There’s nobody in your society that you can point the finger at, so you become the new bottom of the barrel.

You become the new poor, the new undereducated, the new ugly.

The new slowest. The new fattest (even if you aren’t fat). The new least-girl-getting’est.

The new worst-job-having. The new looked-down-upon. The new POS.

Look at this animated map of European borders:

Watch the whole thing.

Do you know what you’re looking at?

People killing each other.

That’s how borders move.

People die and other people occupy that land.

The map starts in 1140 and the word Germany doesn’t appear on the map until 1870.

There was no Germany for 730 years of this map, yet people call themselves “Germans”.

What were German people before Germany was formed?

What were Europeans before they walked from Africa?

It’s all nonsense.

Every time, historically, that you have a group of people that consider themselves separate from another group, infighting occurs, treachery, and potentially war.

Who was Germany fighting in WWII?… People who lived across an imaginary line from them.

This is the same story as Rome against the Barbarians, which actually meant anyone who wasn’t a part of Rome.

It’s all nonsense.


This isn’t even a “grass is greener” situation.

Mediocre societies can not flourish while elite societies exist.

Meanwhile, you can’t lure elites to your mediocre society because they’re already winning in the real society.

Yes, they would win in your mediocre society also, except they wouldn’t be living in the best places like Manhattan, New York City, New York State, United States of America.

They would be winning in the woods somewhere off a dirt road a few miles off of an interstate somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

Mediocre people can’t commandeer quality real estate.

Mediocre people can’t AFFORD quality real estate.

Even if they could afford it, who’s going to build the houses? Who’s going to install the plumbing? Where is the money coming from to sustain a bunch of mediocre people living by themselves in the woods by candlelight?

How much are people going to be paid to build the houses? Will they be paid room & board at the carpenters’ dormitory? Do carpenters get women? Do carpenters have kids?

Speaking of kids, how many can you have?

Even if this bunch of mediocre numbskulls purchases a bunch of swampland nobody wants, it’s going to be a subdivision of a larger society because everywhere in the world has been colonized by now.

You can’t move to a patch of land in Australia (even if your no-earning-potential mediocre people could afford to fly to Australia, much less bring any of their belongings), plant a flag and homestead.

That ish went out with panning for gold.

This means you’re going to have a little subdivision. A cul-de-sac. A gated community. That’s only going to hold so many people, so what happens when you become overpopulated?

Do you build vertically? Do you have architects and construction workers and machinery and technology to do that?

If not, you have to expand horizontally, which is what Germany tried to do and got their asses handed to them so that isn’t going to work for you either.

Your other option is to limit the number of kids that can be brought into your society, and then who decides who gets to procreate and who doesn’t?

What do you do with violators? Do you kick them out of the community to fend for themselves? Do you throw their entire family in jail to involuntarily plant corn? Do the 4s get to have more kids than the 6s? Do people start getting paid to claim that kids are theirs so they aren’t excommunicated?

Are you landlocked? You must be landlocked because real estate along the water is too expensive for mediocre people to outbid elites for.

How do you trade with other communities?

If you’re landlocked, you have to pay whatever groups own the land you need to travel across to trade for your goods to arrive where they’re supposed to.

If you aren’t landlocked, you have to defend against people who feel like killing you so they can control the commerce coming through your port.

Speaking of defense, who’s going to be in your Army?

Do the sons and daughters of 6s get conscripted?

Are the sons and daughters of 4s exempt?

What happens when all of the 6s have been forced into military training and none of the 4s even know how to load a gun?

Can you say… Revolution?

Can you say Let Them Eat Cake?

The situation is entirely untenable.

Talking Loud And Saying Nothing

I’m not arguing against separatism.

I’m just pointing out why people have been talking this shit for 60 years and they’ve never ever done it.

If you feel like only living amongst people you consider to be similar to you, you have to consider whether or not you’re an elite member of the current society.

If you were an elite, you would be enjoying your life because you would be better than other people either by nature, nurture, hard work, or favoritism.

If that were the case, you wouldn’t be interested in exiting a system you’ve already figured out.

Since you feel like leaving, that means you’re currently losing.

If you’re a loser, who do you think your friends are?

Your friends are losers too.

What do you think is going to happen if you and your loser friends retreat to unwanted swampland?

You will no longer benefit from the intelligence, earning potential, and protection of elites.

You will no longer be able to exploit the people that you losers consider losers relative to yourselves.

You’ll only have access to women who want to live in a swamp with losers.

Even if you procreate at all, it won’t be quickly, because everyone in your society will be mediocre and nobody will really be interested in hooking up.

Wait.. That’s another thing.

As of 2016, “adult obesity rates now exceed 35 percent in four states, 30 percent in 25 states and are above 20 percent in all states. Louisiana has the highest adult obesity rate at 36.2 percent and Colorado has the lowest at 20.2 percent.”

So not only would you need a 1:1 male to female ratio for your community to last a single generation before dying out, but 20% of both your male and female populations are off the grid.

You’re going to have to depend on 80% of your community to replicate, and then you have to deal with the infighting for fertile resources that I mentioned earlier.

Meanwhile, no evolutionary improvement is occurring because you removed all the women from the ability to procreate with intelligent men.

Obviously I could go on all night about the reasons why separatism is a fantasy that is never actually acted upon.

The people who WANT to be separate and CAN AFFORD to be separate already are.

The only people bitching about this situation are the losers who think they’ll be better off if they can become their own society.

The problem is that leaving a society doesn’t make you a better person. It only removes your ability to benefit from people who are better than you are, and lowers the quality of your life and the lives of the people whom you drag into this mediocracy with you.

It also makes you RESPONSIBLE for all the tasks that people you feel are beneath you were doing, such as mowing lawns and picking grapes.

Your problem is that you suck.

Your problem is that you suck and you don’t want to admit that to yourself so you claim that other people suck and if you could only get away from them your life would be great.

In fact, you aren’t going anywhere because you can’t afford to move.

You won’t be commandeering any valuable locations because the winners there have utilized their money to employ POLICE who will erase you as soon as you try it.

You won’t be luring any quality people to the swamp because nobody wants to live in the swamp.

Your best bet is to commiserate with the rest of your fanbois online and decide that you’re all going to become roommates in a house where you can tell each other how great you are all day and night.

At least that way, you would move your online fantasy offline.

If you’d really like to know if someone’s full of shit, ask them what their problems are.

Once they outline those, ask them what the solutions are.

Once they outline those, give them a year to do whatever it is that they said would make their lives better.

If they haven’t done it a year after acknowledging what they needed to do, they’ll never do it.

Forget about 60 years later.

The predictable future of inaction is more inaction.

Separatism is a nice thing for people to imagine, except fantasies don’t require actual functionality.

You can fly in a dream, but you can’t fly in real life.

Mediocre people living in an elite society can’t function similarly in a mediocracy.

Even if they don’t tell you, the elites are sustaining your life.

If they decide to stop sustaining your life, you’re screwed.

If you deliberately stop them from sustaining your life, you’re screwed.

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