If You’re Thinking About This, You’re A Loser. [Loser Society]

There isn’t enough time in the day for winning and whining.

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A lot of people want to debate a lot of topics these days.

What they don’t realize is that by selecting certain topics, they’re telling on themselves as the losers they are.

The people I know are busy trying to do better than they already are.

They’re trying to be a better person today than they were yesterday.

Other people are consistently whining and complaining about things they know they’re never going to do anything about.

I suppose they get kicks or some kind of emotional gratification from people feeling sorry for them.

Maybe they’re mistaking their bitching and moaning for actual progress.

Dunning-Kruger informs us that there are people who aren’t smart enough to realize that they’re dumb.

Now that the gatekeepers are gone, these idiots are free to tell us what they think because THEY THINK that what they think is intelligent.

Meanwhile, they take major leaps in logic and skip over anything that makes what they’re saying impossible, thus crafting a perfect scenario except for the 4 or 5 impossible things they didn’t want to discuss.

I’ve Seen “Deliverance”

I’m from Manhattan, NYC, USA, so I don’t give a flying **** about the woods, but let’s say I made up a brilliant plan about how I was going to move to the woods.

First of all, I’m not a hunter, so where am I going to get my food from?

Second, even if I Googled how to catch a squirrel, I don’t consider squirrels food.

Third, I can’t build a house. Even if I could, I can’t chop down a tree and I can’t stack a bunch of bricks up so they wouldn’t fall down on me.

I would have no transportation. If I had transportation, I wouldn’t have gas. If I had gas, I wouldn’t have roads.

What I would definitely have is ***NO*** ***CHICKS*** because who in the hell wants to move to my own 3rd-world country I created for myself by moving to the middle of nowhere?

No chicks means no family. No family means no farm workers if I Google how to grow tomatoes or corn or whatever.

If I’m growing tomatoes and corn, how am I going to sell them to other people in exchange for other stuff I want without gas and roads?

I’m not going to have any education, so I’d better be as smart as I want to be before I get there.

oh.. I can only Google how to continue surviving if I have internet service via my phone because nobody’s running optical fiber to my half-brick, half-wood lean-to that I live in next to my tomato and corn plants.

Obviously I could go on with this for days.. Probably more days than I’d personally survived in that ridiculous scenario.

Meanwhile, there are broke people with no earning potential who are fantasizing about living like Davy Crockett.

Are you idiots aware that Davy Crockett died in the early 1800s?

You’re trying to make that life for yourself in 2017?

Get Your Money

The people who want to do this aren’t happy with where they’re currently living.

If you spend your days bitching about where you live instead of EARNING MONEY SO YOU CAN MOVE, you’re a loser.

Bitching isn’t going to change your situation. It’s only going to indicate to other people that you suck at life.

If you want to look like you’re actually doing something for yourself and your family, bitch until you figure out a solution and then make moves towards making that solution a reality.

If you can’t afford to move across the street, you can’t afford to move across the country.

If you can’t afford to move across the country, you can’t afford to move to a different country.

If you can’t afford any of that, STFU and increase your earning potential.

Check this out….. If you’re bitching about people who make minimum wage, you’re telling on yourself that you work minimum wage jobs. o_O

When was the last time I worked in the kitchen of a restaurant?


So why would I complain about who works in the kitchen? o_O

In fact, I haven’t worked in the service industry AT ALL so I don’t give a damn who works in the back, who brings the food, who shows you to your table, none of it, so how do you look complaining about who picks grapes?

You look like a loser. Step your game up. Get some earning potential.

Stop telling on yourself and spend your time becoming a better person instead of bitching about who you currently are.

What You Deserve

What are the people that you think are your peers doing?

Are they bitching like you?

Probably not. They’re probably winning and already living where they want to live, but guess what?.. They didn’t invite YOU to live there with them because you’re not winning and everybody knows it.

That also means they aren’t your peers.

Let’s say there was a race and you always come in around 5th place and you wish you could come in 1st and win the race.

Would your time be better spent practicing and working out, or complaining about how you never win the race?

Even worse.. Are you spending your time saying you SHOULD be winning the race except you aren’t?

That’s worse because the people who SHOULD be winning ARE winning.

The people who run the fastest finish first = winning.

If you’re saying you SHOULD be winning, you have to explain how you came to that conclusion, unless you’re going to chalk it up to Dunning-Kruger and admit that you aren’t smart enough to recognize that you’re a loser.

I don’t want to hear about the girls you SHOULD be getting but you aren’t.

I don’t want to hear any bitching about sub-replacement fertility rates unless you’re writing posts about how to get chicks to produce kids for you.

If you know you need 2.4 kids to do your part and you currently have ***ZERO***, you need to STFU, stop posting on the internet, and start procreating.

If you don’t pull your weight, the next male has to produce 5 kids because you’re slackin’.

Then again, it’s going to be tough for you to pull a chick at all since you’re this bitchassed dude who always whines and complains on the internet.

Welcome To The Meritocracy

If you’re thinking about this at all, you’re a loser.

The winners are busy winning.

There isn’t enough time in the day for winning and whining.

Stop telling on yourself. Make a list of your problems and start solving them.

Increase your earning potential. Increase your procreation potential. Move where you want to live. Spend time with the people you want to spend time with. Live the life you want to live.

Here’s another tip… Pointing out people who you think are losers informs the rest of us where you feel your value is in a meritocracy.

This is because you don’t dare to talk trash about people you know are better than you because you don’t feel like getting embarrassed based on your own standards of human quality.

Talking down about someone who you feel doesn’t play checkers well doesn’t indicate that you can play chess well.

All it says is that YOU play checkers and not chess.

Gain some type of valuable skill so instead of trying to convince people about which person’s live sucks more than yours does, you can for once in recorded history say that you actually defeated a winner.


One thought on “If You’re Thinking About This, You’re A Loser. [Loser Society]”

  1. “It is essential for a man to strive with all his heart, and to understand that it is difficult even to reach the average if he does not have the intention of surpassing others in whatever he does.”
    —Budo Shoshinshu

    “In important matters, a ‘strong’ effort usually results in only mediocre results. Whenever we are attempting anything truly worthwhile our effort must be as if our life is at stake, just as if we were under a physical attack! It is this extraordinary effort—an effort that drives us beyond what we thought we were capable of—that ensures victory in battle and success in life’s endeavors.”
    —Flashing Steel: Mastering Eishin-Ryu Swordsmanship

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