I’m watching this video the other day that was recorded by a bunch of Herbs.

A “Herb”, basically, is a nobody. A chump. A male but not a man. Not meaning a boy, which could still be a young man, but a male who just isn’t effective for anything useful so he’s generally disregarded whether he’s told so or not.

So I’m clear that there are a bunch of Herbs on the screen, and then one of them says “There are too many Alphas in this room! :D” and they all get happy and start smiling about themselves.

Meanwhile, I’m like what? o_O There are *ZERO* Alphas in that room.

After I got over my shock and realized that they actually thought they were somebody, I wondered how they could even think that about themselves.

Males Versus Men

Considering their environment, location, and how these Herbs were all co-signing each other that they were Alphas, I realized that they think Alpha status is relative.

In fact it isn’t. It’s an absolute feature. You’re an Alpha (male or female) or you aren’t.

None of these dudes were, which was obvious to me, but either wasn’t obvious to them because they don’t know any Alphas, or they were engrossed in a conspiracy to lie to each other about their personal value so they could all feel better about themselves.

It’s this simple… You don’t become a man because the last man left the room.

You’re still a male. You’re still the same person you were before he walked out.

You don’t suddenly inherit superpowers because there’s nobody better than you in the room.

What happens when he returns? o_O

You fall back into being the Herb that you actually are.

Your status in life doesn’t improve by isolating yourself from better men.

If the guy who can curl 60lbs with one arm leaves the room, that doesn’t elevate your ability to curl more than 30lbs if that’s your personal best.

You’re still on 30.

If you TRY to lift 60, you’re going to embarrass yourself IF NOT get yourself physically hurt.

Same thing with Herbs.

Recognize your place. Know your role. Play your position.

There’s no point in grandstanding because there are no men in the room as if you’d last one split second as the leader of the pack when the Alpha returned.

Checks Your Ass Can’t Cash

There are a few reasons this is important for Herbs to pay attention to.

First of all, you can’t graduate yourself from Herb status. Someone else has to do it.

You can’t team up with another nobody, decide you’re both somebody, shake hands on it and then have anyone else but you believe what you just said.

This is because being an Alpha requires action, not words.

When the time comes for action, you’re going to fold and you know it.

Unfortunately, that’s part of what solidifies your status as a Beta, Zeta or whatever you are.

Everybody knows you’re only talking and when it becomes time for you to back up that Rah Rah with physical action, you don’t want any, so nobody cares what you have to say to begin with.

What’s worse is that YOU know that WE know, which is why you’re attempting to prop yourself up WITH WORDS such as calling yourself an Alpha when you know damned well that you aren’t.

Second, all this can do is get you in trouble.

There’s nothing wrong with being a Herb. 😀

There’s no shame in not being a self-determining man and instead being a dependent male who benefits from the society created by and maintained by Alphas.

You really shouldn’t try to verbally Bogart your way into a lifestyle that you’re ill-prepared for and that will definitely destroy you if your braggadocio is ever put to the test IRL (in real life).

In an honorable society, so long as you play your position, everything will be cool.

The problem is that within a dishonorable society there’s no hierarchy, so some Herbs see that as a chance for them to claim glory and recognition they haven’t earned.

Sure, you’re the toughest male amongst a bunch of chumps and females.

Bring that little league action to the big leagues and you’re going to get your block knocked off.

Step Your Game Up

Third, this causes a bunch of Herbs to misunderstand their interactions with women (if they have any interactions with women at all).

When you self-graduate from Herb status to Alpha status, you’re the only one who believes it, if you even believe that yourself. 😀

If you do believe that you’re a top-quality man, you’re going to be confused as to why women aren’t interested in you.

This is because you aren’t.

Your beard makes you look homeless.

Your gut makes you look slovenly and unhealthy.

Your filming yourself bitching about your life identifies you as a male instead of a man.

You have no identifiable job.

You seem to bring zero quality to anybody’s life.

You have no demonstrable value to society at large.

You talked trash for 365 days in a row and your life is worse NOW than it was last year.

Nothing you’ve ever said has EVER materialized in real life.

Nobody’s ever seen you on one single date with a woman, so you have no social proof.

Meanwhile, you’re calling yourself an Alpha in a room full of your Zeta male friends with no girls in sight.

Nobody Believes You

Don’t get mad at the chicks for not accepting your version of reality that you made up in your own mind! 😀

Until you’ve done all you can do to make yourself presentable, interesting, and God forbid DESIRABLE to chicks, I don’t want to hear your complaints about how your dating life sucks.

It’s SUPPOSED to suck for Herbs. Get used to it. Either that or improve yourself.

No “Participation Awards” in dating. You win or you lose.


You can not INHERIT Alpha status. 😀 It’s something you ARE or ARE NOT.

Part of it is genetic, who your parents are or were. Were they heralded members of society for their own deeds? Were they drug addicts? Do you even know who they were?

That isn’t what I mean by “Inherit” 😀 THAT part is inherited, for sure.

I mean you can’t get passed the crown when The King walks away.

When The King leaves, you’re still the Court Jester. You don’t graduate to Temporary King.

You don’t get any credit for being the best of the worst.

You might be in charge, or the highest-ranking nobody in a group, but that doesn’t make you anybody more than you were before The General left the room and gave you your orders.

When The General returns, you don’t get to say you decided to do something different without getting slapped down with consequences & repercussions because Alpha status isn’t relative.

He’s better than you for a reason, and if you buck the system, you’ll find out what that reason is.

You also can’t elevate your own status by pointing out people obviously worse than you are.

If you make $20,000/year, you won’t get a chick interested in you by pointing out some other male who makes $10,000/year.

If you have 4 kids, you won’t get a chick interested in your by pointing out that some other males have 6 kids.

Nobody cares.

Your status is relative to the entire society, not the small band of merry males you’re currently in a room with proclaiming Alpha status because no actual Alphas are there to laugh in your face.

Punks In The Back

Probably the worst part about all this isn’t the effect these Herbs have on their own minds as they attempt to speak themselves into prominence, but rather the effect on their audience.

Herbs who watch videos of Herbs who proclaim themselves Alphas will become confused.

They’ll figure that if THAT GUY is great, THEY must be great also.

The problem is that the guy they’re watching isn’t great, but they don’t have enough life experience to figure that out.

It’s like never going to the gym and then proclaiming on video that you’re an Olympic Weightlifter.

You don’t actually have to lift the weights, but since you say you can do it, other Herbs believe you can do it and then criticize and demean themselves for not being as cool as you when you aren’t cool to begin with.

So now you have… I don’t know.. What can we call them?.. Sub-Herbs? thinking they deserve something because they believe the Herbs are getting it when the Herbs are lying to them and to themselves in the first place.

I understand the incentive. It’s great to give people self-esteem.

The problem is that infused self-esteem needs to be practicable in real life.

If you’re some fat, slovenly, homeless-looking, unaccomplished male claiming to get girls, yes you’re giving HOPE to your Sub-Herb viewership, but they’re only going to become more depressed and suicidal if not homicidal when they try what you’re telling them and it never works for them.

It would be better for you and everybody else if you admitted that you have no life BUT you’re comfortable with that and enjoying the life you have.

It would be better for you and everybody else if you admitted that you have no life BUT you’re striving to achieve one and you outlined and demonstrated the steps you’ve been taking to improve yourself so your viewership can be motivated to try the same things.

Stop fronting like you’re somebody. Admit that you’re nobody but make it plain that there’s nothing wrong with being nobody.

Consider the mental well-being of your viewership instead of constantly trying to fleece them for e-Begging money.

There’s no value to your community of your claiming Alpha status inside your house and then getting chumped off by real men as soon as you step OUTSIDE your house. You’re causing them more harm than good.

Save Yourself And Your Followers

Regardless of who you are, there’s always someone tougher than you.

There’s always someone who’s willing to take it to a level you haven’t even considered yet.

When you talk that trash that causes an actual Alpha to check you when they see you in the street, you’re going to hesitate while they proceed to knock your block off for perpetrating a fraud.

Save yourself that trouble. Alpha status isn’t relative. You’re not a tough guy because you’re the toughest guy in the room you’re currently in. You’re not a tough guy because the only people you know are mentally or physically weaker than you are. Step to the wrong Alpha and you’ll get punted off the block like a field goal.

Violence moves in Silence.

You won’t be told it’s going to happen to you. It’ll just happen.

The real tough guys don’t care about you and your juvenile antics. They want to chill at the bar, meet some girls, and have a good time.

They’re not trying to speak to Herbs like you and they’d rather not be aware that you exist at all.

Survival of the Fittest should have exterminated you by now.

Being that you’re still alive, play your position and stop trying to act tough when neither you, any of your friends, or anybody you’re associated with would last more than 30 seconds if an actual Alpha decided you needed to be dealt with for the greater good of society.

Claiming top dog status amongst nobodies doesn’t make you somebody.

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