I’m really really really tired of losers talking about other people being losers. 😀

I don’t want to hear about your mediocre IQ when you live in a ******* basement and have no earning potential.

I don’t care about your opinions about what families should do when you don’t have ANY kids and don’t even have a girlfriend that you might, one day, maybe, hopefully, ACCIDENTALLY get pregnant.

I don’t want to hear about who you don’t want to live near when you’re ******* BROKE and you have to live wherever you can and you don’t have any say in the matter.

You. Are. A. Loser. Let’s talk about that.

Let’s talk about how you’re going to make more money.

Let’s talk about how you’re evAr going to pull a girl that will spread her legs for you.

Let’s talk about how you’re going to be able to afford to raise the child that you got lucky enough to have being that you’re out of shape and offer no value to society whatsoever.

Let’s talk about **YOUR** validated IQ score instead of your self-proclaimed ingroup’s mediocre average score that qualifies you to MAYBE be the cashier at the Quickie-Mart.

Let’s talk about how YOU are going to make yourself valuable to society to the point that you can AFFORD to live in a GATED COMMUNITY with the winners.

Pointing out people who are obviously worse human beings than you are doesn’t make you any better.

In fact, it makes you look worse because why are you spending so much time talking about people you think you’re better than? o_O

Imagine me, a college-educated freelance professional alum.MIT.edu/www/BillCammack giving a flying **** what people who pick grapes do, say, or think about.

Imagine me living in NYC, NY, USA and attempting to bolster my self-esteem by talking trash about destitute people on some other continent.


You have so much time on your hands because you aren’t doing jack-**** with your own life.

Get a job. Get a girl. Have some kids. Get a life.

See, but the problem is that you can’t, so you spend your time talking trash about other people, citing statistics and averages when none of that is going to help you get laid.

Life is a Meritocracy. Get some Merit.

Every point that you make about why you’re losing, I can point to someone who was born on the same day as you in the same location as you, who is **WINNING** while you’re **WHINING**.

The main question here is WHAT ABOUT YOU? o_O

If you point out that someone is dumber than you are, I’m going to point out that you’re dumber than I am. What now? o_O

If you point out someone that’s less successful than you are, I’m going to point out that you’re less successful than I am. What about now? o_O

While we’re at it, if you don’t live in the USA, stay the **** QUIET about what’s going on here because you haven’t experienced it for a day in your life.

Your theories about the USA are entirely worthless unless you know something about how we live, which you don’t.

Similarly, I don’t offer opinions about life in Mississippi because I live in NYC.

As far as I recall, I haven’t set foot in Mississippi in my entire life. My opinions about the lives of people that live there are entirely worthless.

I don’t want to hear what you have to say about people you think you’re better than having kids with chicks you think YOU should have pulled.

The reason you didn’t pull them is because you can’t.

That’s how life works in a Meritocracy.

The saying is “May The Best Man Win”, and that’s what’s happening.

Spend less time bitching and asking for Procreational Welfare, and more time making yourself the type of guy a chick might want to have a family with.


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