Men Buy Sex

Men buy sex. Get over it.

Here we go again. :/

HuffPo announced yesterday that more dudes are being investigated for “misconduct” because of their interactions with hookers.

First of all, that’s not “misconduct”. That’s “conduct”.

Men buy sex. Get over it. Continue reading “Men Buy Sex”

“Hard To Get” vs “Expensive To Buy”

Let’s talk about women that like to play “Hard to get”. 😀

Hard to get

While I was reading the comments on a blog post the other day, I came across an interesting passage:

Lucretia: There’s an old adage that says a man walks up to a woman and says “would you sleep with me?” and she looks offended and says “no!” and he says “okay, would you sleep with me for $1,000,000?” and she says “well, of course!” and he replies with “now that we’ve established what kind of woman you are, let’s talk price.”

Not only is this hilarious, but it illustrates EXACTLY the process that guys go through when they’re dealing with women they want to have sex with. Continue reading ““Hard To Get” vs “Expensive To Buy””