Bros Before Hoes (Guy Code)

“Bros Before Hoes” is generally misinterpreted to mean that anybody who is male gets preferential treatment in any situation where he’s in active or passive competition with a female. An example of this is this 2008 election t-shirt design featuring Joe Biden and Sarah Palin: This is not actually what Bros Before Hoes means, or … Continue reading “Bros Before Hoes (Guy Code)”

Bros Before Hoes? [RW:DC, Part 02]

“Bros Before Hoes” essentially means that when a guy has to make a decision between a guy he knows and a girl he knows, he should side with the guy by default or general principle. This is based on the often-accurate assumption that the guy is actually your friend, while the girl ISN’T your friend, … Continue reading “Bros Before Hoes? [RW:DC, Part 02]”

Jersey Shore Double-Header [Part 02]

Part 02 of this week’s Jersey Shore double-header starts off with Jenni calling her boyfriend, apologizing to him for not calling him the night before. According to the edit, she had spent the night before kickin’ it with her ex-boyfriend, Roger, and partying all night, like she’s supposed to when she’s on vacation “down the … Continue reading “Jersey Shore Double-Header [Part 02]”

Jersey Shore Double-Header [Part 01]

For some reason, they decided to double-up on Jersey Shore episodes this week. I might have missed the Monday show, but Steph reminded me and I added it to my DVR list. Monday’s extra episode starts out with Ronnie on the couch instead of snuggling in bed with Sammi. This is because the last episode … Continue reading “Jersey Shore Double-Header [Part 01]”

Yeah.. My Boys Are More Important Than Some Chick.

Now that Rachel has me watching “Millionaire Matchmaker”, I can see that this is going to be my new weekly source of material, now that “Jersey Shore” is over. So, this week, this millionaire dude is on the show and Patti asks him what he’s looking for in a female. He basically says that his … Continue reading “Yeah.. My Boys Are More Important Than Some Chick.”

Mind Your Own Business (MYOB)

“Mind Your Own Business” was the lesson of the day on this week’s “Jersey Shore”. 😀 There are eight housemates. 4 guys and 4 gals. Guys: Ronnie, Mike, Pauly, Vinny Gals: Sammi, Jenni, Nicole, Angelina Ronnie is dating Sammi. Nicole is dating some guy you hear on the telephone. Jenni and Angelina appear to be … Continue reading “Mind Your Own Business (MYOB)”

Paranoid Players [Hunters, Part 04]

I learned a new term while watching MTV’s Jersey Shore, “Committing The Robbery”. Basically, this means that some other guy was scamming on a chick and you hooked up with her, thereby “stealing his property”, hence Committing The Robbery. Ronnie claimed that he committed a robbery when he pulled Sammi after she was initially hooking … Continue reading “Paranoid Players [Hunters, Part 04]”

Does He Trust You? [RW:DC, Part 03]

It’s rare that I hear anything of actual interest on “Reality Television” shows, but on this week’s “Real World: DC”, Andrew said in the confessional that he doesn’t trust women… Across the board… Like, women IN GENERAL, he doesn’t trust. They threw in a sound bite about him being aware that his mother cheated on … Continue reading “Does He Trust You? [RW:DC, Part 03]”

10 Reasons He Wants To Be “Just Friends”

Lindz & Bill present 10 Reasons He Wants To Be “Just Friends” Lindsey Chen (@LindseyChen) & Bill Cammack (@BillCammack) Related Posts Lindsey & Bill: Does He Want To Be Friends? Top 10 Reasons to Date a Geek Top Ten Valentine’s Day DON’Ts! Top 10 Mistakes Girls Make When Trying To Get A Guy Top 10 … Continue reading “10 Reasons He Wants To Be “Just Friends””