“Jersey Shore” Italy: Boredom & Hickies

Like I said last week, MTV blew their wad with the previous Jersey Shore episode.

This week was a complete yawn-fest.

Mike’s Neck

The entire first block was wasted on Mike the Snitchuation moping around in a neck brace.

He’s in a neck brace because after drooling on the floor while screaming at Ronnie, who was getting ready to punch his lights out, he goes to make some kind of roid-rage power move against the wall and hits his HEAD instead of his HANDS and knocks himself out.

Upon Ronnie talking yang about Mike knocking himself out, he gets up, does the move the right way, and then they proceed to fight for 7 seconds before the 300lb bouncers that stand behind the videographers ran in and broke it up.

    Pro Tip: If you’re actually mad at someone and intend to kick their ass, do it when the bouncers aren’t there, please. Thxkbai.

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