Two days from now, we will witness the end of “Game of Thrones”.

I knew the series was going to be something special when Sean Bean got whacked in the first season because Sean’s tha man, so for him to go out so soon, you knew all hell was going to break loose.

I honestly didn’t believe it all the way until his head was actually chopped off.

I’m a video editor, so nothing at all surprises me about 99% of what I watch on television, but I was literally scanning every corner of the screen for where the SAVE was going to come from, and Sean would continue in the series after this close call and CHOP!!! :O \o/

At some point, I read the “Cliff’s Notes” of how the story went in the books, as I wasn’t interested enough to read the books, but I was too interested to wait for this series to play out for years and years.

Spoilers to follow…




As far as the books are concerned, Arya never returned from Braavos.

Therefore, there was complete license for the show to do whatever they wanted with her character.

I’m glad they brought her back to Westeros, and for the most part, I like what they did with her character.

I feel like she was immensely underutilized, however, as they revealed her true power when she took full & total revenge for the “Red Wedding”, Whacking Walder Frey and everybody who had anything to do with killing her family.

I was looking forward to more stealth assassinations, but we didn’t get any. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

She was on her way to kill Cercei, but then she found out from Hot Pie that Jon was at Winterfell, she went there instead.

Nobody needed killing there other than Littlefinger, so mostly she was inert until the major battle.

During the battle, she got quite busy, but then she resorted to sneaking around a library for some unknown reason.

I realize the point was for her to end up in the room where Melisandre told her about the eyes, which sparked her to finish off The Night King, and I realize from watching the behind-the-scenes (BTS) content that they needed that library scene to break up the action during the battle, but it just didn’t make any sense.

I was hoping for a Cersei-kill by Arya masquerading as Qyburn, but I suppose after having her off all of the Frey affiliates simultaneously and also destroying The Night King, having her bag Cersei also would have been overkill… Though Daenerys has now put herself on the chopping block with her Mad King impression, roasting innocent Senior Citizens, women, and children.

I’m not sure what I think is going to happen to or for Arya in the final episode.

All I know is they can’t let Daenerys get away with what she just did.


Daenerys’ character has been written rather strangely in the past couple of episodes.

Everything we’ve seen her do until now is killing tyrants in order to free oppressed people.

Suddenly, she’s really really really interested in sitting on a throne she never sat on before. o_O

I don’t personally see what the value of that is, based on how they wrote her character from the beginning.

Like imagine that she wins the game… Now what? Who cares? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Her entire spiel was that she was freeing the people from oppression by tyrants and then AFTER they surrender the city to her, she gets some weirdo look on her face and starts killing everybody and knocking the entire city down that contains the throne she’s been dying to sit on.

It doesn’t make any sense.

She should have ridden the dragon directly to the tower and char-broiled Cersei and left the rest of the city and the people alone.

Of course she was mad that Cersei beheaded Missandei. So was Grey Worm.

I still don’t see how that translates to killing innocent people instead of making sure she killed Cersei and The Mountain.

I also can’t see GoT letting her get away with this, as she’s proven herself to NOT be exactly what she claimed she wanted to be.

It was also strange how she became obsessed with Jon not informing the world that he’s the true heir.

On the one hand, she’s so into hooking up with Jon even though she’s his aunt… And on the other, all she seems to care about is whether he stays quiet so she can rule although she knows that by the way things actually work, she can’t be the ruler if Jon’s alive.

It would have made more sense if she attempted to kill Jon than to keep trying to give him some.

Also, for all the experience she has, she sucks at riding dragons for military effect.

All of the enemy should have been burnt to a crisp before the Dothraki rushed in there with their flaming swords and got silenced.

She and Jon should have focused on burning the undead dragon to a crisp right off the bat.

Their dragons should have lit the trench so Melisandre didn’t have to do it.

The opposing fleet should have been destroyed when they shot the first arrow at the dragon.

I recognize that GoT had to create a script, but their dragon utilization entirely broke immersion.

I think Daenerys gets whacked by Arya in the final episode. With the current 2019 Political Correctness climate, I don’t see her winning after what she did to the innocent people of King’s Landing.


Now that we know Jon is actually a Targaryen, the entire series seems like one of those Greek stories where some dude is destined for something, and regardless of what happens, he arrives at Teh Win.

Jon running up on the undead, blue-fire-breathing dragon and yelling at it was the most ridiculous, ineffective, suicidal thing I saw.

Had Arya not whacked The Night King, Jon would have been blue toast.

Jon had already been killed at the wall. Melisandre brought him back.

Jon was supposed to die in battle, his sister saved his life with Littlefinger’s troops.

Jon was supposed to die as a baby but Ned Stark claimed him and protected him.

Jon was supposed to die when he was in the water beyond the wall, but Uncle Benji put him on his horse.

I think the best thing Jon did was save the Wildlings from The Night King.

Speaking of which.. Running up on The Night King in a field full of corpses when he’s already seen him raise the dead was extremely stupid, and Jon should have died there also.

Overall, Jon is SAVED more than he SAVES.

This would be a boring end to GoT, as it’s so predictable.

Jon can’t take it that Daenerys murdered all those innocent people at King’s Landing, and he has to turn against her, setting up him and EVERYBODY against her and The Unsullied.

Also, I know how those Europeans get down in all of those incestuous Ancient Rome stories and whatnot, but as soon as Jon found out Daenerys was his aunt, he should have been like EWWW! 😀

Instead, he keeps mentioning that she’s his queen and he doesn’t want the throne (which he doesn’t), and he keeps backing off when she presses up on him but he never tells her to cut it out because they’re blood-related.

Why bring this up in the series if it’s like who cares?

The whole series, Jaime and Cersei were incesting it up, so I get that it would make sense if Jon didn’t care because Westeros people just get down like that.

Still, Jon finds out from his brother and his best friend something that he can’t even personally confirm, accepts it as word is bond, and then tells Daenerys about it and then refuses to keep it a secret even though she tells him that regardless of what he wants, THE PEOPLE are going to want a male to sit on the throne instead of a female.

I mean basically, they never explain why Daenerys is obsessed with being the throne-sitter when the only other potential ruler is telling her that he defers to her.

She seems really concerned with THE PEOPLE thinking she’s their ruler, but then she proceeds to burn thousands of THE PEOPLE to death for no reason at all.

I think Jon lives through the final episode, but since he isn’t a Stark, he doesn’t accept the throne.

That leaves Bran, Arya, and Sansa as the throne-sitters, with neither Bran nor Arya giving a damn.



Obviously, Bran isn’t “Bran” anymore, as he’s said several times.

Therefore, new-Bran doesn’t want to sit on a throne and do boring things when he can see all things simultaneously.

Ain’t Nobody Gots No Time Fo Dat.

It was extremely strange to have them in a strategy meeting saying how The Night King was going to seek Bran out, and then he was placed somewhere random (under that tree) with Theon and a few Redshirts protecting him.

Bran should have been inside the castle or whatever, forcing The Night King to enter if he wanted to kill him.

OR….. Bran should have been the bait with a crew specifically lying in wait for The Night King to take their chances killing him.

Also, Bran foreshadowed Daenerys not being able to roast The Night King when they asked him about fire and he said he has no information because nobody had ever tried it.

They scripted Bran flying around as ravens, but they never told us what the significance was.

Bran never saw anything that he could tell anybody else about. It was all for his own information.

It didn’t help the dragons. It didn’t help the people. It didn’t help Arya.

Bran can’t become the throne-sitter.


Sansa has been trying to gain power for a long time.

She aligned herself with Littlefinger, and has been going along to get along for years.

Sansa is an actual Stark, so if Arya whacks Daenerys, I can see Sansa as the throne-sitter, though that would be extremely boring.

Sansa has been molded more by what’s happened to her than by what she’s done.

Jon had already left The North in good hands with her when he went to accept Daenerys’ invitation, so it makes sense that if he’s supposed to be the throne-sitter, he gives it to Sansa.

I don’t see Sansa caring about The People, but at least she isn’t Cersei or Daenerys.

Having said all that, she’s guilty of betraying her oath not to tell anyone what Jon told her.

Sansa told Tyrion who told Varys who sent ravens to we-don’t-know-whom and Varys got whacked for it.

Jon will be mad at Sansa AND Daenerys will be mad at Sansa.


Tyrion got over when his brother Jaime got buried underground with Cersei.

Otherwise, Daenerys would have found out that he released his brother, which would have been fatal strike #3 for Tyrion as she had already warned him that the next time he failed her would be the last time he failed her.

They have scripted Tyrion’s character differently in recent episodes, which might be setting him up to be the ultimate throne-sitter.

He’s obviously appalled at what Daenerys did, and he may be instrumental in her demise.

He isn’t the scoundrel he began as, and he was working with Varys to place a right, just, and fair ruler on the throne.

He may end up being that ruler himself.

More likely, Daenerys’ troops will probably tell her that Jaime disappeared after Tyrion went to see him and ordered the troops to leave them alone, so she might toast him like Varys.


Yet another storyline that didn’t make any sense was Bronn arriving to threaten both Jaime and Tyrion because Cersei hired him to kill both of them.

Jaime had already given Bronn money, but he wanted land.

Cersei offered Bronn land AFTER he risked his life saving Jaime from getting toasted by the dragon.

Bronn accepted and arrived with a crossbow to threaten and extort Jaime & Tyrion.

Tyrion offered Bronn more land than Cersei did, which Bronn accepted and walked away, telling both of them not to get killed.

Jaime got buried underground with Cersei and their latest unborn inbred kid.

Bronn has to come back in the final episode to try to collect from Tyrion, at which case he will probably be hired to attempt to kill Daenerys and get roasted in the process.

OR they will use Bronn to save Tyrion from a bad situation, such as being surrounded by The Unsullied.

Bronn is a weirdo who always seems to want a lot of stuff but he never knows why.

He wants gold, land, blah blah and then he’s still running around causing trouble so he can get more stuff.


Speaking of weirdos, Jaime is probably King Weirdo.

Having fathered multiple kids with his own sister, Cersei, he also pushed Bran off the wall, causing him to become paralyzed and eventually the 3-Eyed Raven.

Jaime has been caught by his enemies multiple times.

He’s also had several changes of demeanor, between evil and decent.

He seems to want to do good things but he’s obsessed with supporting his evil, no-good sister Cersei.

Not only did he get buried alive, but before that he got carved up by this pirate that appeared out of thin air and walked out of the water behind him after the pirate’s fleet had been toasted and destroyed by Daenerys on a dragon.

It was really pretty stupid. We have no idea where the pirate came from or why he was precisely at the location where Tyrion told Jaime to escape with Cersei.

It also isn’t clear why the pirate thought Cersei’s kid was his when there’s no way Tyrion could have known about the pregnancy but he yelled it in front of everybody when he was trying to get Cersei to surrender instead of putting the people of King’s Landing in danger.

It ALSO isn’t clear why that was a plot line to begin with.

The pirate seemed to be obsessed with getting things of no value. Really weakly-written character.

Jaime was definitely going to die anyway, as many times as the pirate had stabbed him, but he survived long enough to lead Cersei to their underground burial site.

He seemed to like Brienne, most likely because she was honorable and brave, but he was determined to throw away his interactions with her to return to King’s Landing to save his sister from herself even though she had just sent Bronn to kill him.

Like I keep saying, none of this stuff makes any sense. 😀


Gendry has a chance of being the throne-sitter.

He’s the son of Robert Baratheon, who was hidden from Cersei in the same way that Jon was hidden from Robert, and for the same reasons of being related by blood to a throne-sitter.

Daenerys legitimized Gendry at the banquet after the fight against The Night King and gave him land, so he may be a character in the final episode whom Daenerys allows near her, assuming this episode’s script makes her stupid enough to get near ANYBODY from Westeros after what she did.

Gendry has Arya’s support so he has an on-deck assassin.

Gendry has Jon’s support as well, although not necessarily as a ruler.


Cersei went out like a sucker.

Yet another nonsensical plot line.

As calculating as she was this entire time, starting with having kids with her own brother Jaime and pretending that they were Robert Baratheon’s kids, they scripted her standing there watching a dragon tear down her entire city instead of evacuating tout de suite.

By the time she left, the building fell down on her.

Not before The Mountain unceremoniously ended Qyburn.

Not before The Hound mutually-assured-destructed The Mountain.

Cersei should have been long gone before any of that happened.

In fact, as soon as they started ringing the bells, she should have broken North with no delay.

Even if she survived the cave-in with Jaime, nobody cares. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

She blew her wad hiring the mercenaries that got toasted by the dragon and then immediately overrun by The Unsullied.

The best she could have hoped for was an anonymous, broke life with her brother Jaime and their latest kid, in some location that wasn’t Westeros… Probably Essos.


We need to know who Varys was sending raven messages to.

We need to know why Varys left his two rings behind when he correctly figured he was about to get toasted.

He was informing SOMEONE that Jon was a Targaryen and the true heir.

Jon told Sansa told Tyrion told Varis, so it isn’t any of them.

Bran told Sam told Jon told Daenerys, so it isn’t any of them.

Yara Greyjoy is back on The Iron Islands, but she doesn’t have much strength to do anything about a raven message sent by Varys.

Jon told Arya.

Cersei and Jaime are buried under rubble with Jaime bleeding out.

House Tyrell and the leadership of Dorne have been wiped out.

If Varys was sending to Essos, that could mean the Iron Bank or the assassins in Braavos.

He could also have been sending to The Citadel.

However, as strangely as all of these storylines have been scripted, remain prepared for an amazingly cheap shot by the writers:

I mentioned earlier that Jon was supposed to die but his sister Sansa saved him with Littlefinger’s troops.

Except Littlefinger doesn’t have any troops.

Also, Littlefinger got whacked by Arya, so even if he had troops, he doesn’t have them anymore.

They’re called the Knights of the Vale.

Littlefinger had to get his troops from Robin Arryn, that bratty kid Sansa had to spend time with in the Vale.

Depending on how many losses the Knights of the Vale took against The Night King, Varys could have been sending ravens to Robin Arryn, the Warden of the East.

This could set Robin up for an ultimately corny win, as Daenerys definitely has to go, and the winner will be decided with ground troops or diplomacy.

Loose Ends

Another potential ending to the series is that nobody sits on the throne, especially since Daenerys may have buried the throne under rubble with her shenanigans.

Maybe Jon gets it, refuses it, and allows the people to govern themselves as they choose.

Daenerys is basically dead as soon as she isn’t protected by her last dragon and/or Grey Worm.

Sansa has the support of the people in the North, but not necessarily the people in the South.

The Wildlings have returned to living above the broken-down wall.

Jon will revoke his support for Daenerys after what she did.

The undead to the North have been conquered. The South has also been conquered.

What’s left is Civil War.

I’d rather not see Robin Arryn appear out of obscurity to win. *yawn*

There’s also the potential for a team-up win suggested by reader Louis A., in which Sansa & Tyrion get back together to rule Westeros.

That would make good sense and a decent ending, as the South would be on board under house Lannister and the North would be on board under house Stark.

Daenerys is dead. Jon returns North of the wall to live with the Wildlings, potentially flying there on the last dragon ( See what I did there? 😀 ), or riding off on a horse.

Congrats to the Game of Thrones team for crafting a technical masterpiece.

The recent scripting, on the other hand, is haphazard.

We’ll see if they can pull out a win in the final episode.

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