HollaBack Girls 03

Rox said in a reply to “Hollaback Girls 02”: I’m all for some consciousness raising Bill and you’re to be lauded by jumping in here. I draw a distinction between “boys being boys” and actual harassment and assault. Women who are waiting for men to change will wait forever to feel at ease on the […]

HollaBack Girls 02

Having read the archives of HollaBackBOSTON, HollaBackNYC and HollaBackDC, that I found out about the other day and posted about… I gained more of an understanding of what their complaints are. [Disclosure: Anyone who actually KNOWS me knows that there’s nothing I like more than an attractive chick, and I’ll be the FIRST one to […]

HollaBack Girls

So I’m browsing the blip videos, and I see this one called “I holla’ed back”. Having no idea what that meant, I figured it referenced the popular song about Hollaback Girls. 😀 The whole point of that record was saying that she WASN’T a Hollaback Girl, so I was curious to know why the title […]

Friends with an Ex

re: http://www.sexerati.com/2007/01/08/how-to-be-friends-with-your-ex/ You’re absolutely right that “let’s just be friends” means that he’s not interested in hitting it anymore. The reasons aren’t important. It may be because your body has changed and he’s not physically attracted to you anymore, or he’s met someone that turns him on a lot more than you do so that […]

Myriad Genders

As I was wasting my day, I stumbled into Yahoo 360. I’m not sure how I got there. I think I was browsing MyBlogLog and one of the members in my contact list had a Yahoo 360 page, and when I clicked on it, I found out that I had a Yahoo account, but not […]