Unexpected Sex / Just The Way I Planned It

Bill CammackReader “Gina” asked me a question, which I’ll paraphrase and then talk about:

Gina met a guy on the internet and eventually went on an IRL date with him where their conversation about past history and near-future life goals seemed to be in sync and they both enjoyed the date.

They went out on another couple of dates and progressed to making out. They also went dancing together. After their fourth date, she went to his crib and had what she called “unexpected sex”.

Let’s say she was less than perfectly prepared to give it up that night, hehe. She proceeded to have the normal female “buyer’s remorse” reaction to dropping her drawers faster than she thought she would. The general sex was protected, the oral wasn’t.

Also, the sex Gina received was GAH-BAGE! (as far as HER getting something out of it) Continue reading “Unexpected Sex / Just The Way I Planned It”