It’s become a trend on YouTube to have people “debate” each other on a livestream, except the people they get to talk to each other aren’t intelligent enough to create compelling content.

Having said that, they stumble across interesting topics that they don’t properly flesh out.

I just watched this chick try to low-rate this self-proclaimed pickup artist for not having a girlfriend.

What Is He Trying To Do?

Getting Chicks and Keeping Chicks are two entirely different disciplines.

You have guys that can pull chicks but can’t keep them, and then you have guys who can keep chicks but can’t pull them.

You might wonder how a guy keeps a girl he didn’t procure. Someone else introduces them or he stumbles into the relationship via serendipity.

Keeping a chick requires that you’re actually the type of guy she’d like to spend time with.

If you’re not that guy, you need to learn how to PRETEND to be that guy.

If you can’t learn to pretend, you’re screwed. (actually not, but still)

Getting a chick requires that you’re the person she wants to spend intimate time with right this second.

If your entire skill set is based on getting in, you’re going to have a tough time STAYING IN, assuming that’s what you want to begin with.


That was another stumbling block for the chick in the video. She couldn’t mentally process the difference between screwing a chick, dating a chick, and marrying a chick.

The guy she was talking to specializes in getting laid.


That’s it.

The chick was trying to make fun of him because he’s been interacting with chicks for decades and doesn’t have a steady girlfriend.

Except if your goal is to get on, you don’t need a steady girlfriend.

This was never brought up by the dude because he wasn’t sharp enough to figure out exactly what she was trying to say about him.

If you’re a hunter, you can’t hunt a chick you already bagged.

You can have more sex with her, but the “Can I get it?” phase is over.

It’s merely a question of whether she wants to hook up with you today or not.

So that’s the second issue, whether you’re actually looking to hook up with her a 2nd time or not.

The third issue was addressed, which is does she have the personality type and everything else necessary for you to want to enter a “relationship” with her, assuming THE FOURTH ISSUE, which is whether you’re interested in a relationship at all.

This is the proper rebuttal to her attempted disrespect:

1) I don’t have a girlfriend but I haven’t been trying to get one because I enjoy meeting and screwing new women.

2) The hunt is part of the value of the situation for me and once I hit it, the hunt is finished.

3) Even if I were looking for a “relationship”, there are quite a few qualities a woman has to bring to the table in order for me to consider her potentially “relationship” material. (We’ll revisit this point, because it’s actually a weak one)

4) What’s the value of having one chick when I have five?

The Blame Game

The point about the quality of the woman shouldn’t have been mentioned by the dude at all.

You’re either looking to “settle down” or you aren’t.

If you’re not looking, it doesn’t matter what her qualities are.

If you ARE looking and haven’t been able to procure a woman that you would actually enjoy spending time with, you need to start considering who you are or aren’t as a person.

There are a finite number of qualities you need to consider. These are a few of them:

1) She’s facially attractive (to you. don’t worry about whether other people think she’s cute or not.)

2) Her body’s the type that incentivizes you to have sex with her.

3) She’s intelligent enough to understand what you’re telling her, make her own points clear via discussion, and amend her behavior if she’s proven wrong.

4) Her earning potential.

5) Whether you actually ENJOYED having sex with her when you first did it. 😀

6) If you’re considering having kids, is she genetically viable?

7) How does she carry herself in public? Is she a potential embarrassment?

8) Does she have integrity? Is she a woman of her word?

9) Do you share hobbies other than sex?

There are a bunch of other things dudes are concerned about, but a lot of those have to do with the guy’s own insecurity, such as is she going to screw someone else while she’s in a “relationship” with you? That isn’t actually important because you can’t tell that until you’re already involved with her.

The point being that the list isn’t incredibly long.

If you consider yourself a connoisseur of women and you can’t find one that hits 10-20 checkboxes, there’s a problem WITH YOU and not the chicks.

Either you aren’t going to the right places to search for viable women (tactical flaw, yours), or you aren’t inspiring the women you meet to put their best foot forward for you (personal flaw, yours).

Unvetted Pundits

The question is whether a guy is attempting to hunt or whether he’s attempting to get consistently laid.

If all he wants to do is get laid all the time, he can get a girlfriend and call it a career.

If he actually enjoys the thrill of the hunt, “relationships” might not be the way for him to go.

There’s a completely different demeanor to a chick who’s trying to decide whether she’s going to give you some or not.

She has a different energy from a chick you’ve already hooked up with who’s deciding if she’s going to hook up with you AGAIN today.

So it isn’t just a function of how the guy feels about the situation. It’s an exchange.

Also, hunting can become a part of one’s attraction mechanism.

The fact that you know you can have it can be a deterrent to your wanting to pursue it.

It’s a little bit funny watching amateurs discuss things they don’t actually do.

They think they should be speaking on the topic because they read something in a blog post or saw something on television or in a movie.

The armchair quarterbacks talking all that trash about NFL players would fold like lawn chairs if they actually had to be on that field taking the snap and throwing for the winning touchdown.

Similarly, people who don’t understand anything about getting girls should avoid attempting to discuss that topic.

It might sound funny and get you a few YouTube clicks and eBegging dollars, but ultimately, you only look like the know-nothing you are who low-rates the player because you don’t understand the game.

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