Sex Tapes Are Played Out

There seems to be some confusion amongst some of the members of the female community about the value of making and attempting to distribute a sex tape “starring” yourselves. I’m sorry to inform you that sex tapes are played out.

Personal Brand? No Crossover

I just read this article by Sarah Lacy where she describes part of her journey into becoming a brand and then attempting to leverage her new positions. The pivotal paragraph for me was: Sarah: That take-on-the-world morning, I was having coffee with Steven Levy, then of Newsweek, now of Wired, who challenged this whole idea […]

The Broderick / Parker Situation

Star Magazine is reporting that Matthew Broderick allegedly “cheated on” Sarah Jessica Parker. Apparently, Broderick doesn’t read DatingGenius. 😀 If he did, he’d know “How To Cheat Properly” as well as pointing the chick he was allegedly messing with to the “Guide To Dating The ‘Internet Famous’”. Granted, I only posted the guide YESTERDAY, but […]

Celebrity Crush, Part 2

In response to Got a Crush on a Celebrity…, Derek writes: So it’s an uphill climb. Understood. But, there are guys out there that KNOW (think) that they are MORE than enough to take the challenge (think Pros vs Joes). What kinda advice would the DG give to those guys? Would could a guy do […]

Got a Crush on a Celebrity…

Reader Derek writes: There are people out in the public eye that grabs your attention. Using the “Dating Genius” tried and proven methods, how can someone make any good of this? Generically and academically speaking, mind you. Actually, this is a very good question, Derek. Becoming enamored with public figures happens to people all day, […]