Baratunde On Popular Science’s “Future Of…”

Watch / Download => iPhone/gPhone Video (.mp4) Bill Cammack congratulates Baratunde Thurston at the premiere viewing party for Baratunde’s new television show, Popular Science’s “Future Of…”

Congratulations to President Barack Obama!

Bill Cammack, originally uploaded by Bill Cammack. Congratulations to President Barack Obama: 44th President of the United States of America!!! 😀

Bill & Drew

Photo Credit: Francisco Daum _DSC4036.jpg, originally uploaded by cisc1970. Bill Cammack & Andrew Baron Videoblogger Meetup Art Bar, NYC April 2007 I broke out this old pic to say CONGRATS! to Drew on Rocketboom‘s new distribution deal with Sony Pictures Television! 😀 Drew’s blog post: Press Release: Sony Pictures Television Acquires Exclusive Worldwide Cross […]