Pulver / Network2 @ Proof

Yesterday, Jeff Pulver & Chris Brogan hosted a Network2 get-together @ Proof in NYC. I saw David Kowarsky for the first time since the last Network2 event at Proof I attended. He was telling me about VON:San Jose and his future videoblogging plans. I also saw Bre, Kendall, Mike & Dina, Grace, Eric, Eric, and […]

The NY Video 2.0 Group

Last night, I attended the NY Video 2.0 Group “meetup”. The focus of the event wasn’t the _making_ of digital video, but the business surrounding putting video on the internet. I found the presentations to be interesting as well as informative. The host was Yaron Samid, Founder, Pando.com. The presenters were (in order of appearance): […]