Friends with an Ex

re: You’re absolutely right that “let’s just be friends” means that he’s not interested in hitting it anymore. The reasons aren’t important. It may be because your body has changed and he’s not physically attracted to you anymore, or he’s met someone that turns him on a lot more than you do so that […]

Myriad Genders

As I was wasting my day, I stumbled into Yahoo 360. I’m not sure how I got there. I think I was browsing MyBlogLog and one of the members in my contact list had a Yahoo 360 page, and when I clicked on it, I found out that I had a Yahoo account, but not […]

Women: Career vs. Kids vs. tick tick tick

Penelope Trunk: “For example, sixty percent of women with MBAs are working at home, and an epidemic number of women are leaving corporate life when their children come. Women approaching age thirty face these statistics.” Children are incredibly influential on women… biologically… This was used a lot in passing over women for promotions because the […]

Does your baby know your name? :D

So I’m talking to this chick, and she’s telling me she thinks her baby knows what her name is. The baby’s only a few months old, so there’s clearly no way this is possible. Babies don’t come out of the box equipped with the ability to parse statements in the language of their parents. This […]