Psychological Safety

I’m not offering you psychological safety. I’m offering you acceptance for your stupidity.

Bill - Airport just published an article about Google studying successful team traits. What they came up with was:

1. Dependability
2. Structure and clarity
3. Meaning
4. Impact
5. Psychological Safety

The first four are clear, but I found #5 interesting:

We’ve all been in meetings and, due to the fear of seeming incompetent, have held back questions or ideas. I get it. It’s unnerving to feel like you’re in an environment where everything you do or say is under a microscope.

But imagine a different setting. A situation in which everyone is safe to take risks, voice their opinions, and ask judgment-free questions. A culture where managers provide air cover and create safe zones so employees can let down their guard. That’s psychological safety.

I know, not the quantitative data that you were hoping for. However, Google found that teams with psychologically safe environments had employees who were less likely to leave, more likely to harness the power of diversity, and ultimately, who were more successful.

Obviously, I’m not Google, and I don’t give a flying **** about team-building.

However.. I’m not offering you psychological safety. I’m offering you acceptance for your stupidity.

Tides & Boats

I’m from the center of the Universe, which is in the USA, located in the Northeast Corridor, NYC, Manhattan island.

We don’t really care about what you think, say, or feel, though we find it amusing.

All that stuff you’re talking about that you think is so important, we turn it on and off like television channels, and it’s merely entertainment for us.

Nothing you’re concerned about has anything to do with how WE live at all.

When you grow up in our isolated environment, all the way from elementary school to college, you have to present and defend your logic against the most intelligent kids in the most competitive environment in the world.

When you exit that environment, there is zero tolerance for stupidity.

This is partially because you didn’t grow up with stupid kids, and partially because you’re operating at a mental speed which requires high-quality interactions with excellent thinkers.

If someone’s going to be added into your circle of thought leaders, they need to come with whatever their A-Game is.

That game doesn’t have to be the best or even at YOUR level, but they have to be deliberately firing on all cylinders for you to even care about hearing what they have to say or offer them your time to listen.

There is *NO* *PLACE* at this level for psychological safety.

If you suggest that someone walk across a highway with a blindfold on, you’re going to get ripped to shreds for your stupidity.

If anybody even CONSIDERED doing what you said, they would be wasting the entire group’s time.

There’s no point in debating your idea. It’s stupid and if you do it, you’re going to die. Next?

Having said that.. What you *WILL* be offered is acceptance of your stupidity.

If you’re trying your best to become an elite and you’re really working at it, you will not be excommunicated for stupid ideas.

You will be told that they’re stupid. You will be told WHY they’re stupid. You will be informed of several better options than what you suggested. You will not be banishED.

This is because we respect you, care about you, and are striving towards YOUR self-improvement at the same time you are. We want to help you become a better thinker. The better you are as a human being, the more value you offer to the group and we all advance.

A rising tide lifts all boats.

If I don’t tell you exactly how stupid what you just suggested is, you’ll never learn.

Creating “safe spaces” for people to offer stupid suggestions is how Loser Society frames progression, similar to their Participation Awards.

Rewarding losers is disrespecting winners.

What’s the point of winning if you get the same thing as the losers?

What’s the point of trying to be a winner next time if you aren’t informed that you’re a loser this time?

*EVERYONE* becomes better when the hierarchy is respected.

Proverbs 27:17 – “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”

The only way to advance rapidly and efficiently is to test your logic against smarter people until you BECOME one of the smartest people.

The responsibility of the smartest people is to raise the lesser thinkers to become greater thinkers and hopefully surpass them so the teachers can eventually learn something from the students.

Nobody Cares

Creating a “safe space” for people to be stupid IS NOT the way to go.

Allowing people to BE STUPID and then become chastised for it while still embraced as a valuable member of the community IS the way to go.

I’m not going to pretend you didn’t say something stupid.

I’m going to help you think better the next time around.

Your job in this scenario is to stand the **** up and be willing to say your best idea regardless of whether people think it’s stupid.

Your job is to know that the only way you’re going to get better at something is to present your best and then let people better than you destroy your logic and help you rebuild it properly.

I’ve had this interaction approximately one million times with women:

Her: “I was in workout clothes and my hair was messed up and I was sweaty and he tried to talk to me! :O”

Me: “Nobody cares what you’re wearing. Guys care whether they want to hit it or not.”

That isn’t me trying to be funny. That’s me trying to get women to figure out what’s really going on in life so they can react to it efficiently and properly.

The idea they have is that they have to get dressed up in order to attract men, when the fact of the matter is that nobody cares.

When the actual action goes down, what is she going to be wearing?


When the actual action goes down, how is her hair going to look?


When the actual action goes down, assuming there isn’t sufficient air conditioning, how his her body going to be?


So you’re basically standing there in the exact same condition (plus clothing) as if a dude just finished hitting it and you’re surprised that he’s offering you sex? o_O

Nobody cares.

Dudes have seen chicks that look just like you in your current state of ultimate disrepair and when they decided to hook themselves up, the chicks looked stellar.

What were cavewomen wearing? o_O

Approximately nothing, yet here we are, multiple generations later, because some caveman felt like hittin’ it.

Buy a vowel.

Get a clue.

Nobody cares.


Successful teams are not built by making people feel comfortable to offer stupidity.

They are built by making people understand that they are a welcomed member in a society that is striving for their self-improvement and immediate or eventual greatness.

As your dumb ideas get demolished, you will be left with intelligent ideas and your success rate will increase in our society.

As your success rate increases and your intelligence increases, your confidence will increase, and you’ll offer more great ideas to our society and we all win.

If we leave you as-is with you stupid ideas, nobody wins, and it’s better to just get rid of you than to attempt to help you achieve more in life.

Since I don’t interact with any stupid people, I watch YouTube to figure out what the state of the art in stupidity is.

In fact, this brings up another problem, which is that somehow it’s the dumbest people who interact with the dumbest people. 😀

The smart people are already enjoying their lives and tune in to what dumb people say for amusement and to help them fall asleep.

The problem, however, is that somehow the dumb people got elected to speak for their entire society, which isn’t how a hierarchy works.

The winners in society dictate policy for the winners AND the losers. The losers don’t dictate jack-**** or else they’d be winners by definition.

If they ever had smart people interacting with dumb people, it would pretty much go like this:

D: “I want to live around only people who look like me!”

S: “ok. Now we know what your goal is. That’s a valid goal. How are you going to achieve it?”

D: “I want to remove everyone who doesn’t look like me from my society!”

S: “ok. That isn’t going to happen. Your best bet is to move to where people who look like you live.”

D: “The people I want to live with live inside gated communities.”

S: “ok. So now you know where you need to move to feel immediately happier with your life.”

D: “I can’t go there because the apartments and houses are too expensive.”

S: “So the people who you want to live with only want to live with people who make money?”

D: “Yes.”

S: “So make more money and move there.”

D: “I can’t. I’m not educated.”

S: “Why would educated, successful people want uneducated losers to move to their society?”

D: “Because they look like me!”

S” “………..”

So what they’re really pointing out is that in the meritocracy that is the USA, they want to live with the winners, but the winners don’t want to live with them because they’re losers.

The winners already live where they want. They date who they want. They screw who they want. They eat what they want. They vacation where they want. They’re enjoying their lives.

If your potential for life enjoyment is based upon an entirely infeasible fantasy, you’re pretty much finished.

This is why you don’t let stupid people wallow in their stupidity.

You tell them how dumb their ideas are and then offer them better solutions.

If you can’t afford to move to the gated community, team up with 2-5 other losers and pool your money so you can all move in to one living situation.

Carpool to work. Team up on food expenses and get someone to cook. Come up with ACTUAL SOLUTIONS to what you claimed was your problem to begin with.

There’s no point in offering someone psychological safety when what they think is going to improve their lives is never going to happen.

They’re better off with you demolishing their weak concept and rebuilding a viable one for them.

Improve Or Devolve

Iron Sharpens Iron.

Your goal needs to be to become accepted into a community of excellent thinkers and attempt to become one of those excellent thinkers.

You will be accepted if you appear to have potential to reach amazing heights.

You don’t have to be there *NOW*. You just have to be willing to work hard and amend your concepts if they’re proven to be untenable.

If you don’t like where you live, move.

If you can’t afford to move, live with it or don’t.

It’s that simple.

There’s no need for incessant videos about your opinion about what’s wrong with your life.

As soon as you tell us what the problem is, you’re on the clock.

If you have the exact same problems a full year from now, you’re a loser. Period.

Nobody cares about your constant whining. We care that you’re attempting to make your life better before it’s over.

If you keep posting pictures of you kissing dogs, we know you don’t have any humans to kiss.

It’s one thing to document your own progress.. To say I’m at point A right now, and I’m heading to point B.

It’s another thing to cry about being at point A this year and the next year and the next year and nobody cares.

Get in the game. Learn from better thinkers. Improve yourself and your life. Reach back to help other people who are in the situation you used to be in.

I’m not the one.

If you’re looking for psychological safety, my advice is that you stay very far away from me.

I’m not interested in who you ARE. I’m interested in who you CAN BE.

If you’re telling me stupid things, I’m going to show and prove to you why they’re stupid and why you should think differently, and give you examples of better lines of thought.

If I’m the stupid one in the interaction, I expect the damned same thing from you, and I won’t appreciate you unless I can count on you for that.

If my logic doesn’t stand up in the face of yours, my logic is worthless.

If you’ve done more work than I have in a particular area, I expect and DEMAND that you sharpen me whenever necessary because that’s the only way for me to accelerate my progress in life.

I don’t need psychological safety from you. **** you. 😀

What I need is authentic interaction. You’ve had your travels through life and I’ve had mine. Mine tell me that a certain thing is true and yours tell you something different is true.

Let’s go to war over this. >:D

You bring your best argument and I’ll bring mine. If I lose, I’ll admit it and reconsider my concept.

The only way you can clown me is if I’m able to be clowned.

If I’m able to be clowned on a topic, what I thought about that topic was worthless and I appreciate you for informing me of that and starting me on the path to increased intelligence.

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