All of a sudden, everybody wants to write and record think pieces, except a lot of them aren’t thinkers.

To make matters worse, they have no actual life experience to base their thoughts on.

So for instance you will have someone who has never had an abortion giving their uneducated opinion about abortions.

And then you will have someone who hasn’t ever considered abortion as a factor in their real lives giving their uneducated opinion about abortions.

And then you will have guys that can’t even get girlfriends giving their uneducated opinions about abortions.

See, if you don’t have any women, and especially if you never did, nobody cares about your opinions about women.

I’ve never been to the moon. If I write about going to the moon, ignore the article. ๐Ÿ˜€

One of the things these non-thinkers don’t realize about real life is that they will be judged by the worst people they are affiliated with.

The dregs of humanity and degenerates that you identify as part of your team make it tougher, if not impossible for you to be taken seriously in these debates you love to have.

Baseball & Pizza

Let’s say for the sake of discussion that I’m a “cityist”.

( Yes, I just made that word up. ๐Ÿ˜€ )

In fact, more importantly than that, I’m a “boroughist”.

Manhattan is the best, and the center of the Universe.

Because of Manhattan, NYC is the best.

Because of NYC, NYS (state) is the best.

Because of NYS, USA is the best.

Being an individual, I have to stand or fall on my own merit.

More importantly, I **GET** to stand or fall on my own merit without having other people mess things up.

As an individual, I can define myself as pro-Manhattan.

This means that I’m all about Manhattan, but I’m not demeaning The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, or Staten Island. (The other boroughs of New York City)

I can say (whether this is an educated opinion or not) that Manhattan has the best pizza in the world without saying anything derogatory about Brooklyn pizza.

I can say New York City pizza is better than Upstate New York pizza.

I can say New York City pizza is better than Chicago pizza, etc.

That’s my opinion, just like I can be a fan of a New York hockey or football team.

If I want to claim that the New York Yankees are the greatest baseball team in the history of existence, ๐Ÿ˜€ then you can claim something else and we can discuss it.

As long as I have control over the members of my group, which if there’s no group, I’m the only member, I control my side of the debate.

I’m 100% In Charge

Problems can occur when you attempt to team up with other people to express a point of view.

If I allow someone else to join my “cityist” group and then they run around talking about “FUCK BROOKLYN!!! :O”, my pro-Manhattan status goes out the window with their idiocy.

My group has now been defined as anti-Brooklyn, which was never my personal point and never my personal opinion, so allowing this negativity-based person to claim they’re similar to me was a mistake on my part.

This is where you have to disavow your degenerates.

You only have a certain amount of time after someone that supposedly speaks for you says “Fuck Brooklyn” to say that a) this person DOES NOT speak for you, and b) this person IS NOT a member of your group, which is pro-Manhattan and not anti-Brooklyn.

The first thing that’s going to happen is that people are going to wonder who is actually in charge of your group.

Maybe you SAID you are in charge, but you aren’t.

That just makes you look like a sucker/chump, which is bad enough, but then if they determine that you do control your group, you look like you agree with what your group member said.

So now you look complicit.

It doesn’t have to stop there either. People could consider you to be the ringleader of the anti-Brooklyn faction of your group.

You didn’t shut it down and you have control over it, so you must agree with it and likely inspired and encouraged it.

This is why you have to say quickly and firmly that the other person only speaks for him- or herself, and that you not only disagree with what they said, but you disagree with the tone they’re setting and the type of person they’re being.

You may even want to go so far as to kick the offending member out of your group and make it clear to everyone that that person is no longer involved with your organization.

Apartments & Business

If you leave the offending character in your group, you will have problems defending the points you’re trying to make because people will always point to that particular idiot as the reason why you don’t deserve what you’re asking for.

That makes sense because if your group can’t keep dregs and degenerates out of it, it’s a group OF dregs and degenerates.

Let’s say for some odd reason that I can’t even fathom that you’d want to move from Manhattan to Brooklyn. ๐Ÿ˜€

When you apply to the hypothetical Brooklyn Board of Admissions, there’s either going to be a bunch of pro-Manhattan content on your record or a bunch of anti-Brooklyn content on your record.

If there’s pro-Manhattan content, they can assume that when you become a Brooklyn resident, you will become a pro-Brooklyn advocate and you will be a valuable, contributing member to their society.

If there’s anti-Brooklyn content, not only are they going to be mad about that, but they’re going to wonder why you want to move to Brooklyn if you hate it so much AND they’re going to wonder if allowing you to move there is going to mean you’re going to invite your anti-Brooklyn friends to your house to be a disruption to their community instead of a welcomed and valued positive addition.

Even if you don’t want to move there, what if a business opportunity comes up where you can team up with someone who lives in Brooklyn and both of you can make more money by working together within your own societies?

Brooklyn people aren’t going to want to buy goods & services from anti-Brooklyn people. Why should they put money in YOUR pockets so you and whomever you consider to be “your people” can eat food and go on vacations? No. They’re going to purchase from either pro-Brooklyn people or neutral people.

Also in that scenario, what about Brooklyn people who are anti-Manhattan? o_O They’re going to boycott your Brooklyn affiliate’s business because they’re connected to you.

That would likely happen regardless of whether you have allowed yourself to be associated with anti-Brooklyn sentiments, but it would be even worse if you did allow that because you can’t attempt to reason with the anti-Brooklyn people that your business is good for both Manhattan and Brooklyn and you don’t mean any malice towards Brooklyn.

Pro- and Anti- are two different and separate things.

You can be pro-You without being anti-Others.

Keep That To Yourself

Another problem, utilizing the same scenario of “boroughism” is when there are people who are making your own society worse instead of better.

Again, you need to disavow your degenerates.

If you don’t, you look like you’re co-signing their tomfoolery and you slide down the same credibility spiral as when you didn’t denounce a rogue member of your group who was acting and speaking against the spirit of the group.

Let’s say that a high percentage of Brooklyn residents were known criminals.

Hypothetically, of course. ๐Ÿ˜€ hahahahaha


Anyway… Let’s say that Brooklyn people wanted to have an event at a Manhattan establishment.

The answer off the bat would be “No. Not interested. You can keep those Brooklyn shenanigans in Brooklyn.”

The only way around this, other than paying off unscrupulous people who would rather make money than consider the safety of their own society, is to make credible assurances that you aren’t affiliated with the dregs of humanity that give Brooklyn a bad name.

If you can prove this, great. ๐Ÿ˜€ Let’s Party! ๐Ÿ˜€

If you can’t, you remain a liability and nobody in their right mind is going to invite you to bring your ilk to a Manhattan venue.

As far as these online debates, you can’t argue for the quality of “your people” while you include non-quality people.

You can’t successfully argue that all Manhattan people are quality citizens if all Manhattan people are not quality citizens.

You have to petition Brooklyn to allow the QUALITY CITIZENS of Manhattan to move to Brooklyn.

Nobody’s interested in you bringing your dregs of humanity to their town instead of leaving them in yours.

If you’re not willing to separate from your degenerates, you’ll have to receive the opportunities your degenerates receive as opposed to the opportunities you deserve because of your personal hard work and stellar citizenship.

Clean Your House First

It goes the other way too. If you have degenerates in your society currently, you don’t have a good argument for not accepting degenerates from a different society into your community so long as they can afford to live there.

For example, I always went to elite schools. If you didn’t pass the test to get in, you weren’t admitted, and then we never heard of you again.

That doesn’t mean there weren’t CREEPS, personality-wise, who went to school with me. ๐Ÿ˜€ There were. I’m saying that the barrier keeping people out was that they didn’t demonstrate enough intelligence to be selected for my schools.

If that hadn’t been the case, there wouldn’t have been an excuse for not accepting kids with sub-par academic performance into my schools.

If we already had sub-par kids, we may as well have some more.

If we DON’T have any sub-par kids, there’s no reason why we should accept any.

So if you’re planning to create a society of excellent people, you have to begin with excellent people.

You can’t have a society with good citizens AND dregs and then attempt to keep other dregs from joining that society.

If you’re going to utilize IQ as the basis of entry, ***EVERYONE*** in that society is going to have to have an IQ above the cutoff point, which is going to necessarily EXCLUDE PEOPLE YOU CONSIDER TO BE PART OF YOUR INGROUP who aren’t intelligent enough to become members.

… Or YOU Might Get Cleaned Instead

Let’s consider Mensa:

“Mensa’s requirement for membership is a score at or above the 98th percentile on certain standardised IQ or other approved intelligence tests, such as the Stanfordโ€“Binet Intelligence Scales. The minimum accepted score on the Stanfordโ€“Binet is 132, while for the Cattell it is 148.[14] Most IQ tests are designed to yield a mean score of 100 with a standard deviation of 15; the 98th-percentile score under these conditions is 130.”

So… Let’s say the Mensa cutoff is 132, which puts you in the 98th percentile of intelligent people as measured by this particular test.

If you score less than that, you don’t qualify for Mensa. Period.

It doesn’t matter what you look like. It doesn’t matter who you believe your ancestors were, including Einstein.

No 132, No Entry.

Let’s look at this chart from

If Mensa is accepting “very gifted” people above 130, which is 2.1% of the population, and the mean IQ is 100, that means that if you’re bragging that your IQ is 100, you’re saying you possess average intelligence.

Do. Not. Brag. That. You. Have. Average. Intelligence.

It’s like saying you’re proud to be a benchwarmer on a farm team when you wish you were playing in the Major Leagues.

To make matters worse, standard deviations from the mean indicate that 34% of your population has an IQ of less than 100 but more than 85, and 14% of your population has an IQ of less than 85 and more than 70.

So if you’re bragging that your community’s mean IQ is 100 while simultaneously talking trash about communities with a mean IQ of 85, you’re simultaneously condemning 16% of your own population, who by your own standards aren’t intelligent enough to remain as members of your society.

In other words, out of every 100 people in your society, 6 of them qualify as exactly as unintelligent as people you’re claiming you wouldn’t accept into your society.

If you live in a town of 1,000 people, 60 of them are mentally inadequate by your own standards. What are you going to do about that?

Are you going to restrict them from procreating? o_O That’s called Eugenics:

“Eugenics, the set of beliefs and practices which aims at improving the genetic quality of the human population[2][3] played a significant role in the history and culture of the United States prior to its involvement in World War II.[4]

Eugenics was practiced in the United States many years before eugenics programs in Nazi Germany,[5] which were largely inspired by the previous American work.[6][7][8] Stefan Kรผhl has documented the consensus between Nazi race policies and those of eugenicists in other countries, including the United States, and points out that eugenicists understood Nazi policies and measures as the realization of their goals and demands.[9]”

On top of all that, none of you 100 IQ people are Mensa material, so what happens when someone decides there should be a Mensa-based society and YOU get excluded from it for inferior intelligence?

What happens when “very gifted” people with an IQ over 130 consider YOU an imbecile at 100 just like you consider people at 85 to be imbeciles?

130 is TWO STANDARD DEVIATIONS smarter than you, and you’re complaining about people who are ONE STANDARD DEVIATION dumber than you. ๐Ÿ˜€


A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

Degenerates must be disavowed and/or denounced, or you’ll wind up in the same boat with them.

If you you want people to focus on what you’re saying and what you want them to do, you have to minimize distractions.

You have to minimize the reasons why they would dismiss your statements immediately because you’re associated with creeps and dregs.

You can not claim moral high ground if you’re affiliated with degenerates.

You can not claim that the police are doing you a disservice by guarding your community and then beg for the cops to arrive when something happens to you.

You can not claim intellectual superiority when your IQ is approximately 100. ๐Ÿ˜€

You can not claim that you don’t share beliefs with someone you’re clearly affiliated with if there’s no record of you denouncing those particular beliefs.

If your goal is honestly to uplift whomever it is that you consider to be “your people” or your ingroup, you have to dissociate yourself from people who are dragging your movement into the gutter.

You can be pro-Manhattan without being anti-Brooklyn.

You might not give a damn what happens to Brooklyn ๐Ÿ˜€ but that’s different from deliberately disrespecting them.

Let the anti-Brooklyn people fend for themselves. That’s a completely different movement from pro-Manhattan people.

Speak to the points that are important for you. Speak for the people who are important to you.

Your goal is to achieve the best for your ingroup.

Let the people who like to make things worse for everyone, talk trash, and insult people burn in their own personal hell.

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