Lonely People Should Date Each Other

Lonely people should date each other, in order to avoid mismatches.

Some online dating sites ask people a lot of questions. I know this because I have a couple of fake accounts so I can check out the local talent.

I can’t actually be involved in online dating, because I can’t get into a chick based on some unverified information she typed about herself and a couple of close-cropped pictures of her, spanning from her collarbone to the top of her head.. I actually have to be around a chick to know what I want to do with her.

One of the questions I haven’t seen is “Are You Lonely?”

I didn’t think about it at the time that I was making my accounts, but I was having yet another of the recurring conversation I have with women who can’t understand why guys are trying to touch them and kiss them and get laid when they go on dates with them. Continue reading “Lonely People Should Date Each Other”

How to Get a First Date

Getting the first date is probably just about the hardest part of dating.

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How to Get a First Date

Lindz: Getting the first date is probably just about the hardest part of dating.

Let’s face it. You judge, we all judge. And if she doesn’t’ like you the minute she sees you or meets you; you’re not getting a date out of it.

You may get her number (and she may get yours). But that’s just so she can add you in her phone as “Annoying Guy from Bar #1. DO NOT ANSWER.”

If you follow these simple steps, you are this much closer to getting a first date. Yes, that’s right. You’re welcome. You can buy me a beer later.

Bill: FELLAZ!!! :O haha TRUST. AND. BELIEVE. that you could easily end up in a chick’s phone as WAY. WORSE. THAN. “Annoying Guy from Bar #1. DO NOT ANSWER”. 😀 HAHAHA Just TRUST ME on this one! >:D

1. Be A Gentleman.

Continue reading “How to Get a First Date”

How To Date A Sociopath (Antisocial Personality Disorder)

In general, you don’t EVER want to date a sociopath, but sometimes, a chick is just too FOYINE and you’re gonna have to live with it. Continue reading “How To Date A Sociopath (Antisocial Personality Disorder)”

Looking Desperate

A reader recently asked me a question about looking desperate. It was the basic situation of not wanting to overdo it or under-do it when contacting someone you want to kick it to.

If you contact them too much, you look desperate. If you contact them too little, you look disinterested. If you look disinterested, they might turn off to you. If you look desperate, they might think you’re a Herb or a psycho stalker. Continue reading “Looking Desperate”

*Actual* Anatomy of a First Date (Guy’s Version)

So I’m reading TheDiva Rockin‘s blog post where she outlines how she would like a first date with a guy to evolve. I found her concepts to be interesting and reasonable from the female side of things. Let’s see how the exact same date scenario evolved for the guy….. >:D

TheDiva: The following are the steps which I would ideally like a guy to follow leading up to a first date. In some cases I have skipped over a step here and there or added in a few, but over all I think this is a fair and appropriate execution:

Step One: “Guy finds interest in my profile (on one of the various sites I am a member of) and messages me with a competent and interesting introduction.”

Actual Step One: Guy browses online dating site in grid mode so he can fit 40 chicks on a page instead of 10 and also he gets to save the time of consciously skipping over whatever nonsense she wrote about herself in order to see the next chick’s picture. Continue reading “*Actual* Anatomy of a First Date (Guy’s Version)”

Is Sex Expected On The Fourth Date?

A reader asked me a question to the effect of whether guys expect sex on the fourth date. I thought this was very interesting because I hadn’t ever considered the concept before. Offhand, I would say “No. Sex is Not expected on the fourth date”.
Sex is expected immediately.

What He’s Thinking

The only reason he spoke to you in the first place was that he thought you were attractive. Continue reading “Is Sex Expected On The Fourth Date?”

Google Your Date?

So I’m watching this video that was made by my Facebook friend, Meghan Asha and a couple of her homegirls,

and one of them says something like she doesn’t Google people before going on a first date with them so she actually has to ask all the questions…

HA! Later for that! 😀 This is the year 2009. Unless I meet someone randomly or happen to be introduced to someone on the fly at a party, like when Walt introduced me to Miko recently (whom I am NOT dating.. She’s just the first person that came to mind when I thought of people that I didn’t google before I met them), The *FIRST* thing I do upon becoming aware of someone new is check their Social Media or internet presence. Continue reading “Google Your Date?”

Street Game 05: Who Should Pay For The Date?

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