When I have the opportunity and/or inclination to coach someone on their presentation, I’ll often talk to them about their language.

Not because your language might be offensive to other people, but because you define yourself by what you say about yourself, which indicates what you think about yourself, and can lead you into a predictable future that’s completely unnecessary and that you may not enjoy.


Let’s say you’re a female and you go on Facebook every day and call yourself a bitch.

In fact, a bitch is a female dog.


1: the female of the dog or some other carnivorous mammals
2a (often offensive): a malicious, spiteful, or overbearing woman —sometimes used as a generalized term of abuse
2b (often offensive): a lewd or immoral woman
3 : something that is extremely difficult, objectionable, or unpleasant
4 : complaint

So basically, you’re calling yourself a piece of shit that happens to be female.

Every Day.

Probably Every Hour Of Every Day.

This seems normal to you because your homegirls call you a bitch too and you call them bitches and you’re all happy bitches together.

But then you turn around and wonder why regular guys don’t want to date you. o_O


Who in their right mind is going to date a woman who is convinced that she’s a bitch?


What if you accidentally have a daughter with her? You want your daughter raised by a self-described female dog? o_O


So your predictable future is that your shitty self-presentation is going to land you a shitty boyfriend and you’ll be happily producing shitty kids together.

Except you want the picket fence and two car garage that you see normal women with.

So CHAAAAAAAAANGE your presentation.

Stop proclaiming your piece-of-shitness and act like you have some respect for yourself and other people.

Your language is limiting your opportunities in life because you are being judged by regular people for being a POS weirdo because you told on yourself.

Pay Attention

You will notice… And if you haven’t noticed this, go watch “Black Panther” again…..

There. Are. No. Bitches. In. Wakanda.


Think about that….

If you think there were, please tell me who they were! 😀 HAHAHA

Was it Queen Mother Angela Bassett? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Was it Okoye, the personal protector of T’Challa and the head of the Dora Milaje? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Was it James Bond “Q” gadget-creator Shuri? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Even the chick at the museum who had security ineffectively following N’Jadaka around who got drugged and robbed didn’t get called a bitch.

How could bitches evolve in a rich, nurturing environment like Wakanda?

How could women who consider themselves dogs evolve in a rich, nurturing environment like Wakanda?

They can’t. It isn’t possible. No poison enters their system to make people consider themselves trash and demean themselves and each other.

Everyone you know is of respectable lineage.

Your friend’s mother will be treated with the same level of respect you would treat your own family with.

You aren’t blood-related, but you respect your friend, so you will respect his mother and his grandmother and his sister and his daughter.

There is no room in that system of respect for “calling women out they name”.

On top of that, if you do it, ***YOU*** become the pariah and not them.

By attempting to demean respectable women, you can only demean yourself.

This brings us back to what I was saying earlier.

You define yourself to yourself and others via your words and actions, which indicate your thoughts.

If you think this woman is a bitch, you are the one with the mental problem, not her.

You’re telling on yourself that you aren’t a part of this system of respect, and you will be treated as such, and then you will wonder why you don’t get opportunities that were given to other people because you think your behavior is normal when it isn’t.

There aren’t any bitches in Wakanda.

Role Models

Of course detractors are going to argue that Wakanda is fictional. We’ll get to that later in this series. >:D

Let’s step outside of the comic book film into the realm of IRL filmmaking, as we discussed in BillCammack.com/2018/02/20/black-panther-film-discussion-part-03-images-inspiration/

Kids just saw a two hour and fifteen minute long film that had neither bitches nor hoes in it.



Not One.

The women were either royalty, subjects, gadget-makers, or warriors.

Where were the female dogs? 😀 Nowhere. Because they’re only generated in caustic, self-hating environments that have been mentally poisoned and perpetuate self-oppression ad infinitum.

I know people who can’t make ONE. DAMNED. THREE. MINUTE. SONG. without calling women bitches.


“Black Panther” is 135 minutes long.

“Black Panther” is 45 times the length of a music video and portrayed women in a respectful light the entire time.

Think about that…

What’s the difference between them and you? o_O

How come they respect themselves and their community and you can’t / don’t / won’t? o_O


One thing I found funny in some of the “reviews” of “Black Panther” is that people didn’t understand how language was being used socially.

For instance, they didn’t like how Shuri was talking to T’Challa at times.

They thought she was being rude to him, when in fact they were socializing.

It’s called Snapping. Joaning. Playing The Dozens.


The Dozens is a game of spoken words between two contestants, common in black communities of the United States, where participants insult each other until one gives up. It is customary for the Dozens to be played in front of an audience of bystanders, who encourage the participants to reply with more egregious insults to heighten the tension and, consequently, to be more interesting to watch.

The insults themselves are known as “snaps”.

So in the beginning of the film, T’Challa is heading to retrieve Nakia from her undercover mission (which I personally didn’t understand ANY of the uses of their spies, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯).

Shuri tells T’Challa not to freeze up or whatever.

She isn’t giving him orders. She’s snapping, joaning, talking shit.

She knows that T’Challa is sweating Nakia and that he becomes a different person around her, so she’s making fun of him to his face, which is not being rude, but socializing with someone utilizing something one person thinks is extremely funny and the other person “maybe not so much”.

I was out of town and needed to buy jeans for a date, and I didn’t try the jeans on before I bought them and it turned out they didn’t exactly fit. :/

I was hoping that my sister and niece didn’t notice that I was walking without bending my knees, basically because I couldn’t. 😀

I didn’t get over. (get away with it)

I couldn’t even get in a car to drive it without leaning way back and goose-stepping my way into the driver’s seat. 😀

My sister and my niece have snaps on that to this day (and always will).

They aren’t being mean by bringing it up. 😀 They aren’t saying I don’t know how to shop, or anything else. It’s a style of socializing with people by bringing up funny things that at least everyone except the person being snapped on thinks is funny.

Not only is this not caustic, it’s heartwarming. It means that people are comfortable enough to make fun of each other and know that the foundation is love.

Shuri tells T’Challa not to freeze or whatever, and what happens when he sees her?… He freezes just like she said.

Okoye is there to back his play, and when they get back, she reports to Shuri that T’Challa froze, and everyone has a laugh at T’Challa’s expense.

If he doesn’t want to get snapped on, he needs to fix his behavior.

Otherwise, he needs to recognize that he’s providing entertainment value to his friends & family and “eat that” / “take one for the team”.

Bedside Manner

This came up again when Shuri calls Bilbo Baggins “Colonizer”.

That is one of the few instances in the film that I physically laughed out loud! 😀

I didn’t mean to laugh. It just happened, due to the complexity of that scene and statement.

It was funny to me because of all the layers involved in coming up with that snap.

Again, you would have to understand the community to understand that interaction.

When T’Challa, Nakia, and Okoye enter the casino, T’Challa tells them he has a personal relationship with Ross, who is already there. We can assume that Shuri heard this on the comms, as she remotely drove the car later in the scene and was communicating with T’Challa.

When N’Jadaka comes to rescue Klaue, Ross dives to cover Nakia and is wounded, potentially fatally.

Nakia says they have to bring Ross to Wakanda. Okoye’s like nope. T’Challa decides to bring him for treatment.

Shuri saves Ross’ life.

When he wakes up, she’s freely explaining to him what he’s looking at and where he is.

It’s clear from her words and demeanor that she’s feeling friendly towards Ross, meaning that even though it was her duty to save his life, she’s glad he’s alive, and she’s enjoying talking to him.

At some point, she calls him “Colonizer”, which is when I fell out! 😀

First of all, it indicated the isolationist nature of Wakanda because the main significance of Ross to Shuri is that people who “look like him” colonized parts of Africa but not Wakanda.

This is funny because I do basically the same thing.. Meaning that when I go to the store to buy beer, the person I buy it from is “Cashier”.

That person might have a family, might have an education, might run his or her own business, might be a great roller hockey player, might be an excellent singer… Whatever, and none of that matters to me because my relationship to them is “Cashier”.

This was one of the benefits to me of watching “Black Panther”.. I got to experience watching people act the way I act IRL and examine my personal thought patterns and behavior AND laugh at some of them. 😀

Secondly, there was no disputing the snap.

Yes, you could have said that Bilbo wasn’t old enough to have colonized anybody, but from Shuri’s point of view, the only effect people who look like agent Ross ever had on the lives of people she’s paying attention to has been colonization.

It’s like how some Asians would refer to Ross as a Gweilo:


Gweilo or gwailou (Chinese: 鬼佬; Cantonese Yale: gwáilóu, pronounced [kʷɐ̌i lǒu] (About this sound listen)) is a common Cantonese slang term for Westerners. In its unmodified form, it applies on the light skined people and has a history of racially deprecatory use. Cantonese speakers frequently use gwailou to refer to Westerners in general use, in a non-derogatory context, although whether this type of usage is offensive is disputed by both Cantonese and Westerners alike.[1][2]

Gwái (鬼) means “ghost”, and lóu (佬) means “man”. The term gwáilóu therefore literally means “ghostly man”,[3] and is sometimes translated into English as “foreign devil”.[4] The term arose due to Europeans’ pale white complexion, which was seen as being ghost-like.

Thirdly, she was being social and snapping on Ross.

As I mentioned, snapping is reserved for people you’re cool with.

You don’t snap on people that you don’t like unless you want to start a fight.

Her reference to Ross in the terminology she probably usually uses to describe people who look like Ross demonstrates that she’s friendly enough with him to not walk on eggshells, which makes sense as she has just accomplished saving his entire life.

Now… Some of you may be wondering what the difference would have been between Shuri “calling herself out her name” and calling Ross “Colonizer”. 😀

The difference is that referring to Ross as a colonizer has no reflexive effect on Shuri, as Wakanda was never colonized.

She’s calling Ross “You who did things to other people” and not “You who did things to me”.

This is entirely different from women or men demeaning themselves by describing themselves as subhuman.

At the end of the day, Ross was trusted with the fate of the world, as it was his job to remotely fly the plane that took down the Wakandan planes carrying the vibranium weapons that were going to be used to murder people all over the world as revenge for their treatment of N’Jadaka and the people he wanted avenged.

This was facilitated by two things.. Shuri’s technology to remotely control a physical vehicle, which she made possible by attaching a physical device to a plane, and Shuri’s setting the controls up as an American fighter plane, which she knew to do because she had read Ross’ bio and knew he was a Top Gun before he became a government agent.

So Shuri calling Ross “Colonizer” was insanely funny and unexpected. 😀

Knowing the nature of snapping, however, I was clear that she was indicating that she felt enough affinity for him to joan on him like she joans on her own brother, which was part of my personal enjoyment of that interaction.

Fava Beans And A Nice Chianti

Ross caught another bad one when he was piping up and got chumped off by M’Baku! 😀

I don’t remember what Ross was babbling about, but M’Baku told him something like “If you say one more word, I’ll feed you to my children!” 😀 HAHAHA

So Bilbo looks all concerned, and then M’Baku informs him that he’s joking and that his people are vegetarians, and everyone who’s in on the joke in that room starts laughing. 😀

Again… This is snapping.

If they would have had an actual problem with Ross, he would have been dispatched with the quickness as well as the greatest of ease. He posed ZERO threat to M’Baku or anyone else there.

M’Baku was taking full advantage of his perception that Ross perceived him and his people as savages.

Of Course Ross was going to believe that M’Baku was a cannibal.

The funny part is thinking about how the rest of the people in the room must have felt before M’Baku spilled the beans! 😀 hahaha They must have been like “What is he talking about, eating people? o_O” and holding their laughter until the reveal.

This is a way of making fun of Ross, but it’s also a way of putting him at ease for the reasons I mentioned before. M’Baku felt friendly enough towards Ross that he was willing to socialize with him in a snapping fashion.

I mean just the fact that this dude was even IN Wakanda in the first place meant that he was a special person.

Supposedly, Klaue was the only Gweilo to have evAr infiltrated Wakanda, so to see a non-Wakandan standing in front of him, especially escorting The Queen Mother, M’Baku must have recognized that Ross was “down”, so he seized the opportunity to have some fun at Ross’ expense, while also putting him at ease because the shot-caller was joking with him, meaning he would be safe with all of M’Baku’s subjects as well.

In fact, Wakandans were hostile towards, N’Jadaka until they saw his official Wakandan tattoo, so “other” actually applies to ANYONE who isn’t Wakandan, including Africans and blacks.

Help Yourself Help Yourself

For people who are influenced by the actions of people who “look like them”, seeing the fictional kingdom of Wakanda is way less important than seeing the characters in the film demonstrating excellence & success while being intelligent, strong, witty, righteous, and not self-defeating or self-oppressing.

Same thing for seeing the filmmakers excel, receive accolades, carry themselves respectfully, and get PIZAID, SUNNNN!!! 😀

How you feel about yourself sets your own personal ceiling for advancement.

If you think you’re a POS, you’re only going to do what POS do, in which case it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and in the future, you will become what you already lamented that you were.

If you think you’re an intelligent, respectful, decent person, you’ll carry yourself as such, and other decent, respectable people will support you because you’re “us” and not “them”.

If you insist on considering yourself a creep, respectable people are going to treat you like the creep you’re telling us you are.

You will then spiral farther downhill because you believe you deserve things that other people are getting and you don’t understand why you’re being excluded.

Nobody of any value wants to be involved with self-destructive people.

How you present yourself will dictate the opportunities offered to you.

Nobody wants to invest time, money, expertise, & resources towards the advancement of someone who’s eventually going to fumble the ball solely because they believe they’re destined to fumble the ball.

I’m not saying you should fake your life. 😀 I mean if you’re actually a POS and you know that, live that life to your best potential! 😀 HAHAHAHA

I’m saying that if you AREN’T a POS, stop indicating to respectable people that you don’t deserve respect because your words and deeds indicate that you don’t / can’t / won’t respect yourself, your friends, your family, your elders, or anyone else that makes a thriving society what it is.

As popular as it is today to be a garbage human being, your popularity only exists amongst other garbage human beings.

If you want to dwell in the cesspool, do that and enjoy it for as long as you can. 😀

If you want to succeed in life, stop shitting on yourself, carry yourself as the respectable person that you know you can be, and people will rally to help you because they can see that you’re helping yourself.

Continued in “Black Panther” Film Discussion [Part 05: Power]

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