As you’re aware, I was studying losers last year ->

That’s over now, but I wanted to discuss a situation where I feel that people are damaging themselves under the guise of affirming their beliefs.

Polarity & Phase

In music recording, there are two entirely different things called Polarity and Phase, yet people insist on treating them like the same thing. 😀

When you start off with an incorrect premise, you end up looking like a fool because the only thing you’re able to prove is that you don’t know what you’re talking about.

I’m an American and specifically a New Yorker.

If you try to prove that I’m a Chinese citizen, the only evidence you’ll be able to provide is that you’re an idiot.

If you would like to hear the technical explanation of the difference between Polarity & Phase, watch this free video from Groove3 ->

Here’s the simple explanation. If you have a microphone in a room listening to a source and you physically move that microphone, it hears the signal later in time or earlier in time. If you leave the microphone where it is and reverse its polarity, the microphone still hears the signal at the same time it originally did.

That’s it.

Due to several circumstances INCLUDING manufacturers printing the word PHASE on their POLARITY switches, a lot of people believe the two are the same thing and end up saying stupid things like “I flipped the phase and the microphones are still out of phase.”

This is similar to saying “I got out of the water but I’m still in the water.”

Or maybe “I died but I’m still alive.”

When you explain the difference between polarity & phase to a true believer, they will utilize their last dying gasp to defend their incorrect position.

They will hate you for telling them the truth, but they can’t prove their falsehood.

If you don’t know that Polarity & Phase are not the same thing, you don’t know which problem to attempt to solve when you hear what’s going on.

If the sources are occurring at the exact same time and canceling each other to some degree, flip the POLARITY switch to see if it sounds better that way.

If the sources ARE NOT occurring at the exact same time, either move the microphone or move the file after you record it.

I wanted to bring this geek stuff up to illustrate how people can cling to ignorance and defend it with all the vigor they possess.

They’re attempting to defend their lack of understanding and stop you from teaching them that they’re wrong and they’re better off living the rest of their lives knowing the truth.

They hate you for pointing out something that they’ve been trying to cover up in an attempt to bolster their self-esteem.

They always say “You know what I meant! :/”.

I always say “I know what you SAID.”


So there are people who would like to blame their circumstances on SOMEBODY, except excuse my French for a second, they’re too pussy to blame the people who did this to them.

If you’re MAD that American jobs have gone away, the only people you can effectively blame are the business owners who stole your job and removed it to China, Mexico, India, or the United States Prison System.

When you used to be making $26/hour to do something, the people in the aforementioned places are now making $.26/hour to do it and the shareholders are enjoying their profits while your family starves and/or becomes drug addicts.

This is not the fault of anyone Mexican.

Unless the owner of the business you worked for **IS** Mexican.

Being mad at Mexicans for “stealing American jobs” is dishonest & disingenuous.

It feels pretty good because they aren’t going to do anything to you for talking shit.

However, it doesn’t help **YOU** at all.

It might initially feel like you’re saying you’re better than someone else, but what you’re really saying is “I’m not the bottom of the barrel, look at them.”

ok.. But similar to the people who believe that Polarity and Phase are the same thing, you can’t justify feeling better than someone who stole something from you.

Does that make sense? o_O

If that Mexican is your inferior, how come he has your job?

Did he roll up in the business office like a mafia movie and strong-arm the owner into hiring him?

No. What had HAPPENED was the owner decided to hire him for whatever the reasons are, potentially including paying him less than he would have had to pay you to receive the same quality of work.

So when you’re sitting at home mad at the Mexican, you’re doing yourself a disservice because you SHOULD be mad at the business owner who chose him over you.

This is why I say people are damaging themselves for refusing to see the reality of a situation.

You know in your heart of hearts who the real culprit is, and you also know that you’re too pussy to say anything to that person, lest you lose even more than you already have, so you stay quiet and blame people who have nothing to do with your personal problems.

Girls… To Do The Dishes…

How did the dude who’s inferior to you get your girl? o_O

Well, first of all she wasn’t YOUR girl to begin with because everyone has free will and hooks up with whoever they feel like messing with.

You THOUGHT she was *your* girl until you found out that she wasn’t. 😀

So now you want to low-rate the same chick you were just sweating YESTERDAY, and you also want to talk trash about the dude who bagged her being “less-than” compared to you.

Do you see how that doesn’t make any sense? 😀

That’s like saying you lost a tennis match to a worse player.

Either he was a BETTER player and you failed to acknowledge that and got your ass whipped, or he was a worse player and you played even worse than a worse player.

So how do you feel about yourself now?

Again, if you get a chick stolen from you… Well first of all, if you never had the chick to begin with, you need to STFU.

If you were just DREAMING about screwing her and then found out someone you don’t like is doing it, that’s just your lousy luck.

Blame yourself and then step your game up.

But if you actually HAD her and she dropped you for the next man, you got knocked or peeled, and that’s how the game goes.

You aren’t doing yourself any favors by moping around talking about getting peeled for your chick by some inferior dude.

If he’s inferior, go get her back. 😀

See how attempting to disingenuously attribute inferiority to superior beings screws your mind up?

Do you see how you’re doing this to yourself?

Do you see how saying “I play tennis better than the guy who beat me in tennis” is a mental trap?

To my knowledge, I’ve never been knocked.

I highly, highly, highly suspect that a friend of mine screwed this chick I was trying to bag at the time, but neither he nor she admitted it, which I respect, so it remains a mere suspicion.

Let’s say it actually had occurred, however.

The response to that is that he got in before I did, and to the victor belong the spoils.


Yes I would have been mad. Yes I would have been jealous. Yes he would have owed me descriptive details of screwing her.

But that’s the game. Call us mercenaries, freelancers, whatever, we’re all trying to bag the same chicks at the same time. Don’t hate the player. If you don’t like what’s going on, get out of the game.

Meanwhile, I *DO* *KNOW* that a friend of mine TRIED to screw a chick I was already screwing.

I’m still friends with this person to the day of this writing. I never told him I knew what he tried to do.

The only difference it makes is that he isn’t to be trusted around my chicks.

I don’t say that in a defensive manner like how dudes try to hide chicks from the world because they know the first guy that tells them “good morning” in the street is going to be able to get some. 😀

I just say it in the manner of how you don’t leave a jar of cookies on the table in front of a kid and tell him not to eat any.

On all other fronts, he’s been a great friend for many years, which is what’s important to me.

He’s SUPPOSED to want to screw my chicks because I’m not supposed to be messing with any busted chicks.

Also, my agreement was with her and not him. I didn’t have an agreement with him to not attempt to screw any chicks I was with. That’s just code amongst honorable men. You don’t have to say something like that.

If she would have hooked up with him, it would have been both of their faults and I wouldn’t have screwed her anymore although we would have remained friends.

Going in the other direction, the types of chicks he was kickin’ it to weren’t my type at all, except for one, and she was crazy easy so that was an immediate turnoff to me just like I’m not interested in actual prostitutes because they’re just doing their job.

The point being that if you’re going to be involved in the game of pulling chicks, you have no protection (no condom pun intended… er.. no [condom pun] intended.. not [no condom] pun intended).

You have no protection. Free Will dictates that she’ll spread her legs for whomever she feels like hooking up with today, tomorrow, or next week.

If the next man pulls that chick you were screwing or were DREAMING of screwing, that’s too bad for you. Step your game up and get her back if you still want her.

What you can NOT do is suddenly act like you’re better than she is because she hooked up with a guy you think is inferior to you.

Again, if he’s inferior, how come *he* got what *you* wanted?

This is because he isn’t. You’re attempting to bolster your self-esteem with disingenuous affirmations of your own self-worth.

You know in the back of your mind (and the front of your mind) that she thinks he’s better than you are, with the evidence being what she’s doing with him as opposed to the nothing she’s doing with you.

Mr. Inferior probably isn’t thinking about YOU *AT* *ALL* because you aren’t even a player in this game.

You don’t count.

Nobody cares what you think or how you feel.

None of that is going to change this situation one iota.

You’re mad and attempting to low-rate people who are enjoying their lives together because you wish YOU were enjoying life with that chick and you aren’t.

See the situation for what it is and learn to live with it instead of attempting to convince yourself of worth you don’t possess.

It seems like the wrong mental direction to go in. It’s actually the best direction because your reality will never match up with your perception of reality just like Polarity isn’t Phase.


Similar to how Polarity is not Phase, blacks are not Africans.

Here’s an explanation of how things work in the USA, though it isn’t a federal law:

The one-drop rule is a social and legal principle of racial classification that was historically prominent in the United States asserting that any person with even one ancestor of sub-Saharan-African ancestry (“one drop” of black blood)[1][2] is considered black (Negro in historical terms).

Stop conflating blacks with Africans.

President Obama‘s mother was white.

Since his skin is brown, he was called a black President the entire time. Not a half-black President.

He grew up in the USA. His education and value system came from the USA, not Africa.

However.. Due to the one-drop rule, President Obama qualifies as black.

By the way.. Neither black nor white are capitalized in text because neither one exists. There is no white DNA or black DNA. It’s European or African, all of which is African.

So speaking in the proper terms, regardless of how European someone is, genetically, so long as they appear to be brown, they’re called black. (Previously Colored and prior to that, Negro.)

Meanwhile, people expect blacks and Africans to do the same things because they’re all brown. 😀

I qualify as black also.

One side of my family was documented as Mulatto in the 1870 Census.

Being that this is 2018, that’s 148 years ago that my family is documented as being in the USA and not documented as purely African.

Stop conflating blacks with Africans.

When you do that, you’re disregarding literally CENTURIES of differing experiences, differing values, differing religions, and then you want to arrive in 2018 still calling people black and white. 😀

In the United States, almost no one can trace their ancestry back to just one place. And for many, the past may hold some surprises, according to a new study. Researchers have found that a significant percentage of African-Americans, European Americans, and Latinos carry ancestry from outside their self-identified ethnicity. The average African-American genome, for example, is nearly a quarter European, and almost 4% of European Americans carry African ancestry.

So if you want to look at someone and assume you know what they’re going to do, you’re a fool.

I’m a business owner. My father was a business owner and my mother was a teacher and an assistant principal. Both of my grandfathers were business owners. I have Cammack and Trueheart relatives all over the USA.

Even if you’d like to say blacks began as Africans more than 200 years ago, at this point, we’re Americans… Not because of admixture or percentages of European DNA, but because of shared experiences and shared values.

This is different from (not meaning better or worse than) someone who is an actual African who migrated to the USA.

Pay Attention and stop conflating.

Who You Are and Who You Aren’t

I’m not sure what happened, 😀 but society went from NEVER talking about politics to ALWAYS talking about politics.

I think it’s due to the fact that nobody has to be anybody anymore so they can claim that they’re whatever they want.

If you were a good football or baseball player back in the day, you had to prove it on the field.

No accomplishments, no credit.

NOW, anybody says anything and people take their word for it.

People attempt to speak their way into prominence.

So now everybody has an opinion about politics except they’re forgetting one thing…

When it comes down to action, none of them are going to do jack shit about what they’re talking about.

They’re telling each other fantasy fairytales about the life they wish they had but which doesn’t currently exist.

This affirmational behavior would appear to be mentally beneficial to them, but it’s actually harmful.

Let’s say you’re a woman advocating for a group that doesn’t believe women should speak. 😀

You now have the same problem as the guy whose girl is getting screwed by someone he’s trying extremely hard to convince himself is inferior.

If you win, you lose.

If the group you’re advocating for comes to power, your power disappears.

You’re rooting for your own demise.

If the group you’re advocating for never comes to power, you remain in position as a Misery Peddler.

It’s in your best interests to keep the situation in limbo, never moving forward and never moving backward.

By winning, you negate yourself.

Let’s say you think you’re a tough guy and you talk a lot of trash about what you think you’re going to do to other people.

It’s in your best interests to keep the situation in limbo, never moving forward and never moving backward.

As soon as you pop your head up in real life, someone’s going to remove it from your shoulders.

You know this in the back of your mind and in the front of your mind, so you keep talking trash on the internet because you don’t feel like becoming Crispus Attucks.

This is not good for your mental health.

The more trash you talk, the more you convince yourself that you’re impotent in the real world.

In case you can’t read, I wrote imPOtent, not imPORtant.

The more you speak about fantasies of a life you don’t currently have without offering any solutions or possible ways you might make the world you want appear out of thin air, the more you mentally injure yourself.

I had that situation where my friend tried to bag my chick. I didn’t do anything about it because I knew I didn’t need to do anything about it. I kept screwing her and to my knowledge he never did.

Let’s say however that I would have been sad about his treachery attempt.

That would mean that every single day from then until right now, I would have been mentally carrying that sorrow with me AND suppressing it when I spent time with him IRL, which in my opinion is a pathetic way to live.

If you have a problem with someone, speak about it… WITH THEM, not with randoms.

I don’t have a problem with him. He thought my chick was attractive enough for him to want to screw. I’m flattered, in fact. 😀 Thank you for the propers.

He didn’t have any power to force my chick to screw him just like the Mexican dude doesn’t have any power to force the owner of the landscaping business to hire him.

**SHE** had the power to give him some or not.

***SHE*** had the power to tell me about the situation or not.

If she hadn’t told me about it, I would never have known about it and would have reacted to my friend to this day as if he had never done it.

Due to her personal integrity, she wanted to report the violation. HIS violation.

I appreciated her report and it was duly noted.

It’s all part of the game. If you can knock my chick, more power to ya.

That only means I wasn’t bringing enough to the table OR I overestimated her integrity.

It isn’t about LOYALTY. It’s about INTEGRITY.

Loyalty is when you do what I want you to do regardless of what you feel like doing.

Integrity is when you feel like living up to your personal word.

So now we have all these people who are perfectly ineffective in real life giving their opinions about how they wish life was.

Who cares? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Nobody cares what you think or how you feel because it’s all going to remain inside your head and make no difference to your society.

You’re fun to play with because you can be counted on to spew the same nonsense every time, but everybody knows that nothing you’re talking about is ever going to happen and that at the end of the day, you’re going to be a depressed wreck for pumping yourself up with fantasies instead of living your real life.

If you don’t like where you live, move.

If you want to have kids, make yourself the type of guy a chick would want to have kids with. Other than that, STFU.

You don’t get to have kids just because you feel like it. Sex is a hierarchy. 80/20. Read about it.

If you aren’t one of the 20%, you’re finished.

Attempting to isolate women from better men isn’t going to work.

It’s too late. The women already know better men are available and interested in them.

You aren’t going to be able to verbally shame them into accepting mediocre males for procreation.

The more you try and the more you fail, the more you drive yourself into depression and drug addiction.

The only one losing in this scenario is you.

Go Forward. Move Ahead. Try To Detect It.

At this point, I barely find opinion-having IRL-impotent people amusing.

I’m sure they always existed, but due to the current state of Social Media, we actually know who they are now.

You have chicks who used to live in London complaining about how London is and then escaping to Brooklyn in hopes of having an anchor baby and then claiming to be a New Yorker when they aren’t even American citizens yet and are setting foot on our land at least 150 years after my family did.

You have males complaining about who a chick is screwing who never had a chance with her at all.

You have people complaining about their living conditions except they have no earning potential other than the pennies they receive from Google AdSense for their YouTube videos and maybe a Patreon account, so of course they can’t afford to move to where they’d rather live.

You have people complaining about races who haven’t even had their DNA tested.

You have people who have ***ZERO*** academic achievements claiming that they’re intelligent.

You have people who have ***ZERO*** business achievements claiming that they’re valuable to society.

You have people who have ***ZERO*** kids claiming they’re interested in increasing fertility rates, and then they spend more time making YouTube videos than procreating.

You have people who complain that they can’t procreate because they can’t afford it, and then they turn around and low-rate people who are procreating profusely on welfare.

Just Stop.

Stop injuring yourself with these pipe dreams and complex fantasies.

Changes in lifestyles require actual action, not weekly bitching about the life you wish you had.

Recognize your true place in the hierarchy so you can start to make valid plans for self-improvement.

That girl that’s screwing the guy you think is less than you?.. She isn’t coming back.

That job that was stolen from you BY THE PEOPLE WHO RUN THE COMPANY isn’t coming back.

Manufacturing isn’t coming back.

Coal isn’t coming back.

The economy has shifted from agriculture to business and now to intelligence.

Learn a new skill. Return to the workforce. Get a new girl. Hopefully, she’ll be monetarily viable also.

Make yourself valuable to society. Trade your time for money.

Make plans with people who feel the same way you do and team up with them.

Rent a U-Haul and move to where they live so you can support each other.

You’re not doing yourself any favors by attempting to convince yourself that Polarity is Phase.

You’re not doing yourself any favors by attempting to convince yourself that you’re better than you are.

Recognize who you actually are and then work to improve yourself.

This fake overlay you’ve placed on your life is wasting your time and energy as well as causing you emotional duress.

At the end of the day, you’re going to have to actually DO SOMETHING about what you’re saying.

If you can’t do it, you’re going to be severely disappointed and devastated.

Your time will be better spent making yourself the person you claim to be instead of claiming to be the person you will never be.

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