The Ability To Be Insulted

For some of you, those aren’t haters. Those are honest people pointing out that you suck.

As our society spirals towards the bottom, I’ve noticed that incredible and ever-increasing numbers of people swear that they have “haters”.

For some of you, those aren’t haters. Those are honest people pointing out that you suck. Continue reading “The Ability To Be Insulted”

Convenient Cycle Of Rights

One of the extremely annoying things about politics is the convenient cycle of rights.

For instance.. If the federal government decides something, and a politician doesn’t like it, he or she says “You should leave that right to the states! :/”.

If a particular state does something that a politician doesn’t like, he or she says “You should leave that right to the family! :/” (or individual)

If an individual does something a politician doesn’t like, he or she says “There should be a federal law against that activity! :/” Continue reading “Convenient Cycle Of Rights”

Internet Blog-Influenced News Cycles

According to, I’m a “Broadcaster”.. To them, that means “You broadcast great content that spreads like wildfire. You are an essential information source in your industry. You have a large and diverse audience that values your content.”

I mention that because I’m glad they changed my category from “Pundit”. Pundits get on my last nerve. 😀

I didn’t have anything against pundits before a few months ago when I started following the Republican debates to see whether they were going to field a viable team to potentially defeat President Obama in 2012.

The problem I have with them now isn’t really their fault, but they have to deal with a new development in television broadcasting which I call “Internet Blog-Influenced News Cycles”. Continue reading “Internet Blog-Influenced News Cycles”

That’s OK… My Dog Doesn’t Speak EITHER!

Vanity (The Trait, Not The Singer)

WAYYYY back in the day, before I even gave a damn how women’s brains work, I remember becoming extremely fascinated in and amused by a tactic to pull chicks that shouldn’t have worked, but usually did. The concept was basically to shame or embarrass a girl into talking to you. The way it usually worked was:

1) We see a chick coming down the street towards us
2) One guy kicks her some greeting “Hello”, “Hi Beautiful”, “God Bless You, Ma”…
3) Chick doesn’t respond and keeps walking past us
4) Guy that spoke to her calls her CONCEITED
5) Chick stops in her tracks and begins insisting that she’s not conceited
6) Guy goes back to “argue” with her and completes the rap or gets her number

The first time I saw this, I didn’t pay it any mind. I was just like “Wow! O_o That chick was pretty stupid to stop and argue about being assessed by someone that had never seen her before in life and that doesn’t have any relationship to her whatsoever or way of knowing whether she’s conceited or she isn’t”. I figured it was an anomaly and didn’t pay it any more mind until I saw it work OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER….. I was like “This is a JACKPOT! 😀 .. All you have to do is call a chick conceited and you have a good percentage chance of getting a conversation out of her when she was otherwise going to ignore you! :D”.

Keeping Up Appearances

Bill Cammack, Diamond & Pearl - Tower Records, NYCI never used this style myself because I don’t have to.

A chick has a chance to look at me as we’re approaching each other’s positon on the street or in a party or wherever. She has another chance to look at me if I verbally acknowledge her. Those are her two chances she has to decide whether she wants to talk to me or not.

I’m not going to work any harder than that and I usually don’t even bother speaking since I prefer to communicate via eye contact. If we can’t acknowledge mutual interest by looking in each other’s eyes, I’m way more likely to check for better connections to other chicks than to try to build one that isn’t already there with the current gal. Continue reading “That’s OK… My Dog Doesn’t Speak EITHER!”