Proverbs 27:17 says “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”

A lot of people have no idea who they are because they don’t have enough life experience to have figured out who they are.


I’m an entrepreneur.

Among other things, I’m currently a video editor and a record producer.

My father was an entrepreneur. My mother was an educator.

My father’s father was an entrepreneur. My mother’s father was an entrepreneur.

Merely based on what I just wrote, I’m a 3rd generation American entrepreneur.

This isn’t something I made up myself. It’s in my blood.

I get paid because I’m better than other people at doing things.

My earning potential is based upon my superiority.

If you can do it better than I can, go ahead and do it and save yourself the cost of hiring me.

If you can do it faster than I can, go ahead and do it and save yourself the cost of hiring me.

Except you can’t, because this is what I’ve focused on, purchased equipment for, and become proficient in.

I don’t say that to be arrogant or rude or whatever losers like to call people who know who they are relative to the rest of the population. I’m just stating facts.

If I can edit a video in half the time it takes you, that means you would have had to spend double the time at whatever rate you get paid for what you do NOT DOING WHAT YOU DO and doing what I do instead.

Let’s say you get paid $50/hr and you don’t feel like paying me $100 to work on your project.

That means you think you can do what I did for you in two hours. ($50 x 2)

Except you can’t, because you don’t have the years of professional experience I have. You don’t have the equipment I have. You don’t have the track record of success that I have. You don’t have anything other than your uneducated opinion that you know how to do good work in a field you don’t specialize in. 😀

On top of that, even if you could do what I do in two hours, that means you’re paying yourself for those two hours = you aren’t generating any income for yourself.

You are, in fact, LOSING MONY BY NOT HIRING ME because you have to spend time that you could have billed to a client working on it.

Instead, you could have worked for 2 hours at what you’re actually good at doing, handed me that money and received a better product than you could have produced in a shorter time.

The faster you get your product, the sooner you can go to market with it.

The sooner you go to market, the more money you make this period.

So even if you can do what I do (which you can’t), if it takes you twice as long, that’s time that you’ve wasted in beginning to utilize the value of the work.

I bring this up because I’m speaking from experience and you’re speaking from inexperience.

It doesn’t matter how much time or money YOU would spend doing something if you aren’t well-versed in that field.

Your lack of experience has nothing to do with how much I would charge you to work on making your dreams come true.

Because that’s what they are… Dreams… Until they become reality.

I know what I’m bringing to the table and you don’t, because you aren’t actually involved in this field at all.

So you have people now who are attempting to become entrepreneurs but they have no experience with it, so they read some books and watch some aspirational videos and they think they’re ready to march out in the business world except they can’t know that they aren’t ready because they’ve never done it before.

Catch-22. In order to have the confidence to do business, you have to have a track record of doing successful business, while in order to do business at all, you have to have the confidence to solicit it.


I always attended elite schools.

I was always aware that there were reasons I got into schools that other kids didn’t get into.

There was always a mental hierarchy. Classism without Earning Potential.

I was always in classes with the smartest kids.

That being the case, there were lots of times that kids whose intelligence I respected scored higher than I did on tests, and there were a few times that I scored higher than they did.

It wasn’t a competition. Merely a comparison.

Going through that system, it was clear to me that I could mentally compete favorably with let’s say 85% of the population and rarely challenge the top 15%.

This is from all the way back in 4th grade, which in the USA is approximately 9-10 years old. I already knew that the odds were that I’m way smarter than you are.

Again, I don’t say that as a format of arrogance, merely fact.

Similarly, some people continued their education to become doctors or whatever, which is something I personally never achieved (and never wanted to, but still), so I tip my hat to them and recognize their superior academic achievement compared to mine. 😀

A lot of the people who are confused about who they are or have no idea at all who they are were never admitted into elite schools.

The problem this has created for them is that they never got to test themselves against the cream of the crop.

So let’s say you went to some bummy elementary school, but you’re actually a genius because of nature and nurture.

All you can do in life is be the best of the worst.

You’re the smartest kid in a school full of dumb kids.

Had you been in the same schools I attended, YOU MIGHT HAVE BEEN the smartest kid in a school full of smart kids.

I see this clearly and you don’t.

Lack of opportunity to compete doesn’t indicate lack of proficiency.

Look at The Negro Leagues in baseball.

They weren’t worse players. They were physically restricted from playing in Major League Baseball until 1947 ->

So there are people who are suffering to this day because they’re self-oppressing about being the smartest kid in a dumb school, merely because they never had the chance to compete and prove themselves against the smartest kids.

Their lack of experience in iron sharpening iron haunts them to this day.


It’s kind of funny.. ok… It’s VERY FUNNY watching these Herbs run around doing all these things that they don’t know isn’t going to work. 😀

I wrote about this back in 2008 ->

The reason why you see so many political sex scandals is because most politicians were Herbs before they were elected to office.

The only way you advance in a political career is to have a family, so you have to have a wife.

The chick is basically a prop to make the politician electable.

As soon as the dude gets elected, all of a sudden, he has power, money, and fame.

All three of those can get you laid. ANY of the three of those can get you laid.

So politicians who previously had ZERO EXPERIENCE of chicks wanting to screw them are suddenly receiving opportunities to get blown by 20-something intern chicks and they’re in there like Belvedere.

Then, when they get caught, they act like the family man who made a mistake.

He didn’t make any mistakes. He arrived at the social situation he’s wanted since he was a kid. Access to attractive chicks.

Unfortunately for him, the only way he could get there was to pretend to be a family man, so now he looks like a hypocrite as opposed to what he actually is, which is someone who made a business transaction with a woman (whether SHE was aware of it or not) so he could finally get to the point where he could start his social life.

This is merely people who lack experience getting laid by any means necessary.

They couldn’t do it on their own via looks & charisma, so they went the politician route.

Ask your boy Weiner about that.

Recently, you have no-experience-having people dragging the entertainer “Usher” through the mud because he’s been paying chicks not to reveal he’s been burning them.

(“Burning” meaning infection, not physical flames hahaha)

Check it out, crash test dummies who are running around saying he should have wrapped it up! 😀

The disease he’s accused of spreading is transmitted via skin-to-skin contact, so condoms have nothing to do with this situation.

Except you wouldn’t know that because you never did any research on the topic and you’re sitting there with your potato chips and Obamaphone trying to make a name for yourself on the internet when you never had one in real life.

There are real things going on between real people in real life, and a lot of people aren’t involved in any of it but like to pretend that they are.

Meanwhile, they’re telling on themselves with their lack of experience showing via what they write.

Another thing is that as much as women attempt to be men, they refuse to think like men as far as dating.

For the millionth time, nobody cares if you’re in sweats, if your hair isn’t done, if you don’t have makeup on, if you’re sweaty from the gym, if you’re wearing sneakers instead of high heels blah blah blah blah blah nobody cares.

We know whether we want to hit it or not, which is all that counts.

The makeup industry has brainwashed YOU to believe you aren’t sexually attractive without makeup and a great hairstyle and fancy clothes and fake eyelashes and drawn-in eyebrows and all this other nonsense y’all go through for no reason.

It’s the same reason why y’all purchase 7 pair of identical (to men) black shoes. Nobody cares.

The only two states of being that you have are sexually attractive and not.

However.. Thanks to Loser Society, most of the guys you know are males and not men, which is a topic for a different day.

If women had life experience with men who would tell them the truth, they would move more efficiently and prosperously in the world of dating.

Who Are You?

The reason I began this discussion with genealogy is I wanted to point out the reason why I can’t be tricked.

Part of the reason why I know who I am is because I know who my father was.

Part of the reason why I know who I am is I know who my grandfather was.

Not meaning I did a DNA test and found out the names of some hypothetical characters.

Meaning I spent lots of time around them and I absorbed many of my ways of being not only via genetics but via observation and emulation of my personal heroes.

If you don’t have any heroes, you can be tricked into emulating anything.

If you don’t know your father was a businessman, you might think your father was a bum.

If you don’t know your grandfather was a businessman, you might think your grandfather was a bum.

If you think your ancestors are bums, you’re going to self-oppress because you consider yourself the spawn of bums.

Your lack of familial experience makes you incredibly susceptible to suggestion.

People specialize in seeking out and recognizing lost people like you and brainwashing them.

Once they convince you that you have the value they want you to have, you’re trapped.

“Oh.. You’re a nobody?.. Here’s how you can be a somebody…”

And then you fall for the okey-doke and ruin your life following snake oil salesmen.

It’s the same thing with socialization, which I guess should have been in the Dating section, but still…

If all the women you know are bitches and hoes, that’s *YOUR* fault, not theirs.

If you were a man, you would know women. If you’re a male, you know females. Again a topic for a different day.

The point being that if you don’t know any quality women, you’re probably not a quality man.

Personally, the quality women I know don’t even socialize with dregs of humanity, much less date them, so if all you get to date is dregs, you need to look in the mirror and fix your personal situation.

Also, if your parents consider themselves dregs, you need to properly evaluate whether you inherited bad genes from them or whether you can do something better in life than they did.

They grew up in a different time from you. They had different opportunities. In some ways, fewer, and in some ways, more.

They lived when it was possible for unskilled laborers to make a living for themselves and their families in a factory.

That’s over now. China and Mexico are handling that.

They also lived in a time without the possibilities of the internet, so now you can be a popular social media person without ever leaving your home.

Your parents were only known at the warehouse they worked in and amongst their personal friends & family.

So yes, to a degree, genetically, you are the combination of your parents, but you aren’t limited to whatever they did or didn’t achieve in their lifetimes.

This is YOUR time. Do what YOU can do.

Your best bet is to envision your lack of experience and lack of heritage as a POSITIVE thing, meaning that if you don’t know who your family is, you may very well be part of a line of geniuses or inventors or entrepreneurs or entertainers or sports heroes or whatever it is that you think floats your boat, you might be related to GREATNESS in that field.

Instead of resigning to a bummy fate, pretend that you’re a great person and ACT AS IF.

If you have great ideas for t-shirt printing, go for it.

If you think you make the best scrape-icees in NYC, go for it.

If you hate your job at the McDonald’s counter and you’re great at entertaining and educating people’s kids while they’re at work, go for it.

Being the smartest of the dumbest doesn’t mean you aren’t also the smartest of the smartest.

Give yourself a break. Get over your personal problems. Stop self-oppressing and make the most out of the time you have on this Earth.

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