Blip On Blip #23: Cooking with Rockstars, Tea Tips, Wine Library TV

Dina Kaplan & Ryan Chambers preview currently playing shows Cooking with Rockstars, Tea Tips & Wine Library TV. Producer/Host: Dina Kaplan Camera/Post: Bill Cammack Formats available: 720p HD (.mp4)

Personal Expenses

When I was hanging out with Rox (Darling, from and @ BlogHerBiz ’07 back in March, something striking [at least to me] occurred. We did the conference thing and hung out for a few hours, and when she checked her in-box, she had *80* new emails…. EIGHTY!!! I remember being surprised by two […]

Only Date Broke Chicks

Only date broke chicks!!! 😀 The less money a gal has access to, the better. I mean her money, her family’s money, her ex-boyfriend’s money, whatever. Broke chicks can’t afford to change themselves. No plastic surgery, no nose-jobs, nothing. WYSIWYG! What You See Is What You Get! 😀 Also, broke chicks are appreciative when you […]

Interview with Eric Rochow of

This week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Eric Rochow, the creator and producer of, his “internet show” or “videoblog”. What is Gardenfork? Gardenfork is an internet video show – iTunes video podcast about cooking, gardening, and other stuff. Other stuff can include car repair, or how to drop tree with a chainsaw. Its […]

PodCampNYC Party @ Slate

The kickoff party for PodCampNYC was this evening @ Slate. Amongst others, I got to meet and/or hang out with: Vergel from Lx7, visiting from Canada Chris from Network2 Grace from FearlessCooking Drew & Alisa from Scriggity Mike, Charles, Dina, Angus & Eric from Drew from Rocketboom Kathleen from Sandra from agtv Nathan […]