Street Game 08: Online Dating & Sand To The Beach

Bill & Frank discuss MiGente, MySpace, OkCupid, Facebook and the potential pitfalls of one gal inviting another gal along on a date as a “third wheel”. Listen / Download => Audio Version (.mp3) [11:27] Send “Street Game” questions to @BillCammack or More Episodes:

It’s All In The Game (Online Dating)

This is not a continuation of “Online Dating Tactics”. This is a response to a BlogHer post by Zandria M, entitled “Dating: ‘Tis the Season”. Zandria: I’ve heard that more breakups occur during the holiday season than any other time of year. […snip…] The thing is, though, I haven’t seen a drop in the amount […]

Online Dating Tactics

Interestingly enough, both Alana Taylor & Amanda Gravel posted about people’s Facebook rap tactics this week… although their topic is really universally applicable in the world of Social Media. Alana Taylor & Amanda Gravel Essentially, Amanda’s post was about how people send friends requests with zero context or explanation of who they are or why […]