g1 Cupcake Camcorder App Video

Watch/Download (.3gp) I just got my "cupcake" update for my g1 (gPhone).  One of the interesting new features is an app called "Camcorder" which allows you to take video with your phone. The format is apparently ~350 kbps h.263. Frame Size: 352 x 288 Audio: AMR Narrowband Mono, 8 kHz. 20 Frames Per Second (FPS) […]

How many people read my blog?

So I had lunch with Dave Ford the other day, and he asked me how many people read my blog. I answered “eh… Between 200 and 300”. I knew there was something incorrect about my answer, but I didn’t have time to figure out something I had never considered before, so I went with that. […]

Welcome To The Dead Pool

A lot of shows and sites have been receiving the Fail Whale recently. There’s nothing wrong with failing. Happens all the time. “Happens to the best of us”. Sometimes, it’s not actually a failure so much as an inability to meet requirements for continuation. You could have a perfectly successful show as far as getting […]