Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump Debate #01 Review

Hillary won, but Trump didn’t lose.

Hillary Clinton won last night’s debate handily, but not by as much as she needed to.

People who are intelligent enough and well-read enough to understand what they were saying to each other are clear across the board that Hillary won.

Other people either don’t have the time or the interest to achieve this understanding, so for them, Trump wasn’t exposed as being incompetent, which is the only thing that might erode his base. Continue reading “Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump Debate #01 Review”

Nobody Believes You

Basketball Wives

So they just dropped the first episode of the second season of “Basketball Wives”, right? 😀

I had never heard of this show through its first season, so I decided to see what might POSSIBLY be interesting about wives of basketball players. Continue reading “Nobody Believes You”