Making GarageBand Beats From Scratch

Bill Cammack ( demonstrates how to create beats from scratch using Apple’s GarageBand music software.
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Bill Cammack’s Live Streaming Tips

Bill CammackIt’s 2009 now, and everybody and LITERALLY their mother has their own web show. *yawn*

It’s time to move forward. This year is all about Live Streaming. All of a sudden, everybody wants to do it, but they just don’t know how. They think that turning on a webcam and having any audio at all equates to a quality experience for their viewers. Nope. That’s not how it works.

Here’s a list of live streaming tips that will bring you from ZERO to HERO in no time flat:


Jonny, Dan, Zadi & Steve on Reinventing Television, November 2006

This is a screencap from November 2006 from Jonny Goldstein‘s live show, “Reinventing Television”. I’m not on screen, but I’m in the text chat.


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Perian v 1.1.3 ‘breaks’ incoming iChat video

If you’re using iChat for video chatting on a mac and you also use Perian to handle video codecs, you may have noticed that suddenly, your video shows to the person you’re chatting with, but you can’t see them at all. You get the connect sound, and you can hear them, but your video screen never becomes the small box and reveals their video to you.

The solution to this problem for me was to uninstall Perian v 1.1.3 and then download and install Perian v 1.1.2.

The exact steps:
1 ) go to system preferences
2 ) select “Perian” from your “other” section at the bottom
3 ) in the “General” tab, click “Remove Perian”
4 ) Click here to download Perian v 1.1.2
4a) scroll to the bottom of the page
4b) click the link that says Download Perian Version 1.1.2 (File Size: 2.6M)
4c) here is the actual link: Download Perian Version 1.1.2

5 ) open “Perian_1.1.2.dmg”
6 ) open “Perian.prefPane”
7 ) click “ok” on the confirmation notification that pops up
8 ) give your pasword
9 ) click “Install Perian”
10) you should see “Installed Version 1.1.2”

That’s it. You’ve rolled back Perian to the previously perfectly-working-with-iChat version. You will get a message eventually, saying that there’s a new version of Perian available, v 1.1.3. Select “skip this version”.

I found out about this fix @ and it worked for me immediately. 🙂


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