GFF: Grenade-Free Foundation

GFF: Grenade-Free FoundationAccording to the ‘Jersey Shore’ glossary, a Grenade is defined as:

1) A large, portly woman of an unsightly nature and violent disposition. 2) A difficult, prickly (often sober) friend of a potential conquest who blocks your advances on their friend’s behalf. A wingman is required at all times to “dive on the grenade” to ensure your success in the bedroom.

Obviously, those two definitions have nothing to do with each other. I understand why whomever wrote that was confused. The Fellaz changed the description of a Grenade after a couple of episodes, which will throw people off that don’t know what the **** they’re talking about. Continue reading “GFF: Grenade-Free Foundation”

Cougars vs. MILFs

What is a Cougar? How come this dating term only applies to females and not to males who exhibit the same behaviors? Continue reading “Cougars vs. MILFs”

Energy [Hunters, Part 06]

Bill CammackEnergy is CRITICALLY IMPORTANT if you’re planning an evening of kickin’ it with chicks. Not like Food Energy, but perhaps a socialization energy that you need to receive, cultivate and then maintain throughout the night. Continue reading “Energy [Hunters, Part 06]”

Styles [Hunters, Part 05]

There are two ways to Hunt… “On The Sneaks”, and “In Your Face”. Each style comes with its own positives and negatives…

The upside of being sneaky is that it works. >:D All you have to do is tell a chick she’s the only one blah blah blah and you can have whatever you want from her. This is the mode most Hunters use, since the entire goal of The Game is to enjoy the women you meet.

Bill CammackThe downside of acting like you’re actually going to keep a chick comes when it’s time to get rid of her. :/ That’s why I’m #19 out of 33,500,000 Google results for How To Break Up With Your Girl.

After a while, breaking up with chicks honestly becomes a drag, assuming you actually liked them as people when you were hooking up with them (which is nowhere near a “given”), so you have to figure out techniques to get rid of them where they still feel happy about themselves, even if they have to hate YOU for it. Continue reading “Styles [Hunters, Part 05]”

Paranoid Players [Hunters, Part 04]

I learned a new term while watching MTV’s Jersey Shore, “Committing The Robbery”.

Basically, this means that some other guy was scamming on a chick and you hooked up with her, thereby “stealing his property”, hence Committing The Robbery.

Ronnie, Sammi & Mike from MTV's 'Jersey Shore'Ronnie claimed that he committed a robbery when he pulled Sammi after she was initially hooking up with Mike.

According to the edit (we don’t know what actually happened.. only the amount of tape and plot crafting that was turned into the final show), Mike fumbled by not acting like he was going to be committed to Sammi.

Mike had it, but when she realized she was just going to be one of his chicks, she bounced and got with Ronnie, who was very happy to be locked down by her, being that she was better-looking than the chicks Mike & Pauly were pulling on a daily basis from the boardwalk and the parties and clubs they attended.

As a side note, I saw the footage where Sammi admitted bragged to Mike that she had been kickin’ it with guys behind Ronnie’s back and he had no clue. That’s a different topic entirely. 😀 I’m not saying that Ronnie had HER in deep check, but rather that he was the one that got to hook up with her every night because he was willing to do whatever she said.

This is what got him the rap over Mike and what kept him in the pocket. He didn’t actually rob Mike.. He picked up a fumble. If Mike had played the “It’s just you and me” role from the giddyap, the show would have been completely different.

Charge It To The Game

Robbery is part of The Game. If you’re a Hunter and you hang out with Hunters, everything’s fair game until someone you respect lays claim to a chick. This doesn’t mean he got on already. It just means that he’s working on that, so it’s professional courtesy that you don’t kick it to the same chick he’s already tryin’na bag. Continue reading “Paranoid Players [Hunters, Part 04]”