Here’s the thing. At the end of the day, dudes want to get laid. We all have different processes for making that happen.

Some of us are simply attractive dudes, so that’s the end of that story. No magic or special techniques involved. Chicks just like us. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Other guys pay for sex. Other guys barter for sex. Other guys attempt NLP. Other guys utilize influence and/or coercion. Other guys write songs. Other guys use drugs & alcohol. Other guys offer marriage…

Regardless of the technique, the bottom line is that attractive women need to remain vigilant because any guy that wants them is scheming to get them regardless of what they think or feel.

No Quarter

Loser Society” tricks women into believing the game has changed when it hasn’t and it never will.

All “Political Correctness” does is make guys pretend that they’re not scheming on women instead of doing it blatantly, which is actually more dangerous.

Consider a rabbit who is aware that it’s surrounded by wolves.

Now consider a rabbit who is surrounded by wolves pretending to be rabbits.

That’s how simple this situation is.

Wolves don’t talk to rabbits. They talk to other wolves. We all know what the game is and the rabbits are taught to be clueless and vulnerable by Loser Society convincing them that dudes screwing chicks by any means necessary is antiquated.

Just last year, in 2016, I was chillin’ with a homegirl at a bar and I got up from our table to get another round of beer for us from the bar.

When I got back, there was a beer on the table (which I had cleared of glasses when I headed to the bar as a courtesy to the runners whose job that is).

She had a strange look on her face and informed me that some dude had walked over to her and said he was representing some beer company and wanted to offer her a free drink.

I told her to point him out, which she did, and I didn’t detect any particular threat from the guy so I didn’t tell him anything.

First of all, if what he was saying was true, he should have walked over to BOTH OF US and offered BOTH OF US beers instead of just her.

Second, the only reason he would have walked over to her is because he saw that I got up and left, so he knew damned well there were two people sitting there, and should have left two drinks if he didn’t want to look suspicious.

When I got back to the table, the drink was already to the side and she had no intention of drinking it.

That’s good because that situation is entirely suspect, some dude she doesn’t know offering her liquid that she didn’t see poured by the bartender and has no idea what he might have put in it.


I put our beers down on the table, moved the suspect drink to a different table, and we continued chillin’.

The Captain

I’ve had to coach women how to socialize to make sure we were on the same page when we go out.

You’re not leaving your drink anywhere but with me if you go to the bathroom.

This way, when you return, there’s no chance some dude put something in it by the time you return.

You’re not walking home by yourself.

Either I’m walking you to where you’re going (if I’m going in that direction), or I’m walking you to a yellow cab (no need to wait for Uber in Manhattan) or to mass transit where you’re surrounded by people on your way home.

You’re not accepting already-opened alcohol from anyone you don’t trust, including me.

I’ve literally had to push chicks up 4 and 5 flights of steps (no elevators in their buildings) because they were too wasted (drunk) to make it to their buildings, much less up the steps, and then had to tell them several times to lock the door behind me and keep trying the door until it wouldn’t open because that’s the care I take of my friends and the personal responsibility I accept when we socialize.

Trust & Believe there are dudes just waiting hoping and praying that they can bag a drunk chick at 3am, so I won’t leave chicks slumped over sleeping at the bar and go about my business, even though that might mean an extra hour or two before I make it to my house.

The point being that I’m a wolf and I’ve been one since I was a kid.

I know all the tricks & techniques and I know they’re being used on chicks daily, even right now as you’re reading this.

It’s no big deal. That’s real life. Dudes are gonna get it in however they can.

Mind you.. 😀 I’m not saying I’m Captain Save-A-Ho.

Not by a long shot.

I’m talking about how I take care of MY FRIENDS, not random chicks.

That’s none of my business. If you incapacitate yourself and wake up in some dude’s house, IDGAF.

This same sentiment is what supports The Casting Couch.

Watch Your Close Enemies

The Casting Couch is a simple situation of supply & demand which is taken advantage of by guys who have control over something.

I would indict women as well, but similar to how there aren’t any brothels where women can get their jollies, women don’t generally do the casting couch thing, and a lot of them couldn’t if they wanted to.

Women are more likely to employ gigolos.

The supply is an opportunity for work, money, fame, whatever.

The demand is from myriad women who would love to move from being nobody to somebody.

Quid Pro Quo… Something Received for Something Given.

If you don’t want to give it, fine. There are 1,000 women behind you in line who haven’t had their chance to “do the right thing” yet.

Don’t let the door hit’cha where the Good Lord split’cha.

Be Out.

Kick Rocks.

This would be all well & good if women were actually ***AWARE*** that this might happen to them.

The complaints read like a textbook: From Aggressive Overtures to Sexual Assault | The New Yorker

The thing that to this day women seem to be painfully unaware of is that the vast majority of sexual assaults aren’t committed by some lowlife creep hiding in an alley. It’s usually guys that y’all know.

This is because creeps in alleys can’t get you alone and guys you know can.

So you see complaints about a chick went into a building that had a lot of people in it in the daytime, and then she had a meeting with this dude by herself in a closed space.

That’s all she wrote.

It doesn’t matter how many people are in the building if they all know that the wolf eats rabbits.

Even the ones who don’t know are EMPLOYEES OF THE WOLF.

When was the last time you saw an employee tell a boss what to do? Never.

Insider Information

On top of that, wolves talk to wolves. They don’t talk to rabbits.

Yes they “talk” 😀 haha “Good morning.” “Nice to see you.” but they don’t tell rabbits about what wolves do.

There’s no point. All that does is make it tougher to get what you’re trying to get.

However, it’s a matter of prestige for wolves to brag to wolves about the rabbits they’ve eaten.

I’ve had situations where chicks I knew had started dating guys I knew and asked me for my opinion.

I’m not telling them anybody else’s business because that’s confidential and none of THEIR business, but I’ll simply tell them “That isn’t a good idea” or “I don’t know anything about him that would make me veto that situation”.

My homegirls know who I am so my opinion carries weight as long as I actually know the dude they’re asking me about.

This is because we’ve most likely hunted together.

So I have a good idea whether this guy plays a fair game or not and whether he’s actually looking for a girlfriend or not.

I’ve never had reason to do this, but if I had first-person information about a guy that was horrible, I would tell my homegirl directly “You Can Not date that guy.”

Whether she listens to me or not, that’s on her, but even though I’m not going to tell her somebody else’s business, it would be in her best interests to pay attention to what I said and follow my instructions.

I’m not her father because I’m not anybody’s father, but she should know that if *I* veto something, there’s a perfectly valid reason for it and her life will be better if she doesn’t mess with this dude.

I’ve had wolves spontaneously talk to me about rabbits when the only reason I knew that wolf was via the rabbit. 😀

I knew that the first chance he got at her, he was going to tax that ass like the government.

By hook or crook. Nobody cares. So long as it happens.

This is the Casting Couch mentality but without the prestige and power to force the fantasy to become reality.

Seek Therapy & Guidance

An interesting side effect of the casting couch is that it forces women to reevaluate who they are.

It’s extremely unfortunate that women tend to assign themselves more responsibility for situations than they actually have.

If she weighs 130 and the guy’s some fat bastard weighing 250, there’s no way she should believe she could have fought him off, and she SHOULD NOT blame herself for what happened when he took advantage of her.

For some reason, women tend to skip over the actual facts of the situation and mentally assault themselves as if they both weighed the same but she just gave up and let him do what he wanted.

Some of them said they let it happen because they didn’t want their career to be ruined.

Some of them said they let it happen because they didn’t want their names to be dragged through the tabloids.

Some of them said they let it happen because they didn’t think a guy would screw them in the daytime in a building full of his own employees.

Some of them said they let it happen because they didn’t want to kick or punch him.

Some of them said they let it happen because they got tired of struggling.

Some of them said they let it happen because they wanted to be in the movie.

Regardless of what they said, they feel poorly about it now.

One of them wrote a film where what happened to her happened but the female character runs out of the room instead of what happened in real life, which was that she engaged in a multi-year affair with this dude.

“Who you are” is based on real life events.

It has nothing to do with who you wish you were or what you make up in your head.

“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.”

You can speculate all you want, but if you’ve never been in a situation, you don’t know how you’re going to act, and there’s no reason to beat yourself up for the rest of your life because you were wrong about how you thought you’d react on the casting couch.

One chick reported that after the fact, she said “I’m not a whore” and dude laughed at her and said he was going to put that on a t-shirt.

Nobody cares what you classify yourself as. You either gave it up or you didn’t.

Nobody cares what you think about it.

Nobody cares what you think he thinks about it.

It’s a sport, like baseball or football.

Loser Society will convince you that there are only eunuchs left.

Don’t fall for the okey-doke because the game has never changed and never will.

The more you put yourself to sleep, the more dudes are going to take advantage of your miseducation.

What You Need To Know

Instead of going the route of Loser Society, women should be taught that guys who find them attractive are going to attempt to get on by any means necessary.

Women should be taught to remain in locations where they aren’t one-on-one with a wolf.

Women should be taught that if a meeting is called at a hotel bar and then they tell you to go to someone’s room, don’t bother. Eject.

Women should be taught that there are guys who will feign interest in your business so they can get you alone and see what they can do about hooking up with you.

Women should be taught that married dudes are just as likely to try to screw them as single dudes.

Women should be taught that the people surrounding the wolf may be fully aware of what the wolf’s plans are for them and are assisting in them getting screwed, such as attending a meeting temporarily and then excusing themselves.

When that last person leaves, leave with them.

Unfortunately, Loser Society will convince women that they can walk in to the same situation a man can walk into with the same results.

Not that Casting Couch doesn’t happen to males also, but if you try that with the wrong dude, he’ll leave you bloody on the floor right in that room.

I’m saying that generally, attractive women CAN NOT AFFORD to not consider themselves to be sex objects.

Putting yourself to sleep will make you miss the obvious indications that this guy’s trying to get on.

Again, I’m not Captain Save-A-Ho.

I’m not trying to stop these dudes from getting their kicks.

I’m saying that similar to prostitution, taking advantage of control over resources to coerce sex from women has been going on forever and will never end.

Getting married to a woman gives her access to your resources in exchange for sex, kids, and whatever else you wanted from her.

It’s all bartering.

Women who attempt to mentally remove their attractiveness from business equations are setting themselves up to get used.

I know you’re going to be sad to hear that, but it’s a cry now, laugh later situation instead of vice versa.

Do what you have to do. Bring extra people with you to “business meetings”. Make sure you leave when the last extra person leaves. Check with your friends to see if they know stories about this person that you need to be aware of.

What’s the incentive of someone with control of resources to hand them out without any personal gain? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’m not saying I agree with strong-arm tactics. I don’t. Gorilla-Pimpin’ is for chumps.

I’m saying that the dude could easily say “I can put you in a movie, but I’m only casting chicks that have already had sex with me” and then it’s your choice.

You can get down or lay down.

You can have the career and up the sex or you can leave with your integrity and not be involved in the opportunity.

Arousal, Plateau, Climax, Release

There’s no reason to pressure chicks in these situations, but dudes still do it.

It’s possible that coercion is a vital part of their arousal cycle.

Some animals like to eat food that’s already dead.

Some animals like to eat food that’s actively running away from them.

If coercion is vital, it won’t stop until someone else stops it.

It doesn’t matter how many people are surrounding the wolf if they’re all under his control.

We’ve seen several dudes get canned this year because they refused to read the writing on the wall and stop doing what they’ve been doing for decades.

At some point, companies are going to get tired of paying chicks hush money and you’re going to be more of a liability than an asset and you get booted.

It’s clearly a psychological issue because if you have millions of dollars to pay chicks not to say you attacked them, you have millions of dollars to spend on hookers, which you didn’t bother to do.

The sex isn’t the fun.

The coercion is the fun.

If the casting couch was about money, these people would request kickbacks in exchange for putting chicks in movies.

Instead, they request sex.

The casting couch will NEVER end.

The only thing that will happen is different guys gain control over the couch.

The best thing you can do for women you know is make them aware of this so they can make quick and educated decisions when necessary.

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  1. Great synopsis as always Bill. Can’t take nature out of being human. If men didn’t posses such strong sex drives a lot of women wouldn’t get laid and the human race would die out.

    Mr. Weinstein mistakenly thought he was above the law, and if he weren’t so repulsive and crude he might well have been. I mean perhaps he wanted to see how well this particular woman could “act”. (Joke!) Seriously this man has a special ick factor. Reasons many of his victims are ashamed.

    For most time and luck does run out. Or power and money is lost. And one can’t discount old age. Women are 100% susceptible to that disease. It is a blessing and a curse-
    There is no fool like an old fool.

    Of course, many women actively take advantage of the casting couch. Groupies are a thing. Women know this; especially if their man is prime time-CEO or sports hero etc. Numerous women actively stalk these type of men. They are cunning and crafty. Gold digger = casting couch. Men believe in the myth of “wanton woman”. Once they lock her down–men are surprised her drive does not match his. Chris Rock’s latest routine addresses this, very funny but true material. Gigilos exist, but mainly for male/male. An unattractive female can take advantage of a man’s drive. Always. She doesn’t have to pay. “Fag hags” are a thing too. It is a relief for some women to interact w a man who isn’t scheming to get at her body.

    Sick predator type men are shocked when they get outed. Shit happens but never to them. Until it does. Situations like that have rabbits laughing w other rabbits. Side piece got pregnant?! Duh! Side piece sues for sexual harassment and gets easy payout? Duh. Side piece was willing so then starts to blackmail? Who didn’t see that coming?! Rabbits instinctively know that game.

    Complicit wife is “shocked” when media outs her partner? She knew. But rabbits don’t want to lose status that comes so easily riding on the wolf. Until shamed and laughed at. Then rabbit plays silly dumb rabbit victim card.
    Unless of course the rabbit had higher net worth or status than wolf. Christy Brinkley for example.

    I realize a creep is a creep, and there are millions of mutually satisfying interactions. But for either side to make the mistake that rabbits are = wolves, or vice versa-they are asking for trouble. Truth is: a wolf is a wolf. A rabbit is 100 different animals.

    Camille Paglia writes that for a woman to really be empowered she must take responsibility for acting stupid w sexuality. As you point out-male sex drive isn’t going anywhere. Women are attracted to the biggest wolf in the pack. Lesser wolves are scheming to get rid of bigger ones. Both sexes need to watch their backs.

    Before cell phones and photos and lawyers and settlement $$$-Powerful men had the advantage. Now I’m not so sure. Powerful men w outsized egos get caught up in their own bubble. Their handlers depend on the paycheck, or even wait for crumbs. Their silence is purchased. What we see in the media is just the tip of the iceberg. Families and lives get destroyed. Boys grow up with no role models and girls grow up never knowing the loving male protection a good man provides.

    It is a big bad scary world out there. Especially for women living in 3rd world countries. They are seriously marginalized and if not a victim they may look to sell their only asset. It beats scrubbing toilets or floors for 6 days a week. Governments try to control that and churches try to control that and even men try to control that.

    In developed countries, giving a valuable commodity away for free-and calling that “equality” is anything but. Rabbits are not wolves because: nature. Man’s laws are useless against human nature.

    Don’t hate the player hate the game.

    So yeah, gotta always be vigilant.
    Speaking as a rabbit-wolves are 50% of the population and I get deep satisfaction in interacting with many of them. Too many silly rabbits.

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