How To Deny Allegations

I was in Brooklyn Friday night. That means that I wasn’t in, say.. Zimbabwe, Africa.

If someone hires Gloria Allred to say “Bill Cammack was in Zimbabwe Friday night! :O”, I’ll probably ignore it completely.

If I elect to speak on it, I’m going to say “No.. In fact, I was not in Zimbabwe Friday night.”, and that’s going to be the end of it.

Why Consensual Affairs Are More Damaging Than Sexual Harassment

In reality, half of the people aren’t going to believe the sexual harassment allegations right off the bat, and then half of the people that believe it aren’t going to care.

The Broderick / Parker Situation

Star Magazine is reporting that Matthew Broderick allegedly “cheated on” Sarah Jessica Parker. Apparently, Broderick doesn’t read DatingGenius. 😀 If he did, he’d know “How To Cheat Properly” as well as pointing the chick he was allegedly messing with to the “Guide To Dating The ‘Internet Famous’”. Granted, I only posted the guide YESTERDAY, but […]