Dumped For Personality?

Over the last couple of weeks, no fewer than three of my homegirls (and probably more that I’m not aware of) have dumped a guy because of his personality. I’m always amused by these stories because I like to consider the reverse situation and whether I’d stop kickin’ it with a chick for the same […]

Some People Are Just Crazy!!! \o/

I’m not a fan of “Political Correctness”. Coming up with ways for people to try to be nice to each other and sugarcoat the nasty things they’re really thinking about someone else is just stupid. So I’m watching this “reality” television show, right? 😀 And on this show, there’s a chick that’s crazy. Loco. Stark […]

Tell Chicks You’re Crazy!

Check these chicks out talking about how sexy it is that a guy goes to therapy: Now, this is one of those things that you can completely take advantage of. It’s pretty much a New York City staple for people to be in “therapy”. If you don’t know what therapy is, it’s when someone smarter […]

Lindsey Chen Asks “What’s In A Relationship?”

I’ve preempted the post I was writing about Serial Monogamy to make some comments based on Lindsey Chen’s excellent advice to chicks that overdo it about relationships. Lindsey: What exactly defines a relationship? A relationship is the illusion that you have some form of control over someone else’s God-given free will. This is why chicks […]