ok… 😀

After the penultimate episode, there was NO WAY they were going to be able to craft an interesting final episode, but I watched it anyway. 😀

Let’s check my predictions from






“I think Jon lives through the final episode, but since he isn’t a Stark, he doesn’t accept the throne.”

“Daenerys is dead. Jon returns North of the wall to live with the Wildlings, potentially flying there on the last dragon ( See what I did there? 😀 ), or riding off on a horse.”

Like I said in my previous article, Jon would have been the boring choice for the win, especially since so many people had to save him so many times in order for him to make it to the final episode, INCLUDING his NOT BEING SAVED and Melisandre had to bring him back to life.

I already felt this way last episode, but they really overdid the “She is my Queen” part and the “I love her” part **AFTER** Jon found out Daenerys was his aunt.

Jon ends up **STILL** not being the hero because he only jigged Daenerys because Tyrion forced him to pay attention to reality.

Of course Jon, who had already died for what he believed in, was willing to DIE AGAIN for what he believed in.. “His Queen” who “He Loves”… But fortunately he wasn’t willing to have all the innocent people of Westeros and the rest of the world die with him because he wasn’t willing to whack her when he had the chance.

Also, cornily, Daenerys said EXACTLY THE SAME THING that Jon said when Tyrion was programming him. zzzzzzzzz

Tyrion: “Do you think your sisters are going to bend the knee?”

Jon: “They don’t get to choose.”

Daenerys: “They don’t get to choose.”

Jon: *Hold This*

At the end he left with the Wildlings, but that was an easy one, as he had told Tormund that he wished he could have gone with them North of the wall. zzzzzzzzz

I still feel like Jon was a pawn in the game.

One of those characters that is being ushered along by fate or destiny who can’t actually lose, but simultaneously isn’t the ultimate winner.

He’s more like a distraction and a catalyst.


I told y’all in the last article this chick had to GO! 😀

”Jon will revoke his support for Daenerys after what she did.”

“Daenerys is basically dead as soon as she isn’t protected by her last dragon and/or Grey Worm.”

“I think Daenerys gets whacked by Arya in the final episode.”

“With the current 2019 Political Correctness climate, I don’t see her winning after what she did to the innocent people of King’s Landing.”

This was easily the most problematic and ill-written character (miswritten?… poorly-written?…) in the entire series.

The whole time, Daenerys had focused her wrath on the people who specifically deserved it, and then when Cersei has The Mountain chop Missandei’s head off, Daenerys burns EVERYBODY who had nothing to do with her best friend’s murder, AFTER the bells were already ringing indicating that the city had surrendered.

Yes I know she’s supposed to be a descendant of The Mad King, so they were trying to say she was The Mad Queen, but it was corny. Not believable at all.

She had been going from place to place, freeing people from tyrants, specifically.

The last tyrant was Cersei, who got killed accidentally by falling rubble, so Daenerys didn’t get the legitimate credit for that kill.

She’s talking to her Dothraki (How does she still have Dothraki after they got silenced in the fight against the Night King?) about taking over Westeros to Dorne blah blah there aren’t any tyrants there.

She was saying she intended to get rid of anybody else who claimed they were a ruler on Westeros, which obviously meant Sansa, so Jon was going to have to get rid of Daenerys.

Of course, Jon wouldn’t have known what she said because he doesn’t speak that language.

The writers gave ZERO MOTIVATION for her to be so interested in being the one ruler of an entire land.

Her motivation until the very very end of the series was to free people who felt they were being mistreated.

Also, Daenerys was SOOO CONCERNED that THE PEOPLE would want Jon to be the ruler if they found out he was the last male Targaryen that she tried to get him not to tell his sisters several times, but then she proceeded to burn up thousands of innocent people, so how much did she really care about the opinion of the people? o_O

On top of that, the writers had scripted this entire scene where Tyrion tells Daenerys that Varys has betrayed her and Daenerys correctly informs Tyrion that the only way Varys could have betrayed her is if **Jon** had betrayed her… So how is it that she still felt perfectly comfortable being alone with him after she killed all those innocent people and imprisoned Tyrion for treachery and imminent execution? o_O

No Face.. No Case..¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Daenerys should have been protected 100% of the time by Grey Worm and his soldiers.

She has no fighting skills at all and was barely able to help out Ser Jorah Mormont while he was defending her life from the undead.

Unless she was on a dragon flying around, she wasn’t safe AT ALL, so there’s no way Jon should have been left alone with her.

I was hoping she was going to sit down on the throne and Arya had placed some kind of poisoned needle there (not the sword, an actual needle).

She never sat on the throne before she walked back to talk to Jon, who put her lights out.

I had REALLY wanted and expected another Arya stealth-kill, but we didn’t get that.

As a video editor, I’m sitting there going “All we need now is for this dragon to take the body away and…” et voila, the dragon absconds with Daenerys’ body, so I’m like NOW WE’RE IN BUSINESS!!! NO EVIDENCE!!! 😀 😀 😀

……. Next thing you know, SOMEHOW, Grey Worm found out Daenerys was dead, BUT NOT ONLY THAT!!! He found out that Jon had stabbed her to death. grrrrrrrrr

So the whole time before the dragon took her away, I’m like get the dagger. Get the dagger. Get the dagger. Get the dagger. Get the dagger. Oh well who cares, the Dragon flew away with the evidence. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and then it’s suddenly weeks later and Jon has been a PRISONER for some odd reason that I can’t fathom. o_O

Let’s see… Cersei kills Grey Worm’s girlfriend and Grey Worm kills THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE, and then Grey Worm mysteriously finds out that Jon has killed HIS QUEEN and takes him prisoner? o_O


This writing was like please give me a break.

Then TYRION wasn’t even killed, but he was brought to the bigwig meeting while Grey Worm refused to bring Jon? o_O

First of all, Jon should have retrieved the dagger.

Second, the dragon should have roasted him, dagger or not.

Third, Jon shouldn’t have gotten caught because there wasn’t any evidence unless the dragon flew to Grey Worm like “Check this out, here”, which we never saw.

Fourth, Jon wouldn’t have gotten caught because Arya would have been lurking about so she could ninja anybody who tried to capture or kill him.

I just don’t see how the dragon thought it was cool that his mother, Daenerys was laying there dead with a knife in her and Jon happened to be there… Did the dragon think someone else did it? o_O


Bronn came back and was basically comic relief, having been paid off by Tyrion for not killing him like Cersei had hired him to.

We never found out who Varys was writing to, so that was a waste of his time and his character’s life.

Gendry was siting there representing House Baratheon.

Sam was there representing house Tarly.

Ser Davos was there, and he deserved to be, as a trusted advisor and someone who made many things happen in the series, such as getting Melisandre to bring Jon back to life and helping Jaime escape to King’s Landing.

Jaime & Cersei were confirmed killed by falling rubble, although there were lots of areas down there where they would have lived if they hadn’t been standing where they were… It wasn’t tough for Tyrion to walk right over to them to grieve.

Grey Worm apparently sailed off to free and protect Missandei’s people like he had told her he would… Although realistically, he would have killed Jon immediately for killing Daenerys.

I was glad that Ser Brienne of Tarth (knighted by Jaime) filled in his exploits in the book because she knew of so much that he did that nobody else knew about.

Also, I figured Sam was joking when he said Tyrion wasn’t mentioned in the historical story, but we weren’t told whether he was kidding or not.


I thought Tyrion might have teamed up with Sansa to rule Westeros after they had been hiding out together in the crypt.

Speaking of which, that was another ill-conceived scene when they pulled out the knife while they were hiding and then they never used it.

The writers did a much better job with Tyrion’s personality arc than Daenerys’.

You could tell he was changing as a person as far as what he wanted to happen.

He was becoming the person that Bran would insist become The Hand of The King, which I believe is Tyrion’s third “Handship”.. Cersei, Daenerys, Bran.

Tyrion crafted the entire final scene by quitting being Daenerys’ Hand, forcing Jon to go see him, in which situation he programmed Jon to kill Daenerys and then Tyrion programmed the bigwigs to select Bran as their King.

I think his character was well-written and of course very well acted.


As I said in the previous article, according to the books, Arya never came back, so what we received from the character as far as affecting the Westeros action was ALL BONUS!!! 😀

She was going to kill Cersei, but Daenerys accidentally killed Cersei with falling rubble.

She was going to kill Daenerys, but Jon killed Daenerys first.

I thought she was going to go back to Braavos, but she decided to go in the other direction to the West to discover what if anything was over there.

Of course we can look forward to an Arya series if these same people get more budget to make films.

Very well acted character. Underwritten in the final season for my taste, but yes yes yes yes yes that Night King kill was GLORIOUS!!!!! 😀 😀 😀


This character was extremely weirdly written. o_O

It seemed like the writers couldn’t decide whether Bran could see the past, the present, or the future.

If bran could see the present, he should have been able to tell Daenerys and Jon EXACTLY where The Night King was with his dragon so they could have gotten rid of him right off the bat and none of that war against the undead had to occur.

Instead, they had Bran sitting under the tree flying around as ravens TO ZERO EFFECT WHATSOEVER ON THE WAR.


Then, Bran isn’t Bran anymore and has said so several times and he isn’t interested in anything at all.

I don’t see how the writers thought it would be interesting to have someone (someTHING?) who doesn’t care at all win the game. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

It WAS slightly crafty that they made the dragon melt the throne and then the game-winner automatically had his own throne.

How did they decide to script Bran ASKING MORTALS where the dragon is when they just finished having him say that he can see everything that’s happening and everything that has happened? 😀 😀

I mean this is like when they had the writers’ strike during that season of “Heroes”.

The way they have Bran acting is as if he can see the future. He isn’t surprised by anything that occurs.

When Tyrion nominates him, Bran says something like “What did you think I came all this way for?”

When Sansa told her uncle to sit TF down, I figured they were all going to nominate her and then she would pardon Tyrion, but then Tyrion decided on Bran for a reason I can’t imagine other than that’s what they told the actor to say in the script.

Also, it was corny that all those people agreed to Bran and then Sansa was like nah.

Of course “Bran” complied because a) he doesn’t give a damn, and b) Sansa’s his older sister.

Very Very Extremely Boring decision for a winner, but at the end of the day, Jaime did everyone a favor by pushing Bran off the tower.

I do have to say that I enjoyed every. single. frame. of the “I don’t give a flying $&#^ what you’re talking about” look that Bran was giving EVERYBODY all season! 😀 😀


As I suspected, Sansa ended up as the winner of Game of Thrones, but sort of the co-winner with Bran/Raven.

I thought she might be the co-winner with Tyrion, but basically she is because Tyrion is Hand of The King at the end of the day, and he’s managing 6 of the kingdoms while Sansa is The Queen of The North (1 kingdom, for a total of 7).

Sansa went through probably the most changes of any of the characters and the actress did a great job.

I felt like they scripted her too coldly for this final season.

She had been sneaky and ambitious for a couple of seasons, which suited her.

By this season, she seemed to feel like she deserved things instead of she was working for things, which I felt made her character 1-dimensional.

I really really really really didn’t like that they scripted her swearing to Jon she wouldn’t tell anyone his secret and then immediately told Tyrion.

That indicates that she has no honor.

I’m not a fan of a dishonorable person winning the game.

Had they found a different way for Sansa to tell Tyrion, I would have respected the win.

At least when Sansa requests forgiveness from Jon, he only says she saved The North and never verbally forgives her.

Then again, Jon wasn’t the strongest-willed character as I’ve already mentioned, so that wasn’t as satisfying for me as it could have been.


One of the myriad things I found odd about this scriptwriting was that the most important thing that happened was when Arya whacked The Night King in Episode 03 and the series finale was Episode 06.

I didn’t imagine they’d have the battle against the undead BEFORE they unified Westeros.

Cersei was a non-factor, as the only reason she was able to pay back the Iron Bank was that they sacked House Tully and somewhere else simultaneously, stole all their stuff, and gave it to the Iron Bank’s representative.

Because of this, she was able to procure something like 20,000 troops which were immediately scorched by Daenerys’ dragon, so her money was gone AND her troops were gone and Cersei died unceremoniously from falling bricks.

Had Jon not whacked Daenerys, she and the Dothraki and the Unsullied would easily have decimated Westeros, including Sansa at Winterfell.

To what end I have no idea. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I don’t see what the “end of the day” was for Daenerys.

It should have been that the bells rang, meaning she could take over the city and roast Cersei, Qyburn and The Mountain for executing Missandei, and then she would have ruled the entire South and Jon had already bent the knee as far as the North and the game was over.

Had they done that first, the living could have made a united stand against the dead for a REAL series finale.

Having said all that, the series itself is amazing and a masterpiece and extremely well done and everyone involved deserves the credit and accolades they’re receiving. 😀

Now that I’ve seen it all, I can see myself watching some of the episodes from all of the seasons again, as there were some FANTASTIC MOMENTS over the years.

Script-wise, they somehow painted themselves into a corner.

The only two who wanted the win were Sansa & Daenerys.

Daenerys disqualified herself by murdering thousands of innocent civilians and already-surrendered troops.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Bran was basically a “gotcha”. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

On the one hand, blood-wise, he was a Stark.

On the other hand, he seems to have been possessed by The 3-Eyed Raven, who is a greenseer, or a wise man & magician/clairvoyant member of the Children of the Forest.

The point being that the Children of the Forest aligned with the First Men to fight against and defeat the White Walkers in the War for the Dawn, which occurred 8,000 years before Game of Thrones.

So by having Sansa and Possessed Bran controlling Westeros, you once again have the alliance of the First Men with the Children of the Forest.

It makes sense at the end of the day, but you have to dig and research for it as opposed to if it had been made clear due to the scripting of the actual final season of the series.

I would have rather seen the reverse.

Reunite the Children of the Forest with the First Men and then reenact the War for the Dawn to end the series with Arya vanquishing The Night King for the ultimate triumphant win.

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