Golden Tickets And Stalkers – JS s03 e06

Most of my close female friends, the ones I kick the REAL DEAL with, are aware that when it comes to hooking up, I don’t believe ANYTHING that a female says. Nothing. I’ve been lied to by enough women and I’ve listened to enough women lie about what they’ve done with me to recognize that […]

Relationship Blackmail

I was having this conversation the other day and I happened to mention that I usually invite several females to the same party. The guy I was telling this to reacted in a shocked fashion, as if I had said something amazing, incredible, or what seemed to him to be a really bad idea. In […]

Why Your Boyfriend Dumped You

So I’m reading this BlogHer post and the author is amazed that her boyfriend dumped her for not sexing him often enough (in this case, 3 times a week) and I’m like ????? What did you expect? You know? I mean, really. :/ I find it amazing that we’re moving into the year 2009 and […]