ok… 😀 Forget the numbers this time. This episode of The Profit illustrates what I’ve been telling people for at least a decade already, which is that your online persona HAS TO BE as close to your offline persona as possible.


So there were lots of obvious problems with this company, “Rayjus”, but Marcus would have gotten them to stop making clothes for animals and gotten them more contracts to make shirts year-round, increasing the company’s profitability.

HOWEVER!!! 😀 😀 😀

During the process of “discovery”, one of the company owners mentions to Marcus that he is a popular radio personality in his area who specializes in being an asshole. 😀

This is all well & good to him because classless people don’t recognize classless behavior.

So long as nobody’s telling them they’re an asshole, they think their way of being is acceptable to normal people when it isn’t.

The first problem with this scenario is that the company owner didn’t realize that he’s probably jerking his own company out of sales because there are people who refuse to purchase products from an asshole.

This is why he feels free to tell Marcus that he plays an asshole on the radio, but he isn’t like that in reality. He’s a family man blah blah blah.

Except nobody knows that because he conceals his true life from people while “playing” an asshole on the radio.

So anything associated with his name is now tarnished.

He thinks that’s cool because he’s classless.

Marcus recognizes that it’s unacceptable and bounces from the situation.


If you do business with a creep, you have to get past the fact that people know he’s a creep.

On top of that, you bring problems to your own situation because people are going to ask you why you’re helping some asshole make money.

The only two answers you can give to that question are:

a) I don’t care that he’s an asshole.
b) There’s nothing I can do about it.

If your answer is (a), people are going to stop doing business with you because you tolerate bullshitters who get off on trying to make other people feel poorly.

If your answer is (b), people are going to stop doing business with you because you’re a spineless nobody with neither morals nor ethics.

Someone I used to work for got caught up in the #MeToo wave.

His assistant got dragged through the mud for facilitating his behavior.

That’s how it works.

If people find out that you knew someone was an asshole and you still did business with them, you get dragged through the mud with them.

Even if Marcus had wanted to try to rehabilitate this dude, it wouldn’t have been possible because his radio show is how he was supporting his remaining alive because his business was steadily losing money.

Not being a creep on the radio would have meant the perp would have gone broke and died.

There were lots of other obvious problems with their business model, but the main point is that you can’t add people into your business circle who deliberately tarnish their own reputations with bullshit.

You can’t appear to give your personal blessing to their unacceptable behavior.

This is assuming you even AGREE with their behavior to begin with.

If you don’t agree with what they’re doing, you take personal offense to it and no business deals can be made.

Cognitive Dissonance

The funny part here to me is how the dude tried to explain to Marcus that as a human being, he isn’t the same type of person that he portrays on the radio.

Think about that…

The only way you can make money is to pretend to be someone that you aren’t? o_O

Nah. I’m not goin’ for it. 😀

That’s like saying he’s a prostitute, but he doesn’t actually give up sex for money.

No… You DO give up sex for money. You’re just telling us that in your “real life”, you don’t agree with the type of person you’re being when you’re getting money.

Essentially, this is when people decide to seek help and/or get therapy.

Let’s take the perp’s word for what’s going on here…. How do you think he feels about himself that he has to pretend to be a hooker when he’s actually a secretary in real life?

Unfortunately, this perp had no emotions whatsoever about explaining to Marcus that he attempts to make people feel poorly so he can get paid.

So what do you think this fool would do if you brought him to an actual business meeting?

How do you think people who know who he is are going to treat you when you bring him into a meeting with them?

What are the tabloids going to say? The press? The bloggers? Your family? Your friends who are offended by this person’s behavior?

This isn’t about public opinion. This is about YOUR. BRAND. and what you stand for as a man or woman.

If you think it’s cool that this person is an asshole and you feel like co-signing his tomfoolery, go ahead and do business with him.

The fact of the matter is that this classless person doesn’t mind dragging his own name through the mud, so he won’t mind dragging your name through the mud.

Instead of people boycotting the advertisers on his show, they’re going to be boycotting YOU.

On top of that, people will see you as either complicit or spineless, neither of which is good.

Kick Rocks

There are too many amazing, great, competent, classy people in this world to do business with assholes.

What’s worse is when someone claims not to be an asshole, but plays one on the radio so he can make money to support his life while his business is failing.

It’s embarrassing that you’re leaving work early to go fishing when your company is losing money.

It’s embarrassing that you have air conditioning while your workers don’t.

It’s embarrassing that either you’re a real life asshole or you don’t see anything wrong with portraying one on the radio.

You’re a public relations nightmare waiting to happen.

Intelligent businesspeople will step to the left and let you go down in flames by yourself.

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