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Bill Cammack -High Tech

Bill Cammack is an Emmy Award-Winning freelance video editor who has focused his attention on the New/Social Media space.

Bill Cammack & Elizabeth Hummer 1999-2000 New York Emmy Award Winners

Since 1995, Bill’s broadcast client list has included Cline, Davis & Mann; Bloomberg Information Television; ABC / Discovery Channel; AETN International / History Channel; The Charlie Rose Show; Court TV; Kralyevich Productions; Metro TV; BSMG Worldwide; Sterling Digital & Treasure HD Channel.

Bill has recently partnered with Athina Krikeli’s Ellopia Media Group in their office space in New York City’s historic Kaufman Astoria Studios. He also edits TV-One’s “Living It Up with Patti LaBelle” for Powerhouse Productions at the RIOT Productions post facility.

In May, 2006, Bill began video blogging, and has since posted over 300 episodes of his various “shows” to the net. He’s also been an active participant in the Yahoo Videoblogging Group, discussing cutting-edge issues relevant to the New/Social Media space.

Bill Cammack

Bill was one of the editors for the Pixelodeon independent online video festival. He’s now applying his accumulated knowledge and skill towards assisting companies in becoming and remaining current and relevant in this fast-paced world of Social Media.

“How To Make A News Show”

Formats available: iPod (.mp4) | Apple TV (.m4v)

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