Why Women Are Better Liars Than Men

Women are better liars than men. This is because, in general, women can immerse themselves in fantasies way better than men can. If women want to start to feel turned on, what do they do?… That’s right… READ A BOOK!!! :O .. Some words.. In a little paperback novel with one picture of Fabio on […]

Video Games & Dating, Part 01

Ladies… If you really want to learn about your man’s personality, hang around him when he’s playing video games. All of y’all that are dating gamers know I’m telling the truth. The way he plays his games is the exact same way he’s going to interact with YOU….. um… assuming that he cares as much […]

Facebook Username or Twitter Handle?

Facebook Username availability may affect the popularity of using one’s Twitter handle (like @BillCammack as identification. Bill & Jody I never used @BillCammack as identification because Twitter is a tool, not a home. The only reason for someone to go to my Twitter page is to click “Follow”. After that, they’ll be following me in […]

Making Friends vs. Getting Laid

The other day, reader “Fishingrod” made a post suggestion: “… In exchange for the new things to consider, maybe you could do me a favour some day and explain in one of your articles the benefit of having sex with almost complete strangers.” I’m going to get around to that, and I’ve been thinking about […]

Dating, Socialization & Class

Relatively often, I hear some sob story from some chick about how she doesn’t appreciate the way a guy stepped to her or talked to her. I don’t mean random guys on the street that don’t even know the women they’re talking to. I’m talking about when a guy’s already built some kind of rapport […]