These days there are a lot of people who try to gain fame by telling you how trashy someone else is.

That’s all well & good so long as you want entertainment, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t just as much trash as the people they’re talking about, or worse.

Cannon Fodder

Let’s say I can’t dunk a basketball. (I can’t)

Regardless of how many blog posts and podcasts and videos I make about other people who can’t dunk, that isn’t getting me ONE CENTIMETER CLOSER to being able to dunk.

In fact, I’m losing ground on the ability to dunk because I’m not practicing my “hops” and trying to get a better “vertical”. I’m causing muscle atrophy by sitting at a computer typing or talking nonsense about people who can’t do what I also can’t do.

It’s a distraction. They’re trying to point at other people and say “look over there” so you don’t notice that they’re nobodies who are doing nothing with their lives.

So long as you don’t notice that, if you decide to follow them, YOU TOO will become a nobody who’s doing nothing with your life… or worse.

I say “worse” because a lot of these people talk about things they don’t actually do.

They’re hoping that YOU’RE stupid enough to take their word for what they said and go do something instead of them.

That’s one of the aspects of their impotence. They talk all this brave stuff and then every time they make a video, they’re sitting in the dark in a basement or attic somewhere in the middle of nowhere and nobody ever sees them in the street, MUCH LESS actually doing the things that they’re telling YOU to do.

Not As I Do

Let’s say there’s someone telling you that YOU need to have kids for some odd reason. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Before you take their word for it, make sure **THEY** have kids. o_O

How are they going to tell you about something they’ve never done?

Let’s make it even easier! 😀 Let’s say someone is telling you you should be in a relationship.

Make sure **THEY** are in a relationship.

If they aren’t, don’t accept any excuses why they aren’t, since they’re telling you it’s such an intelligent thing to do.

I’m too young. I haven’t found the right person. I’m too busy with work. blah blah blah excuses excuses

Jebediah & Betty Sue

I live in Manhattan, New York City. The center of the Universe.

If I try to tell you how you should live in the sticks, DO NOT LISTEN TO ME!!! 😀

I can walk 120 steps from my house and be in the supermarket. You might have to get in your car and drive for half an hour to get to the general store or whatever y’all have in the country.

I know a few hundred women in my city. You probably know maybe 15 maximum in your town.

I live with all types of people from all types of places with all kinds of jobs and all kinds of religions including NO RELIGION. You probably live with so-called “whites and blacks”, and it’s an exotic treat for you if you ever see a Japanese chick with your eyes instead of on Netflix.

Do not listen to me if you are looking for advice about how to live in the country because I don’t know how to play that game. 😀 I’d probably be a farmer and married to a chick with two first names. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The point being that if I’m writing or talking about “HA HA HA, LOOK AT JEBEDIAH OVER THERE MILKING COWS! :D”, that doesn’t make me better than a cow-milker.

It also doesn’t mean that I can milk cows better than Jebediah because I’ve never done it.

Just like how talking trash about people who can’t dunk doesn’t mean *I* can dunk.

If I can’t milk cows or dunk, I can’t help you become better at accomplishing either task.

No Wins In Mi Casa

Assuming you’re a follower… The only reason to follow someone is because they have better ideas than you do and they can assist you in achieving your goals more quickly than you could if you utilized your own brain and figured it out for yourself.

If you’re thinking about following someone, pay close attention to how many of their own WINS they tell you about.

This is much more important than them telling you about other people’s LOSSES, because pointing out other people’s shortcomings doesn’t mean they can do any better or can help YOU to do better.

I’m a leader, not a follower, but I read a lot of content from people and I see LOSS, LOSS, LOSS, LOSS, LOSS, LOSS, LOSS, LOSS, LOSS…….

All they do is lose! 😀

You can read someone’s material or watch their videos for an entire year, and they’re still the same loser they were last year when you started.

Do you need to follow someone to be the same person next year that you are right now? o_O


You can be the same person on your own. You don’t need some loser to point out other losers to you so you can temporarily feel better about being a loser. You need a winner to point out how you can do better for yourself than you currently are.

It’s simple mathematics. Subtract who they were last year from who they are now.

Are they living in a better place than they were last year?
Do they have a better job than they had last year?
Do they have more skill in a field of expertise than they had last year?
Did they have kids like they told you to do?
Did they enter a relationship like they told you to do?
Did they marry a chick with two first names like they told you to do?
Are they in any better physical shape than they were last year?
Are they less depressed than they were last year?
Do they have more friends than they had last year?
Do they have better friends than they had last year?
Are they any closer to achieving the goals they claimed they were interested in last year?

What is the difference between the person you’re following TODAY and the person they were 365 days ago?

If the answer is that they’re the same person or worse, STOP. FOLLOWING. THAT. PERSON.

I don’t mean “following” if you find their personal demise entertaining. Enjoy yourself. I’m saying that if you were looking to this person as an example of how YOU can do better in life and THEY AREN’T doing better in life than they previously were, STOP.

Feel Better When You Do Better

There’s a saying “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

Basically, that means that if you do better for yourself and you help people in your community to do better for themselves, everybody wins.

That doesn’t work in the other direction.

Lowering the tide doesn’t sink all ships.

For example.. Let’s say you scored 70% on a test and barely passed with a D. Pointing out the people who scored below 65% and got an F doesn’t increase your score.

You’re still the same D-Grade student you were before you pointed out the F people.

All you can teach people how to do is become a D student like you.

You can’t teach them how to get an A because you don’t know how to do that yourself.

Pointing out losers doesn’t mean YOU aren’t a loser too.

To make matters worse, if the A, B, and C students decided to point you out as a loser, there’s nothing you can do about that because by your own standards, they’re better than you are.

The self esteem boost you might get from pointing out people doing worse than you are doesn’t make you competitive with people who are more intelligent than you are.

All it does is sedate you so you never strive to become an A student because you always have F students to talk trash about.

100 Is Abysmal

Another thing I find funny about people like this is that they have nothing at all to say about people who are better than them by the standards they defined themselves. 😀

They’ll be at the gym talking about “Look at me! 😀 I can curl 100 pounds, and that person over there can only curl 85 pounds! :D”

But then when you point out the person who’s curling 140 pounds, they shut the fuck up and/or try to change the topic.

What’s worse is that people who curl 140 lbs don’t actually give a damn about the people curling 100 enough to talk about them.

What sense does that make? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Why would a MLB player have anything negative to say about a Little League player?

In fact, they should be trying to build that kid up so in the future he might become a MLB player also if he continues to progress and train diligently.

The fact that you, as a 100, feel the need to talk trash about 85s, points you out as the D-Class loser that you are.

What you should be focusing on is helping the 85s become 100s.

This is because a rising tide lifts all boats.

The more 85s you train to become 100s, the more 100s there are to pay it forward and train other 85s to become 100s, and society as a whole improves, to everyone’s benefit.

Respect & Community

Unfortunately, you have a lot of people in life who are only concerned with THEIR benefit and not anyone else’s.

People like this don’t understand community.

Or perhaps they understand community but they don’t see themselves as a part of it.

My community is my family, inner circle, and friends. Outside of that, I’m from Manhattan. Outside of that, I’m from NYC. Outside of that, I’m from New York State. Outside of that, I’m from the Northeast Corridor. Outside of that, I’m from the United States of America.

If I see someone elderly walking towards a door, I’m going to hold it open for them, regardless of whether I know them personally or not.

This is because they’re a part of my community, regardless of what they look like, what their earning potential is, or whether they’re religious or not.

I don’t care. That’s none of my business. I can’t remember one time in my entire life asking anyone if they were religious.

DO NOT FOLLOW people who don’t understand community.

They will lead you into an isolationist trap.

Respect is paid forward. You give it to get it. Not the other way around.

I respect all people until they demonstrate that they don’t deserve respect.

In my experience, more people deserve respect than don’t.

Respecting respectable people is how you build relationships and communities.

The people who are telling you to disrespect people you know nothing about are attempting to drag you down into their personal hell.

If you follow their example and act disrespectfully towards people who don’t deserve it, you mark yourself as a person who deserves to be disrespected and the cycle continues.

If someone doesn’t see themselves as part of a community and you do, STOP FOLLOWING THEM.

Like I said.. I’m an American from the East Coast. Both of my parents were Americans from the East Coast. All four of my grandparents were Americans from the East Coast. My family is registered in the 1870 Census. This is MY community. This is MY country.

If you don’t feel like you’re an American and you’re “stuck” here, let’s set up a kickstarter so we can get you TF up outta here.

If you’re trying to drag the USA down instead of build it up, let’s get you TF up outta here.


Pay attention and remain wary of people who have nothing good to say for themselves.

The goal isn’t to remain a mediocre person and talk trash about people so you can feel better about your uneventful life.

The goal is to uplift yourself AND YOUR COMMUNITY so everyone enjoys a better life together.

Each One, Teach One.

People who aren’t progressing in their own lives can’t help you progress in your own life.

Or, even if they can, a D student can’t raise you from being an F student above being a D student yourself.

If your goal in life is to become a D student, good luck with that.

If your goal in life is to become an A student, find A students to follow.

Also… Be aware that there are lots of D students who have no intention of helping YOU graduate from an F to a D.

The more D students there are, the less special THEY are, and the more likelihood there is that you’ll eventually become a C student and become better than they are by their own standards.

Some D students only want to help you rise to be the best F student you can be.

You still fail.

They still get to count you as someone they can try to gain fame from by telling people how trashy you are.

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