Baratunde On Popular Science’s “Future Of…”

Watch / Download => iPhone/gPhone Video (.mp4) Bill Cammack congratulates Baratunde Thurston at the premiere viewing party for Baratunde’s new television show, Popular Science’s “Future Of…”


I’m making a change to a pretty ambitious theme today (Friday, July 24) that I think is gonna look GREAT once I get all the changes done to the most recent entries, but is going to look pretty bad probably for the entire morning. Also, I think I’m going to lose threaded comments using this […]

Indy Mogul “Harry Potter” Shoot

  Formats Available: iPod Video (.mp4) Annie Tsai films behind the scenes footage of the Indy Mogul “Harry Potter vs. Voldemort Rap” shoot. Director/Editor: Erik Beck Harry Potter: Michael Johnson Voldemort: Doug Cheesman Lee Jordan: Bill Cammack