Jersey Shore vs. Regular People

I’m not a regular person. I never have been.. Most likely, never will be. My life is not “usual”.. The things I do aren’t “usual”. I don’t remember when I recognized this for sure, but I’ve been aware of my individuality for my entire life.. I was illin’ in kindergarten and never stopped. Because I […]

“Jersey Shore” Italy: Walk Like A Duck

“Jersey Shore” was complete garbage this week. As I predicted, when I found out that MTV was sending a bunch of non-Itaian-speaking people to Italy for no reason other than their chosen social subculture has been stereotypically attributed to Italian-AMERICANS (having nothing at all to do with Italians in Italy), they can’t socialize with anyone […]

“Jersey Shore” Italy: Boredom & Hickies

Like I said last week, MTV blew their wad with the previous Jersey Shore episode. This week was a complete yawn-fest. Mike’s Neck The entire first block was wasted on Mike the Snitchuation moping around in a neck brace. He’s in a neck brace because after drooling on the floor while screaming at Ronnie, who […]

“Jersey Shore” Italy: Double Header

They aired two episodes of Jersey Shore this week, so there’s a lot to cover today. If I miss anything or you want to discuss a particular topic, leave a comment below or find the thread on Facebook or Google+. Virgins Are Useful We ended last episode with the Jersey Shore housemates bagging a couple […]

“Jersey Shore” Italy: Twinning [Part 02 of 02]

Continued from “Jersey Shore” Italy: Twinning [Part 01 of 02] Vinny As the sole Italian-speaker in the house, I was expecting more production from Vinny. He’s been striking out like a pitcher without a pinch-hitter ever since this season began (according to the edit). I have to get ahead of the story to say that […]