Time, Business & Handouts [Time, Part 1]

Roxanne & Shane, founders & owners of Bare Feet Studios & Beachwalks.tv have been consulting and in the internet industry a lot longer than I have and I was fortunate enough to receive some vital coaching from both of them concerning Time, specifically relating to being a freelancer. Roxanne Darling & Bill Cammack – Beachwalk […]

Personal Expenses

When I was hanging out with Rox (Darling, from beachwalks.tv and barefeetstudios.com) @ BlogHerBiz ’07 back in March, something striking [at least to me] occurred. We did the conference thing and hung out for a few hours, and when she checked her in-box, she had *80* new emails…. EIGHTY!!! I remember being surprised by two […]

The Lab – Episode 03: BlogHer Business ’07

Thanks to Roxanne Darling (BareFeetStudios) & Elisa Camahort (BlogHer.org), I’m currently attending BlogHer Business ’07. I ran into Dina Kaplan (blip.tv) holding a roundtable discussion, and was interviewed by Megan Tobin (Time2Market). 🙂 Amongst many other bloggers, I met or got to hang out with: Lynne D. Johnson, FastCompany.com Lisa Stone, BlogHer.org Penelope Trunk, Boston […]