I got some laughs out of this article, so let’s check it out! 😀

”Millennials Discuss Money on a First Date”

“Salary, credit scores, and all things financial are all more likely to be on the table along with the wine and cheese during a first date if you’re a Millennial, according to Bankrate’s Love and Money survey, carried out by YouGov Plc and taken from a sample of 1,221 adults.”

I Care Because?

Soooooo……….. I have no idea where they found these people! 😀

I mean first of all, I neither know nor give a damn what my credit score is, so I can’t actually participate in that conversation.

Second… Maybe I’m spoiled, but you know before you spend time with someone whether they’re broke or not. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Like either you met them at a financial services Christmas party or they served you your hamburger at McDonald’s.

I don’t know how these people are meeting people and they can’t tell how they’re doing in life. o_O

Third… Dudes don’t select chicks to date based on their earning potential.

Like take a second and imagine a dating app where there are no pictures of the chicks, but just statistics of their annual salaries, credit score, and how much debt they’re in.


This is not a business transaction.

Dudes are looking for chicks to spend time with that they like to look at and might enjoy hooking up with.

Nobody cares how much money they make other than broke dudes who are looking for a chick to freeload off of.

I mean what are you supposed to say? o_O

“I couldn’t tell from your pictures whether you’re broke or not. Do you have any earning potential?”

“I’m planning to retire soon. If we hook up, I don’t have to support BOTH OF US, right? o_O”

“I’m behind on my car payments… If I tax that ass like the government, you’ll chip in, right?”

I mean it gets more pathetic the more I consider this…

Would You Like Fries With That?

“However, gender norms die hard: 41% of women are more likely to be rattled if her date makes significantly less than them.”


So you’re telling me that a dude sees a picture of a chick he might like to tag up on and then he invites her on a date and then he takes a practically 50 PERCENT CHANCE that he makes more money than she does although he’s a Millennial and probably makes less money than the computer kiosk screen that takes your order at McDonald’s?


Women need to feel “rattled” if men make no money at all.

I understand the point, however.

Technically, it’s dysgenic for women to procreate with men who are less successful than they are:


Dysgenics (rarely cacogenics)[1] is the study of factors producing the accumulation and perpetuation of defective or disadvantageous genes and traits in offspring of a particular population or species.[2][3]

The adjective “dysgenic” is the antonym of “eugenic”. It was first used c. 1915 by David Starr Jordan, describing the supposed dysgenic effects of World War I.[4] Jordan believed that healthy men were as likely to die in modern warfare as anyone else and that war killed only the physically healthy men of the populace whilst preserving the disabled at home.[5]

This isn’t actually true, but it seems like it is.

People’s ability to earn money in 2019 AD has nothing to do with their physical fitness, intelligence, or viable genes.

It’s as much WHO YOU KNOW as WHAT YOU KNOW, and we live in an information economy at this point, so the ability to earn money says NOTHING about someone’s viability as a companion or sex object.

Some of the best people to spend time with just plain don’t have any earning potential.

Who wants to spend time with a rich jerk instead of a great person who happens to be broke? o_O

I’m not sure what this survey was trying to figure out. 😀

Again, Though… I realize that what the survey is stating is a fact of life.

Women like to “date up”, regardless of how infeasible that is for them.

What cavewoman wants to bear the kids, prepare the food, AND protect the family? 😀

She wants the dude to do SOMETHING useful other than donate sperm.

Fast-Forward to 2019 and women still want to date men taller than they are, richer than they are, and who weigh more than they do. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I Will Gladly Pay You Tuesday…

“Many Millennials vet potential love interests for credit-worthiness, which potentially ensures a happy financial future. A fifth (21%) of women responded that the man’s credit score would have a large impact on their interest in dating him. Overall, 62% of Millennials say a person’s credit score could affect their future interest in going on more dates with that person.”

This depends on a lot of parameters.

First of all, they’re assuming that if people are “dating”, they intend to stay together, procreate, live together, all of that.

I mean how did the chick become broke to begin with? o_O

Was she doing the right thing and making good money and then something befell her where her circumstances changed for the negative and permanently?

Did she make a poor investment like getting suckered into a home loan that she couldn’t pay for?

A chick having bad credit doesn’t mean she doesn’t have any earning potential and it doesn’t mean she’ll syphon all of your money if you assume responsibility for funding her lifestyle.

Second.. Look at it the other way… 😀 How do YOU look asking a chick about her finances on a first date? (or any date)

You look like a gold digger. You look like some broke dude trying to make a come-up.

If you’re that desperate, how many other chicks are you trying to get money from?

Third, if you’re on a date AT ALL, you should be able to afford chicks.

This reminds me of dudes that get chicks pregnant and they can’t afford kids. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Third, some chicks are only monetarily viable until they meet a guy they can leech off of and then they quit their jobs and increase their spending.

Fourth, what if her credit is good because her ex-husband is paying for everything, and then it runs out and you’re left holding the bag? 😀

I mean I just can’t find a good reason to get into this discussion with a chick.


”When it comes to paying for dates, younger generations expect more of a partnership rather than an old-fashioned wooing. Of Millennials, 37% expect they’ll split the bill on the first date, and 39% of Generation Z feels the same.”

This is why you want to make sure to go on a Date Zero.

It’s definitely worth $20 to find out if you’re physically compatible with a chick.

Not meaning hooking up, I mean the difference between her picture and actually being around her.

Meet up for something brief and inexpensive.

If you still feel like spending time with her after that, check your wallet! 😀

Splitting the check isn’t a good idea if it was YOUR IDEA to go on the Date Zero.

You’re paying for the information you require to move forward or to cease & desist.

Whether you end up liking her or not, the value is worth your investment.

”Still, it’s hard to shake old attitudes. More than half of women (54%) still think it’s proper for their date to pay for everything the first time around, and 70% of men expect they’ll pick up the check on a first outing.”

That depends on whether it’s a “date” or a “hangout”.

If it’s a date, you’re trying to show the chick you can afford to date her.

That doesn’t mean you have to spend a bunch of money, but you have to have enough Disposable Income to be able to show her a good time.

Meaning what **SHE** considers to be a good time, not what YOU consider to be a good time.

If you know what you’re doing, you can show her a good time for free.

If you don’t know how to do that, prepare to pay. 😀

Also, it doesn’t make sense to select somewhere expensive to go and then expect her to pay for half of it when it wasn’t her idea to go to that place to begin with.

She’s REALLY not going to accept any of your invitations after that because she has no idea how much of her budget you’re going to drain this time.

Keep it inexpensive. Pay for the first date.

Chess Not Checkers

Having said that… 😀 Other stuff is supposed to happen….

When you offer to pay, she’s supposed to offer to split the bill with you.

If she doesn’t offer, that could be a good thing or a bad thing! 😀

She might not have offered because she didn’t have a good time = Bad.

She might not have offered because she’s hoping YOU consider it a date instead of a hangout = Good.

If she DOES offer, that could be a good or bad thing! 😀

She might have offered because she doesn’t want you to think this was a date = Bad.

She might not have offered because she derived value from your company and wants to split the expense = Good.

REGARDLESS… If you structured your Date Zero properly, $20 isn’t going to break your bank, so thank her and politely decline her offer to chip in, which makes you the host of the evening.

After you decline her offer, she may say she’ll buy next time.

THIS is where you want to be! 😀

Regardless of whether you “let her” pay for the next one or not, she’s indicating she’d like to see you again, AND that she’s willing to pay for the fun next time, which is fantastic! 😀

If she does, politely inform her you’ll look forward to that.

Regardless, “who pays?” is not the point according to the big picture.

“Did we have a good time?” “Do we plan to do this again?” is the big picture.

Rough Diamond

Another problem with this article’s theory is that the chick might be financially irresponsible because nobody taught her better.

She might not understand how finances work, such as you aren’t actually BUYING a house.. You’re agreeing to pay for that house every single month for the next 30 years. o_O

She might not understand that when you get money from an ATM from your credit card, your finance charges start IMMEDIATELY and don’t end until you clear the balance on that card.

She might not understand that purchasing things on credit and not immediately paying it off can mean that she’s paying $900 for a $400 television.

She might not understand that you want to get rid of all your debt BEFORE you go on a vacation.

She might not understand that her friends are broke because they spend all of their money on clothes and cars to pretend that they aren’t broke.

So if you’re going to bother to bring up finances in a “dating” situation, you’d better be prepared with some solutions to her problems if you uncover any.

Also, if you thought she was the secretary and then it turns out she owns the company, you might be short.

If you think she’s unemployed and then you find out she sold her startup for $1MM, you might be short.

If she knows more than you do about business and finance, you might be short.

There is basically NO REASON to discuss finances on a date. 😀

Are you looking for an investor or a chick you want to spend intimate time with? o_O

Are you going to ask her for a loan or invite her over for Netflix ’N Chill? o_O

What happens if you find out she makes more money than you do? Are you going to get a 2nd job?

What happens if you find out she’s broke? You aren’t physically attracted to her anymore?

It’s tough enough to match romantic interests and actually liking each other as human beings without invoking the caste system.

Maybe I’ll try this sometime…

Maybe I’ll ask some chick what her credit score is so she can tell me to mind my own business…

I could follow it up by saying my Netflix ran out so could I get a profile on her account?…….

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