I like watching videos where people who are living a different life from mine express what they think about the life they’re living.

It’s the only way I’d ever find out about this stuff because I’d never be around them in real life (IRL) because most of them are losers.

You can tell you’re losing if you’re complaining.. More specifically, you can tell you’re a loser if you keep complaining about the same thing and you never do anything about it that makes a change in the life you’re complaining about.

Why Are You Sad? 🙁

So I find this video where this dude is complaining that he doesn’t like people in his outgroup.

For the sake of discussion, we’ll define “ingroup” as people that a person considers to be similar to them, and we’ll define “outgroup” as people that a person considers to be different from them.

Expanded Explanation: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ingroups_and_outgroups

So great. 😀 Let’s start there. This person doesn’t like people he considers to be dissimilar to him. Good. Very simple to understand. 😀

The next question to figure out is **WHY** he dislikes outgroupers, or what it is he doesn’t like about them, because without figuring that out, you can’t figure out the solution to his problem(s).

Unfortunately, part of the problem is that people like this often only want to bitch on camera and they aren’t actively seeking a solution to the issue. They just want YOU to know that they suck as human beings and that they wish that weren’t the case.

Except they THINK they’re being disrespectful towards outgroupers when they’re actually being disrespectful to and tattling on themselves.

So dude starts off decently. He doesn’t like outgroupers. He then goes on to tell a story about how he got on a bus with a bunch of outgroupers…..

Inside of the first 60 seconds of this Herb rambling on about his personal woes, I know exactly what his problem is:

“You need to move”

In NYC, there are a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot of Asians that live along the R-train line in Queens.

If you don’t feel like seeing Asians on the subway, you need to *NOT* live in Queens.

It’s honestly that simple.

So for this dude to start off his whining with the fact that he doesn’t like the people he’s around on mass transportation, he’s telling on himself that he lives in the same neighborhood they do.

If you don’t like the neighborhood you live in, Move. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Why Don’t You Move?

So that’s the first problem. This person lives in the wrong place for his life to be happy.

His second problem is that he was on the bus.


You can live around people you don’t like and then never have anything to do with them by driving in and out of your community.

This assumes you have a car (or motorcycle or whatever).

If you don’t have a car, you have to use public transportation.

If you have to use public transportation in a neighborhood filled with people you don’t like, you have to spend time around a lot of people you don’t like = PROBLEM = “You need to move”, which brings us to the compound problem this person told on himself about.


If you don’t live around people you want to live around AND you have to ride public transportation, that means you’re probably


Poor. Destitute. Lacking Earning Potential.

If this is the case, you need to STFU right now because the civilized world revolves around money.

Nothing that you say is going to change ONE. IOTA. unless you get more money than you’re currently getting.

You either need to get the money to buy a car and pay for insurance, storage, maintenance, and gasoline, or preferably you have to get the money to move to a neighborhood where you actually like the people.

Here’s the problem though…

The people you want to live with are *****RICH*****.

They live where they live because they can afford to.

They live where they live ***BECAUSE*** YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO.

That’s what makes it nice there. 😀

You aren’t there.

You not being there is what makes it nice there.

This is because you aren’t pulling your weight in society.

If you were, you’d be WINNING instead of making YouTube videos complaining about how you’re LOSING.

If you were, you would buy a car or call cabs to get around instead of getting on the bus with the people you hate so much.

If you were, you would be living with the winners and not making any YT videos at all because nobody who’s wining makes whiny YT videos because who the **** cares? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Why Are You Broke?

So now we’re getting to the bottom of things.

This person hates himself because he’s broke and has to live with other broke people who he doesn’t like to live around.

Now we have a way out of this for this gentleman.

If he had enough money, oft referred to by people as “income coming in”, he could buy a car, move, or both, relieving him of having to experience these people he dislikes so much.

So let’s figure out how to get him more money…

Hmm… Now, he’s talking about his work situation. It turns out that not only does he have to be around outgroupers on the bus, but he also has to be around outgroupers at work.

In fact, he’s the ONLY ingrouper at his job…….

Here we go again.

If you’re BROKE and you have to take the bus with a bunch of outgroupers to get to your job that’s filled with outgroupers, that means you’re an unskilled laborer.

As an unskilled laborer in the USA, you’re basically finished because the jobs that used to pay you $26/hour are now being done by foreigners and USA Convicts for $.26/hour. (26 dollars versus 26 cents)

Convicts aren’t just making license plates anymore.

They’re making jeans, answering phone calls, all that stuff your union used to make sure YOU got paid for to feed your family is being done by people who don’t have any choice but to work for a fraction of “minimum wage”.

So as an unskilled laborer, unless you’re going to reeducate yourself on your spare time, you’re finished.

You won’t be making enough money to move anywhere. You won’t be making enough money to buy a car. You won’t be making enough money to avoid public transportation.

In this situation, your only option is to team up with several other people similar to you and all move together to somewhere y’all can afford to live as a team.

Pool your resources and get out of dodge.

It’s your only hope.

Who Is Wilfred?

But Wait!.. There’s More! 😀

Then dude goes on to say (and I didn’t link to the video because I don’t feel like putting this sad sack on blast) that he’s been on Welfare for 4 years.


Well which one is it?… You’re an unskilled laborer or you’re not a laborer at all?

Let me tell you this… If you’re on the Wilfred, you need to shut the **** up about EVERYTHING and just be glad someone’s paying to keep you alive and breathing.

I’m not talking about people who need it, like women who were abused by their husbands and had to flee with their 4 kids to the shelter. Of course the safety net needs to be there for them and their husbands need to break rocks in jail for a few years.

I’m saying if you’re an able-bodied male who can lift boxes or carry bricks or pick grapes or whatever unskilled laborers do and you can’t figure out a way to become gainfully employed, you don’t actually have latitude to be upset at anyone other than yourself.

It’s your fault where you work. It’s your fault how you get to work. It’s your fault that you aren’t working at all but collecting the Wilfred.

This is different from Unemployment Insurance, which is something you pay into while you’re working and is designed to sustain you based on the value you’ve already accumulated until you can get a new job.

If you’re hoping to stay alive without offering anything valuable back to society, you can kick rocks and you should be glad the government hasn’t allowed you to kick the bucket.

Wrong Conclusion

What does all this sadsackery amount to? 😀 Threats from this nobody.

First of all, don’t bother threatening anybody. Like Chris Rock said.. Bullets Cost Money which you obviously don’t have.

Second, you won’t be doing any drive-bys from a bus.

Third, you obviously don’t have any friends because you don’t have anybody to team up with and be broke together.

So the only thing you can threaten is suicide.

However.. Somehow, he’s conflated himself with The Ducky Boys and he thinks that some invisible crew who isn’t helping him get any money, move to a different neighborhood, or GET. OFF. OF. WELFARE! is going to rally around him and go to war against the people he doesn’t like because he can’t afford to move away from them because he’s broke.

It isn’t going to happen. Stop dreaming and fantasizing.

Also, that’s the perfect video clip to demonstrate that local outgroupers will team up when their collective way of life is threatened by an external force.

The groups that were playing football against each other had ongoing problems with each other until they were *ALL* threatened by The Ducky Boys.

On their own, any of their groups would have been beaten up. Together, they handed The Ducky Boys that L (loss).

The WIN for broke people is to team up with others, *not* to alienate people that might be willing to help you out of your sad sack circumstances.

How about instead of being upset about the people you have to work with, you try being glad that you have a job instead of Welfare?

How about instead of making bitchassed whiny videos on YouTube, you make content explaining why you’re a quality person who deserves a chance at a better life if someone’s willing to take a chance on you?

How about if you revise your concept of who’s an ingrouper and an out grouper to you based on asking yourself who isn’t giving you a job to put money in your pocket and who isn’t allowing you to live near them because you’re broke and nobody cares?

How about if you stop talking trash about people who had nothing to do with putting you in the situation you’re currently hating and focus on how you ended up living this pathetic life you have and how you’re going to make things better for yourself before you croak?

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