Did We Have Sex?

On this season of “Jersey Shore”, Deena, Vinny, and Pauly are roommates. Their beds are in the same room, at what appears to be a distance of 15 feet or less from each other. There is nothing stopping any of them from hearing and seeing everything that goes on in either of the other two roommates’ beds…

A few episodes ago, Deena brought home a girl, hopped in bed with her, and hooked up with her. Not only is it on videotape, but Vinny was right there, and saw and heard the action, until Deena was finished with the chick and sent her to Vinny’s bed to, as he calls it “polish him off”.

After the fact, Deena denied hooking up with the chick, like she denies hooking up with everybody we’ve seen her hop into bed with since she joined the cast last season. The obvious problem is that there’s videotape showing Vinny telling another housemate that he could see and hear the action between Deena and the chick, so it was Vinny’s word vs. Deena’s word… Meanwhile, Deena was at a restaurant with the girls, talking about how Vinny got her “sloppy seconds”.

The point being that even though she knew damned well that Vinny can see and hear CLEARLY from his bed to hers, she tried to hold the line that she didn’t do what Vinny said she did. Continue reading “Did We Have Sex?”