Makeup [The Okey-Doke, Part 01]

So I’m having a discussion with reader “Ryan” about whether certain aspects of the rap industry are fake or whether rap is “real” theater..

I’m making a point about how kids listen to rap music written by wealthy guys who live in mansions and who also happen to be movie and television stars, yet they write about bussin’ gats and being on the corner all the time.. where you never see them unless it’s a music video shoot location and their off-duty-cop bodyguards are standing right next to them with vests on and carrying licensed weapons……

And somehow, I was reminded of the makeup industry.

Cute = Good

Amongst other curvy aspects of the female form, I like cute girls (women, gals, whatever y’all like to call yourselves). I like girls that I enjoy looking at ‘fresh out the box’. Continue reading “Makeup [The Okey-Doke, Part 01]”